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Ravenclaw vs Slytherin Part III

Posted on Tuesday, 6th of March, 2012 @ 6:57pm by Mister Steve Rogers & First Year (S) Roddrick Gradbury & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Third Year (S) Samual Holmes & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Ministry Employee Peter Percival
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Mission: New Semester
Location: Quidditch Pitch

Millie didn't reply. She simply leant forward on her broom in the air. The pain in her stomach was too painful and she didn't want people to see the tears in her eyes as she crunched over her broom handle holding onto it as if she was going to vomit.


Peter wasn't paying attention to Millie, he turned sharply to go after the bludger and ran into her broom. "Get out of my way!" he yelled, pushing her broom so she wouldn't crash into him. Unfortunately, it unbalanced Millie and she fell the remaining thirty feet onto the ground.

The impact of the ground knocked Millie out. The last thing she saw was her broom coming crashing down towards her, when it landed hard on her stomach she blacked out in the middle of the pitch....

Sam watched as Millie plumeted to the ground. Right,didn't have to worry about her anymore. He started flying around searching for a glimmer of the snitch. He saw it flying near the stands and started heading that way. The thing nearly bumped into people as it flew over. He could see it getting closer to Kelly's seat, and he timed it so that as he swooped down to catch it, he would be right in front of her. Leaning forward he picked up a burst of momentum, heading almost right for her, and with the snitches inches from her face, he reached out and grabbed it, then smiled at her for a moment before flying off holding it high for all to see.

Kelly clapped and yelled, Sam had caught the golden flying thingamajig and everyone was cheering and yelling. She'd had her doubts about the game, but she'd gotten caught up in the excitement of it. It was a simple game really, but it had some tactics to it, and definitely it was exciting.

The officials signaled a fair catch and the game ended. Slytherin won.

Jennifer stood and cheered for Reginald.

Fiona slumped over her broom. It had been an intense game and she'd fought hard, but Price was playing today like he had something to prove. And from what happened over Christmas, she didn't blame him.

She flew down to the center of the field to congratulate the other team.

Peter flew a victory lap around the field, urging the crowd to cheer. Slytherin's second win. All they had to do now was defeat Hufflepuff and they'd have a clean sweep. It was a great way to finish his term as Quidditch Captain.

As he flew past the stands he tossed the bludger gently to Alena as a trophy.

Reginald didn't take his victory lap with the others. This wasn't a game, it was a joke. The entire team was interested in winning, but they didn't work like a team, not with him anyway. Reg flew down and then landed by the Slytherin Changing room. He had no interest in pretending like this meant something to him. He didn't have to pretend anything anymore. Reginald just wanted to get out of there. He walked back into the changing room alone, hearing the mixed reactions from the Slytherin victories.

Jennifer watched Reg leave the filed and made her way down from the upper stands so she could be at the door when Reg finished changing.

Barny headed down to wait outside where the Ravenclaws would be changing. He wasn't sure how Fiona would be feeling after that, but he wanted to be there for her in case she might need him.

Kelly headed down as well, and finally found where the Slytherins would come out after changing. She was strangely excited, the brutality of the game... And apparently her Sam had won the game...

Kelly stopped dead in her tracks, almost getting run down by the crowd, she made it to a wall. She tried to calm down and think. She was a little afraid of what she had thought. She knew by now that there hadn't been any love for Wellington. She had been in love with the IDEA of Wellington.

The white knight, the happily ever after, the goose that laid the golden eggs, all wrapped up in one. She'd never really known him, nor he her. Sam she knew, and enjoyed being with, but she wasn't going to follow blindly ever again, or devote herself in the perverse way she had before. Sam had been good to her, and so long as he didn't hurt her, things would be good between them. But she wasn't going to worship anyone like that ever again, not unless they earned that kind of devotion. Kelly stuck a smile on her face and waited for Sam to come out.

Sam made his way from the changing room, offering false smiles to his house mates as they patted his shoulder congratulating him. It wasn't that he didn't care he had one, quite the contrary, he was very happy, he just wanted to share it with the person that mattered to him. He just wanted to get over to Kelly. He spotted her hugged against the wall and barely squeezed over the her. He got to her, and that was when he let a real smile cross his face. He hugged her tightly and enjoyed the moment.

Kelly smiled up at Sam, happy to be held like this. "I never knew that Quidditch could be so exciting." At that point her stomach growled and her face reddened. "I missed breakfast this morning. Maybe we could have lunch together?" She smiled at him.

Sam gave her a brief look of displeasure, "you shouldn't be missing meals" he told her, not at all with a cross tone, rather a concerned tone, "and yes, I would love to have lunch with you, I know this wonderful room in the castle called the Great Hall" he joked with her and started leading her away from the crowd after he took her hand.

"I didn't want to miss your match, though." Said Kelly, "I don't want to miss meals either anymore. Maybe I don't want to be quite so... ample as the nurse, but I know you'd rather me be a little plump in..." Kelly blushed a little, "certain places."

Fiona walked slowly out of the changing room. When she saw Barny she smiled and gave him a hug. "Nice to see a friendly face after that."

Barny held Fiona close, but gently, and slowly stroked her hair. "I'm sorry. I know what it feels like... You're freezing, Fi... Lets go down to the Kitchens and see if we can get one of the house elves to get you some cocoa..."

Fiona nodded silently. She'd lost a lot of games, and would lose others, but she always looked at her own game and how we'll she'd done, what mistakes she'd made. Today, however, she didn't want to think about that. She just wanted to move on.

Meanwhile Millie was still laid in the middle of the pitch. By now several of Hogwarts nurses had managed to pull her gently onto a stretcher and were carrying her off the pitch a white blanket keeping her warm as they carried her off towards the hospital wing.

Reginald finally came out of the changing room. He looked like he wasn't all that pleased. This was the first time Jennifer would ever see him unhappy over a victory. Reg saw her and then smiled a bit. At least he was happy to see her. He walked over to her and then kissed her, wrapping his arms around her tightly. The kiss lasted a few moments and then he broke it slowly, as if he didn't want to. He opened his eyes and then finally looked at her. "That wasn't a game, that was a joke." He said with a bit of anger in his voice and then a sigh.

"It was Quidditch. Sometimes it is a joke." She hugged him tightly before continuing. "You were wonderful in spite of the others. Come on, I'll buy you a hot butterbeer and we can spend the evening together. You bring Rasputin and I'll bring Tribble and we'll watch her drive him crazy."


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