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Yule Ball Part 1

Posted on Tuesday, 14th of February, 2012 @ 3:47pm by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Professor Edward Asquared & Fifth Year (R) Alyssa Davis & Fifth Year (S) Pandora Crump & Mister Jason Wolfe & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Ministry Employee Peter Percival & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jillian Fortescue & Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova

Mission: Yule!
Location: Great Hall

The Great Hall had been decorated for the ball with twinkling candles, boughs of holly and several dozen decorated Christmas trees. Long tables lined one wall laden with food for the attendees. The Wyrd Sisters were playing in one corner. Everything was set for the arrival of the students and chaperones.

Barny paced at the entry, careful to avoid walking into anyone and watching for Fiona to arrive. He felt bald and naked without his dreadlocks, now chopped off and his hair shorn in a close, almost military haircut, his face shaved clean. The dress robes felt stifling compared to what he usually wore. No, when he graduated, he wasn't going to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, not if he had to dress like this every day. He paced some more, wondering if Fiona would even show up. He wasn't exactly prime material, his face was homely at best, and he felt more comfortable in nice soft cotton than in whatever this dang suit was made out of.

Alyssa was dressed up and ready to go. Her dress was black with ribbons of red at the seams that seemed to conform to Alyssa's natural shape instead of making her look to bulky, or restraining her too much. Her hair was pulled to the back, where locks of it clomped together and appeared slightly above her head, while strands of it hung down to her neck. She had one of her shoes on, but the other would not want to fit. "Come on now!" she yelled at it as she manoeuvred her foot in. At long last, she was able to get it in, but not without a stinging sensation.

Edward scratched his nose where Oscar's wing had just tickled his nose. He knew it was sentimental to bring a date like this, but even after all of these years, he still loved him. For that ill fated day to never have happened... Edward carefully adjusted the kerchief laid across his shoulder, just in time as Oscar left another present...

Pandora was dressed in an emerald green, spaghetti strap dress. Her hair was pulled up on top of her head in a very flattering style and she wore white elbow length gloves on her hands and a shawl around her shoulders that matched her dress. Emerald earrings dangled from her ears that matched the necklace around her neck. She stepped into the room and looked around wondering if she should have even bothered coming this year.

Fiona wore a formal robe in a dark maroon color. She approached the Great Hall cautiously, not sure where Barny was.

Jennifer walked up to her and smiled. "You look great, Fiona. Where's Barny?" She was dressed in a dark green formal set of robes, her serpent bracelet now matched by a matching set of earrings and the snitch necklace Reginald gave her.

Barny walked up, "You look beautiful, Fiona, and you too, Jen." He smiled sheepishly at the two of them, looking much younger than he had without the scruff on his face.

"Hi, Barny," they said in tandem.

Barny moved beside Fiona and cautiously took her arm, "So we're waiting for Evan to arrive then?"

"Yeah. He's supposed to meet me here," Jen said. "If you want to go in don't mind me. I'm fine."

Barny looked to Fiona, "I'll leave it to Fiona. You two are friends and I don't want to force her to go in if she's wanting to make sure..."

Jen looked at Fiona. "Go. Evan wasn't feeling well earlier, so I may have to wait a bit for him to show up. I'll be fine."

Fiona nodded and turned to Barny. "Okay, let's go in."

Barny offered his arm, and when she took it, he walked her into the ball and into a veritable wall of sound. When they reached a good spot. He mouthed, "Do you want to dance?" and smiled at her.

"Okay, but don't be surprised if I don't dance very well." said Fiona.

Leaning close, Barney said, "Me either, haven't exactly had a lot of practice, really. But I want to spend some time with you and get to know you."

Peter paced back and forth, waiting impatiently for Alena to arrive. The girl had a spark he admired -- and not just the one caused when she tried to do magic. Tonight promised to be fun, if nothing else.

Jason stood outside near the garden, sitting on a sill motionless. He was wrapped closely in his cloak, which had a heating spell on it to ward off the chill. He thought back to the times he'd been here and wanting to sneak off for a cuddle and kept an eye on the escape routes. He could hear rock music playing inside and thought to himself that it was nice that times had changed. He had been out of Hogwarts before he'd even heard any rock.

When Alena approached Peter, it was hard not to see her, or hear her coming. Her heels sparked, as did her staff, when she snapped it on the ground, in proper Durmstrang dress-robe style. Peter still had one of her two glowing bracelets. Her bright, somewhat glowing, red Victorian-esque dress was far from inconspicuous, outside of a Volcano. "You people, at this school, have some interesting dress robes." Alena said. "Not that mine are standards for Durmstrang. Women usually wear the same fur-theme that the men wear. I prefer enchantments over actual warmth, from furs. Permits a bit more flair." She added, approaching Peter. "The care for magical creatures teacher seemed to agree, though, that was before I set her mandrakes on fire. I've yet to meet the one, here at Hogwarts."

Peter chuckled at her comment. "That would be interesting to see." He took off the bracelet Alena loaned him and slipped it back on her wrist. "Thanks, by the way. It really helped."

"I'm glad." Alena said, with a nod. "So, how often do they hold these silly dance thingies?"

"About every other year. Depends on if the Headmaster feels like making the effort. if not, we have a big dinner," Peter said. "Well, I'm glad this year's Headmaster felt like it.

[To be continued]


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