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Ravenclaws, Roses and Romance.

Posted on Thursday, 5th of April, 2012 @ 11:51am by Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Craig Hamilton & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Madam Margarita Lopez

Mission: Parents Weekend
Location: Hospital Wing

Millie had been in the hospital wing for a week now. The bludger that had hit her had done major internal damage and several broken bones on impact of the ground. Madam Lopez was actually amazed that she had come out alive. However with lots of tricky magic and rest she was slowly getting better. However she was still unconscious from the quidditch injuries and was laid in the hospital bed breathing slowly.

She was just coming around, her eyes fluttered and she was soon aware of the place around her.
"Where.... am... I?" she stuttered slowly.

Margarita smiled at Millie. "You're doing very well, my dear. Quidditch is a dangerous sport. Injuries are to be expected." She adjusted the girl's pillow and straightened her blankets. "Your young man should be by any time now. He's been here every day after school. He must care for you a great deal."

"Young... man?" Millie asked hr head still hurting.

"Craig he said his name was." She smiled reassuringly. "Been here every day since your accident."

Millie simply stared at her. Craig had been at her bedside, every day? She was simply shocked and at the same time confused at why he was there.

"That's what I said," Margarita replied.

Millie just stared. Class's would be ending soon. She was wondering who would be visiting her and who had been notified that she was awake.

Several minutes later, Fiona walked in. "Hey, Millie! You're awake."

"I wish I wasn't" Millie said. "What happened?"

"You caught a bludger and got a little dopey. You and Peter collided. Believe it or not, it looked like an accident. I don't think he meant to knock you down. At least not this time."

Millie tried to sit up but was overwhelmed by pain from her stomach and sides. Her body was seriously bruised from the crash and apparently she had landed with a smack and broken several bones on impact.
"Need to drink more milk I guess" she said "Strengthen my bones up"

"Hazard of the game," Fiona said. "Not that you deserved it. You didn't. But you can take some comfort in knowing it was an accident." She smiled encouragingly. "And the worst is over. It'll hurt a lot, but you're actually on the mend. A few more days and you'll be able to leave the hospital and go back to your dorm."

Millie smiled and then heard footsteps. Craig stopped on seeing that Millie was awake. He stared at her for a few seconds before turning to leave.
"Not so fast" Millie said which made him stop again. Her wand was on the bedside table, however it was out of her reach.

Fiona watched for a moment before she smiled. "Well, I have to go, Millie. Get well and I'll see you tomorrow." She carefully took Millies's wand and set it on a table just inside the door, too far for Millie to reach. That should give Craig a fighting chance. The other girl was far too quick to overreact for her own good.

Millie eyed her wand as Fiona left.
"Come here Craig. Please" Millie said softly. Craig turned around and slowly walked over towards her. He glanced at her wand as he passed it and then slowly sat down in one of the chairs by Millie's bed.
"Is it true?" she asked.

"Whats true?" Craig replied.
"That you stayed with me, even though I didn't know you were there and I was laying in this bed?" Millie asked. She was trying to hold back any tears that may arise, but she was putting on a brave face.
"Yeah. Its true" Craig replied with a slight smile. He looked down at her and at her pale face. "You see Millie, you may have been angry at me for what happened. But I still do love you" he explained quietly.
"What about that other girl?" Millie asked.
"What other girl?"
"The one at the Yule Ball!" Millie replied her anger begging to surface slightly.
"Oh. I had to take someone. And she was a friend, she was helping me decide whether to get back with you or not. Were you spying on me?"

Millie blushed. She didn't know that she was just a friend who was helping him decide. Had he really been wanting her back all this time?
"I'm sorry... I was on a balcony and just saw..."
"Or pn your broomstick I bet" Craig replied playfully. Millie's jaw dropped and she closed it again trying to hide her shock and surprise. "You're forgetting Millie that I know you. I know that you'd be out on your broom watching me" Craig said. "Its what I love about you, if you want to know something you go for it. You have no idea how nervous I get when I watch you playing Quidditch. Just the thought of you getting hurt..." Craig stopped. He looked down at the blankets, but Millie's finger lifted his chin up. She looked into his eyes, tears had surfaced and Millie couldn't hold back hers either.
"Craig... I'm sorry too... I just got angry..."
"Its no problem, we can't change what happened. All I ask is that you be with me again. Be my girl again, my Millie" he asked. Millie beckoned for him to come closer so she could whisper something in his ear.

As soon as she said it, the reaction was imminent. Craig threw his arms around Millie and then they were locked in a kiss like they used to. Craig drew back and looked down at his girl. He took her hand in both his and held it firmly.
"Millie. I really do love you" he said.
"Me too" Millie whispered back. "Could you pass me that?" she asked nodding over at her wand.
"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you" she said. Craig reached over and passed Millie back her wand. Millie took it off him and then waved it twice in the air in a neat circle. A few bright red flowers appeared out of the end and landed infront of Craig.
"This is what my mum did for my dad" she explained. "These flowers will stay with you for as long as I love you. Every time I doubt it a petal will fall, and every time I feel it more a petal will bloom" Craig was astonished by this magic. He took the flowers and held them, they were in full bloom. Full Bloom...


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