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Coal Delivery!

Posted on Tuesday, 6th of March, 2012 @ 6:30pm by Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins

Mission: Christmas Break
Location: Slytherin Common Room

Kelly had just gotten back from being summoned to the Headmaster's office, he had been kind about it, pitying... He had told her that her parents had sent word that they wouldn't be able to take her over the holidays, some sort of business problem. Business, business, business... She would be here... alone. At least the painting couldn't leave...

Susan saw the girl and recognized her from Wellington's picture -- or rather the one her parents sent him. Well, the picture he'd shown her once, before they burned it, laughing about the stupid witch who thought she was actually going to marry HER Wellington.

'You're Kelly Smythe, right?" she said, stopping in front of Kelly.

Kelly shook herself out of her reverie, "Eh? What? Oh yes, I'm Kelly." She had seen this particular girl wandering around before, upper class, a 6th year she though. Heavy and not very pretty. Kelly checked herself, not really heavy, she thought, a bit wide in the hips maybe, certainly wide in the chest... long dirty blonde hair.

"Wellington told me about you." She ran a hand through her hair and preened, making sure the ring on the third finger of her left hand flashed in the candlelight. "You really are a scrawny little stick, aren't you?"

"Eh, Yes, I need to keep thin for my Wellington." She didn't mention that she had been eating more and was starting to gain, or that she was exercising to make sure the weight she gained showed up in the right places. She held up her left hand to show off her engagement ring, "We're to be married, you know." She said with a grin that faded quickly as she saw a ring identical to her own on Susan's hand. "How come you have a ring just like mine?" She said as the ice of fear and the fire of hatred began to run through her veins.

"Didn't Wellington tell you? He asked me to marry him last week. That's why you aren't going home for Christmas. Your pathetic parents are trying to fix the mess they created by agreeing to marry you off to a manwho had no interest in a scrawny stick of a girl like you anyway." She laughed coldly. "Do you really think he'd wait for you to grow up? I mean, really. He can't even stand the sight of you." She gave Kelly a cruel once-over. "He couldn't wait to get away when he saw you earlier this semester." Her smile turned cat-like. "He came to Hogwarts to see me. We're getting married as soon as I graduate."

Kelly wore a smile that she didn't feel, "What, and you think there's not more of these rings out there? He probably bought a whole bunch and has been promising a lot of girls. Did you ever think, yeah he'll marry you, then when he's done using you, he'll divorce you when the next one is about to graduate? Are you sure you're the first, or does he have one right now that will be put aside when you graduate? That's if he gets tired of them by then? But for sure by the time I graduate, he'll be tired of you, by then you'll be too old for his tastes." She felt like she was dying inside, nearly gagging on her words as she spoke them, but they rang with a certain truth in her head.

"Meow, the little kitten has claws," Susan said, grinning maliciously. "But it doesn't matter. Your claws don't hurt me. My ring is genuine. It's a family heirloom. Yours is a cheap copy made so he could keep his parents happy while he finished school." She ran her hands over her hips and smiled. "I know he doesn't have anyone on the side because he's with me every weekend. And, over the holiday break, we're going to spend the entire time in a small house he bought with the money he inherited from his Grandmother." She smiled again. "You, little twig, couldn't keep a man like Wellington happy. He loathes you, did you know that? He likes real women. You'll never be enough of one to please him. So, there's no fear he'll want someone else when -- or should I say if you graduate? I hear you're determined to starve yourself to death to keep your stickly form. Do us all a favor, just stop eating and die. No one will miss you."

Kelly was on the breaking point. The only thing keeping her from the edge was that the woman was bigger and stronger, physically as well as in magic. Those years of experience made a big difference. "We'll see in six, seven years then won't we. By then you won't be the fresh faced girl anymore. Whose to tell how far he'll have wandered by then? Or maybe he likes them young and he's just telling you what you want to hear. Either way, I'm done with him. If he'd cheat on me, now, how can I ever trust him again. Be smart and keep an eye out for your replacement, who knows who the next one will be." Kelly turned her back on Susan and headed for the exit from these warrens to the rest of the castle, finally letting the tears come. Imagining the wand aimed at her back, really hoping for it, wanting to hear the words that would end the pain she was feeling in her heart.

Susan laughed derisively. The girl was a fool. Six years woulnd't change the fact that Kelly was scrawny and homely. No one would want her. Especially not Wellington. Susan would make sure he was too content to even consider leaving her. She had no worries on that score.

Kelly managed to close the door and make it to the outer hall before she started to run...


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