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Magical Creatures Pt 1

Posted on Tuesday, 6th of March, 2012 @ 6:49pm by Professor Jihana Temur & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fifth Year (R) Alyssa Davis & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Fifth Year (S) Pandora Crump & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price
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Mission: New Semester
Location: Magical Creatures classroom

As the students filed in, the classroom was void of any staff. A large dog with wolfish features sat by the desk, watching them all enter and take their seats. He paused from chewing at a tuft of fur from his grooming session, tilting his head to stare at them inquisitively.

Barny was one of the first through the door, He looked at the big dog and resisted the urge to walk up and try to make nice with it, though he did take a seat at the front nearest to it. Smiling at it without showing teeth. He wondered if this was some strange magical variety, or if it was as it appeared, a lovable looking hound.

Jennifer was nervous about the class. She was good with book learning, but this was not the same sort of class and she wasn't sure how she'd do. She slipped into the back and smiled at Barny.

Fiona arrived shortly after and went over to Jennifer. "I hear the teacher is a former Auror. This should be fun." She smiled at Barny before turning back to Jennifer.

Barny smiled back at Fiona happily before turning back to the professor. He was happy that they'd gone to the dance together, and he hoped to spend the next Hogsmeade weekend with her too...

Alyssa walked in as she let out a long yawn. She had recently taken a short nap and was still a little groggy, though she was ready to see what she would be able to learn in this class. Hopefully nothing too boring.

Pandora arrived and ignored the others. She kept to herself mostly and waited for class to start.

Reginald walked in and looked around, ignoring everyone as he tossed his bag onto a desk. He made noise, but he didn't care whose attention it caught. He sat down on the chair and then leaned back, kicking his feet up onto it and crossing them. He looked over to Jennifer and just smiled quickly once their eyes met, after she smiled back, he went back to his cold stare and looked away as no one noticed.

The dog sat up, ears alert. He turned to look at the door just as it swung open. A tall woman strode in, walking to the front of the class. Her keen green eyes scanned the room, taking into account all the faces she saw.

"Welcome to Care for Magical Creatures." she stated seriously, flicking her wand at the board so the chalk began writing her name. "I am Professor Temur, your new teacher."

As she walked past Reginald, her hand came up under his legs and swung them off the desk without a word.

Rounding the desk to stand behind it, she turned to scrutinise the students again. "How many of you here have experience with this course or with magical creatures themselves?"

Barny raised his hand, "I've been taking it since 3rd year, but in the states, so I've likely been working with a few different creatures than over here."

"Alright," the new woman nodded, turning to look at the other students. "Anyone else? You there, how about you?" she said, gesturing to Pandora.

"I've been in this class since my first year here." Pandora answered.

Alyssa looked up at the teacher as she raised her hand and then was called upon. "I have been taking this class since my third year as well, but it seems that magical creatures are not a fan of me." She said, though she began to slowly lower her volume as she revealed the embarrassing information.

Jihana smiled compassionately. "Don't worry, we'll fix that soon enough."

"Right. Since the majority of you seem to have relative experience in this subject, we'll just skip the formalities and get right down to the fun." she walked back to the board, pushing it aside to reveal a large pile covered by a drop-cloth. "You may wish to cover your ears." she gave little time after her warning, immediately pulling the drop-cloth off.

Barny moved his hands up to cover his ears, worrying about his ears being assaulted by some horrific noise, only to see... A Jarvey. He uncovered his ears, figuring that he'd heard worse words in his life. He kept his left arm ready to be raised in case it somehow escaped the cage, though the damage one of them could inflict was minor.

Reginald covered his ears as he looked at the Jarvey. He closed his eyes and tried to block out the noise entirely, but it was hard to avoid it.

Barny tried not to laugh at some of the phrases coming out of the Jarvey's mouth, but couldn't help a smile. He was sure that some of the more pure of those in the group didn't understand at least some of the words the Jarvey was stringing together.

Professor Temur smirked with amusement as she watched the Jarveys lay a barrage of assault on the students. Tapping the desk with her wand, she caught everyone's attention. "Now then, each of you will be given the chance to study a Jarvey one on one. I then want you to pair up and discuss."

She looked around for a moment, then motioned towards the pile of small cages. "Well don't all jump at once," she said sarcastically. "Be careful of the placement of your hands when picking up those cages. While they won't be able to get at you through the mesh, we shouldn't chance it. I doubt Madam Lopez would like the task of sewing your fingers back on."

Alyssa stepped up first, hesitantly at first, and carefully lifted a cage. Walking to the other end of the classroom, she studied its features first. It was strange how it looked so much like the muggle ferret, yet it was talking.

"You nerdy little dork." Her Jarvey said as it began to test the waters with her. It was only starting, as it was attempting to find the correct buttons to press to really irritate her.

[To Be Continued]


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