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A Whole New World, part 1

Posted on Tuesday, 6th of March, 2012 @ 6:38pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Pet Rasputin

Mission: Christmas Break


Jennifer and Reginald stepped off the Hogwarts Express and out into King's Cross Station. She took Reg by the hand and grinned. "Now you get to learn about the real muggle world." She led him to a window where she purchased two tickets to the Bristol station. Fortunately, she had plenty of Muggle money on her for the trip home. Jen chuckled at the term Muggle. It wasn't that long ago that she had no idea what a Muggle was.

"Just follow my lead," she told him. "NOTHING is going to work with magic, so don't even try. Okay?"

"You see... Already you took the fun out of everything." Reginald replied as he looked over to her and then smiles. "I will try to behave myself.. It's a lot better then being at Hogwart's right now... or my parents." He said softly as he walked with her, holding her hand slightly tighter.

"Why do I have to be in here!" Rasputin yelled from inside his holder. "For the record... riding in thisss thing isssn't assss fun assss you may think!"

Reginald looked down to the holder. "Rasputin, I would love to take you out, but this is the Muggle World. A Boa Constrictor out in the open isn't something Muggles are a custom to seeing."

"Then how about thisss. Next time, you ride in the box and I ride in the comfy chair of the train!"

He looked over to Jennifer and then sighed. "I need to let him out soon. Ras isn't good with traveling like this." Reginald looked back down to the holder.

Jen squeezed Reg's hand and smiled. "It'll be fine. My parents are still baffled by magic, but they're trying." She looked down to Rasputin. "As for you, once we get on the other train, we'll find a seat in the back so we can let you out for a bit. Once we're home, my parents will let you run around in the attic." She smiled back at Reg. "You, too. We have a small trundle bed up there." She'd sent an owl to her parents to let them know she was bringing Reg with her.

"Out of curiosity... " Reginald paused for a moment as he looked back to Jennifer. "What did you tell your parents... you know. Regarding us?" He said softly as they walked together, holding hands and hauling luggage.

"I told them that you were my boyfriend and that you couldn't go home for Christmas, so could I please bring you with me. They want to meet you, so they said sure." She looked over at him. "I didn't tell them about your parents. I figured that was best done in person."

Reg took in a deep breath and then laughed a bit. "I am pretty sure you didn't tell them everything about me." He paused for a moment and then looked over to her with a raised brow. "Did you?" He said in an almost curious tone of voice.

"Well, not everything, no," she conceded. The two boarded the train and she found an empty car to sit in for the ride to Bristol. She stowed her bags and made herself comfortable. "At least here Rasputin will be able to stretch a bit."

He put the carrier onto the seat across from them and opened it. Rasputin slithered out of the box and then stretched out. "Thank you sssoo much. I didn't think I wasss gonna be able to take it much longer in there. I hate Muggle Trainsss. No ressspect for animalsss."

"Thats probably because your a snake, Ras. People aren't used to seeing snakes wandering freely on a train." Reginald replied, looking at Rasputin and then to Jennifer. He leaned back and then put his arm around Jennifer, who he was focusing on completely. What he should have been focused on was the sound of the snack trolley approaching their door. Rasputin coiled up into his own spot in the middle of the seat he had all to himself and then looked at the two with a smile. The snake let out a soft hiss just in time for the door to slide opened.

"Anything from the trolley dears?" The woman said with a soft voice and a smile. She looked at her trolley and then into the cart itself, holding her smile for the two kids and then noticing something from the corner of her eye. The old woman looked over to the seat and saw the Boa Constrictor coiled up.

Reginald and Jennifer looked over to the old woman in shock, the both of them having forgotten to lock the door when they came in. The snake just seemed to looked over with a smile as his tongue darted in and out of his mouth with a soft hiss. Rasputin couldn't think of anything else to do but look at the old woman and speak. "Umm.. Meow?"

(To be continued...)

Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Fifth Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price
Pet Rasputin


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