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At Home with the Muggles (part 2)

Posted on Saturday, 24th of March, 2012 @ 4:37pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Pet Rasputin

Mission: Christmas Break
Location: Collins' House
Timeline: Christmas break


"You're not allowed to do magic outssside Hogwartsss. It'sss againssst- RAT!" Rasputin yelled from somewhere in the attic and then there was a loud squeak and a slight moment of silence. "Againsst the rulesss." The snake then responded, with a mouth full of paralyzed rodent.

"And what the Ministry knows won't hurt me either." Reginald said in response as he looked over to where he heard the snake's voice and then back to Jennifer. "Chances are, I'm already in enough trouble so why not break a rule worth breaking?"

"Magic or no magic, my parents would kill me if they found out," Jen said. "And I don't like the idea of doing something they'd object to." She kissed him slowly for several moments. "Besides, I want them to like you. If they chase you out of here it'll be that much harder for us to be together." She couldn't resist kissing him again. "Besides, I don't think they'll mind if we cuddle. Maybe we can head back to Hogwarts a day early and do some sightseeing in London?"

"I would like that a lot." Reginald smiled and then brought her into another deep kiss, wrapping his arms around her and pressing her to him.

"It'sss quiet. Are you guysss kissssing again? You two need to- RAT!" Rasputin hissed loudly and then there was a soft muffled squeak. "I love thisss place! Letsss never leave!" He yelled with his mouth full.

Jennifer didn't respond to Rasputin. She was too busy responding to Reginald.

Several long moments later there was a loud banging on the attic door. "It's too quiet up there. Come on down, you two. Supper's ready."

Reginald pulled back slightly, holding a smirk on his face. "Maybe, after supper, we can find a way to go out tonight. You can show me your old neighborhood. Introduce me to some friends. You know, give me a chance to scare some people away." He laughed a little and then ended it with a smile.

"Well, you haven't scared me off," she told him softly. She stepped back and took his hand. "Come on, let's have supper and then go for a walk. A nice, long walk."

"A nice, long walk with Detours." Reginald added and then walked with her to the door.

"Alright... Time to meet the ressst of the family." Rasputin yelled as he slithered his way out from his corner of the room and to the door.

"Oh no. Your not going down sstairss. Your sstaying up here." Reginald said as he reached down at took a hold of the Boa Constrictor. Rasputin quickly wrapped his tail and body around his friends arm, letting his tail and the rest of his body to go limp over and rest onto the ground.

"Your ssseriousss? I want to meet the ressst of the family. Sssay 'Hello" and give them sssome lovin. I think her parentsss might like me. After all, I am getting rid of their pesst problem free of charge." Rasputin replied with a light hiss as his tongue darted out of his mouth.

"Becausse, after you get rid of their pesst problem. There will sstill be one more left. He added as he pulled his friend closer.

"No, they won't. I will eat up whatever I sssee- Hey! That wasss a ssshot at me, wasssn't it?" Rasputin answer with a tilted head and an offended look.

Jennifer took Rasputin and draped him across her shoulders. "He needs to go downstairs with us and break the ice. If we don't do it now, he might decide to go visiting tonight and my parents wouldn't appreciate that."

She put her hand in Reg's again and headed towards the stairs. "Besides, if he comes down now, he might stay up here while we take that walk." She looked forward to some time alone with Reg -- even if was walking through her neighborhood. Just being alone with him with no worries about who would be watching would be a relief.

There was more banging at the door. "I'm going to count to ten and come up there."

"Coming, Dad. We had to get Rasputin first. He found a big rat." She grinned at Reginald. "Well, it's the truth. It's just not the real reason." Grinning, she hurried to get to the stairs before her father finished counting.

Reginald let out a slight laugh and then smiled. He followed Jennifer down the stairs. Maybe this wasn't going to be as bad and different as he thought it would.

"Ha Ha Ha! Yesss!. Mommy and Daddy, here I come!" The snake hissed and then let out a laugh himself. He turned his head quickly over to Jennifer, his face was slightly concerned. "You guysss don't have a cat do you? Maybe something big and doesssn't like ssshakesss?"

"We used to have a cat, but he got hit by a lorry last year. Mum hasn't the heart to replace him," Jen assured the snake.

"Maybe you can convince them to get you a sssnake. A female one would be nice." Rasputin hissed and then laughed.

"Keep dreaming, Ras." Reginald responded, staying behind Jen and Rasputin.


Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Fifth Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price
Pet Rasputin


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