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Ravenclaw vs Slytherin Part II

Posted on Tuesday, 6th of March, 2012 @ 6:55pm by Third Year (H) James Lowell III & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Ministry Employee Peter Percival & Third Year (S) Samual Holmes

Mission: New Semester
Location: Quidditch Pitch
Timeline: New Semester

Millie was surprised at Peter's response of no tricks. Of course she knew that it might just be luring her into a false sense of security. She quickly kicked off from the ground and flew high into the air as the whistle blew. Instantly she switched into her seeker mode scouring the pitch for the small golden ball that was whizzing around. Her counterpart was only a second year, easy for such a 'qualified' seeker as her.


Bullah had taken to the air, more comfortable there than on the ground, his eyes on the boxes that held the bludgers.

Rasheed circled above, ready to dart in to try to get the quaffle when it was thrown into the air.

Fiona positioned herself in front of the goal and smiled. She always liked a good game of Quidditch. Although she still wasn't sure this would be a good game.

The quaffle was thrown into the air and the Ravenclaw chaser Rachel immediately claimed it. She rushed quickly toward the Slytherin goal posts. Millie watched from high above as she dodged down to avoid one of Slytherin's chasers. She threw the Quaffle at the goalposts only to be knocked slightly by a sidewind and missing the goal. The quaffle bounced off the post and was caught by one of Slytherin's chasers.

Reginald caught the quaffle and made his way to the goal. Of all the times that he had done this, this was the first time he felt alone. He did his baest to get to the goal and then throw it in. It was a goal, but they nearly took his head off in the process. He took a moment and gave his team a long look. They returned the gaze with one of near disgust. He was quiet for a moment and then looked over to the stands, searching for Jen. He let out a sigh and then flew off.

Jen cheered as loudly as she could for REg, hoping he would hear her.

Peter just huffed at the goal. As long as Reg played well, Peter would leave him alone.

As Slytherin scored their first goal Millie let out a sigh and signalled to the Ravenclaw beaters to focus their efforts on the Slytherin chasers. Hopefully her defensive plan would work. She flew high above the match making sure that her team were doing as planned and keeping an eye out for the snitch. The idea was that the Ravenclaw beaters would protect their chasers by defending flying in formation keeping bludgers away and crashing through the Slytherin defences. Also when the Slytherin players have the Quaffle the idea was to protect the goals so that they don't get through. It was a defensive strategy that Millie had seen played in her first year by Gryffindor and it worked back then, question is why isn't it working now.

Suddenly something gold caught her eye. Without hesitation she took off heading towards the Slytherin goal poles where she had seen it. She whizzed through the air and then noticed that the Slytherin seeker was hot on her tail. She narrowly missed the posts and did a tight u turn in the air. The gold she had seen was a speck of gold light. She looked around to see what it was.
"Must have been a reflection off someone's watch or something..." She said to herself as she pulled herself back high into the air.

It was right then, that a Slytherin Beater launched a bludger, full speed, towards the back of Millie's head. Muriel Watkins sat on her broom, giggling at the bludger flying towards the pathetic seeker. Apparently, not paying enough attention, as the other bludger sent her broom for a spin, and it narrowly missed her head. Righting herself, she turned to see if Millie had caught the brunt of her attack.

Millie had luckily just ducked and the Bludger narrowly missed her head. She swore under her breath on seeing the Bludger zooming away. She semi-circled around to see who had hit it towards the back of her head wondering why they had targeted her when she hadn't spotted the snitch yet.

Sam flew around, eyeing the Ravenclaw seeker and watched her go for nothing. He had yet to get a good lock on it, but he knew she was diving at nothing. He flew around when he saw something glimmer near one of the stands. He casually flew that way, still eyeing the opposing seeker, ready to fly full speed if she spotted it.

Peter saw Millie and Sam. Something was up and he wanted to make sure Slytherin had the advantage. He hit the bludger as hard as he could towards Millie's broom. Up to her if she was smart enough to dodge or if she was caught off guard.

Bullah rolled over, and flew between the blodger and Millie, pounding the blodger straight back at Peter as hard as he could.

Laughing, Peter used the force of Bullah's bludger to send it once again screaming towards Millie. She wasn't going to get the snitch if he could help it.

Millie swung around to see the bludger coming straight at her at full speed. For the first time in a long time she froze and hesitated. The bludger smacked her directly into her stomach knocking her and her broom back through the air. She was a light build so the force of the bludger physically moved her in the air.

She struggled for breath as the bludger had knocked the wind out of her. She felt physically sick and started to zig zag slightly in the air still in a little shock from the bludger. She had only ever been hit twice in her who Quidditch career and she had forgotten how painful and horrible they were.

"Nice catch, Anderson!" Peter mocked. Now that Millie was off her game, he turned to see what else he could do to help Slytherin win.

Millie didn't reply. She simply leant forward on her broom in the air. The pain in her stomach was too painful and she didn't want people to see the tears in her eyes as she crunched over her broom handle holding onto it as if she was going to vomit.

[To be continued]


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