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Career Advice 3

Posted on Thursday, 26th of April, 2012 @ 11:22am by First Year (R) Morrigan Lavin a/k/a Morgana & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod

Mission: New Semester
Location: Professor Morgan's Office


Fiona waited her turn to talk to Professor Morgan about her possible future. She really wasn't sure what she wanted to do. She'd thought about what to do, but still had no idea. Hopefully, she could get help focusing on something.

Millie sat there arms crossed. She knew exactly what she wanted to do when she was older. She had always wanted to be a Quidditch player and thats all she wanted to do ever.

Lola walked into the office and stood there, looking at the students that gathered in the room. She walked toward the front of the class and then stopped, turning around to face the others. "I am assuming you all now why your here? You all are here for your career advice. I will see you each, one at at time. Once we are finished you may leave. Report to the library, go to the Pitch. Whatever your darling hearts desire. If you require a note, I will be happen to provide it." She gave a smile and then placed her hands on her hips. "For the moment, I will start with..." She looked around, extending her index finger and then moving it around. She stopped it in front of Fiona. "You, Miss MacLeod. Please follow me, the rest of you can find something to do. Quietly, please." Lola turned and then walked up the steps to her office. "If I have to come out here, you will regret it."

Fiona followed her quietly, afraid to say anything to upset the professor.

Once they walked into the office, Lola gestured to the seat across from her desk. She kept on her smile and then took her own seat. "Well, Darling. I am a firm believer in someone choosing their own path. So why don't you tell me what you want to be and I will tell you what you need to make it happen." Lola gave her a smile as she flicked her hand, floating the tray of tea and snacks over to the desk and playing it between the two of them.

Fiona sat down and smiled. "I'm not really sure, ma'am. I love to read and research. Is there a job that would let me do that?"

"I'm pretty sure the Ministry could always use another fresh pair of eyes in research." Lola smiled and then poured herself some tea. She crossed her lets and then looked over to Fiona." She took a sip of her tea and then looked back to Fiona. "Or maybe a career in teaching is more your taste?"

"I've never thought about teaching," Fiona admitted honestly. "I don't know if I'd be any good at it."

"You never know it until your test yourself, Darling. Try helping a first year in their studies. Teaching them a spell or charm. If it makes you feel good and it gives you the sense of accomplishment, then it might be for you." She smiled as she took another sip of her tea. "Would you care for something, MacLeod?"

"No thank you, ma'am," Fiona replied politely. "But I'll take your advice and try helping a first year. Is there anything else you recommend?"

"You could always try being a singer." Lola responded before she sipped her tea. "Forgive me, Darling, but I couldn't help walking past your dorms and hearing you singing. Not to mention, word gets around in Hogwarts. All these paintings talk to one another, I'm afraid."

Fiona blushed a deep scarlet. "I didn't think anybody heard me sing. I'm really not that good."

"Now, Now, Darling. There is nothing to be ashamed about. Your have an amazing voice. With some practice, you could even make a career out of it. Perhaps even run the next Hogwarts Choir. Should you choose, of course." Lola brought his lips up to her cup and took one more sip, giving her a pleasant smile.

That really surprised Fiona. Could she really be that good? Doubtful. "Umm, thank you, ma'am. I'll give that some thought, too."

"Of Course, Darling. Should you need anything, the faculty here at Hogwart's are always here to assist you." Lola finished her tea and then placed the cup onto the tray with a delightful smile. "Your should be all done, unless there is anything else you need?"

"Not right now, but I might after I have time to digest everything you said, ma'am." Fiona stood and smiled at the teacher. "Thank you, ma'am."

She gathered up the scrolls and walked slowly out of the room. When she came here she had no idea what to do with her life. Now, she had far too many options. And she still had no idea what to do with her life. But she had things to research. That brought a smile to her face.

"Have a good day, ma'am," she said as she left.

As the doors opened, Lola slowly put the tip of her wand to the side of her throat and spoke. "Millie Anderson! Please come upstairs, Darling." His voice was amplified and echoed out into the classroom.

Millie who had been straightening the end of her broom at the back of the classroom jumped at her voice being called. She hopped on the broom and hovered over to the door and jumped off at the door.
"Hello?" she said as she opened the door wide.

"Miss Anderson. Hello, Darling. Please have a seat." Lola gestured to the tea on the tray on her desk. "Would you care for a cup or some snacks?" She smiled and then cleared her throat a bit.

"Erm. Yes please" Millie said as she propped her broom against the wall. She sat down on the chair and placed her hands in her lap.

Lola smiled as she pours Millie a cup and then slid her the cup. "Cream, Honey, and Sugar, Dear. Feel free to use as you wish." She smiled and then leaned back in her chair. "I say your game against the Slytherin. I'm sorry it didn't turn out differently. It was a bit messy wasn't it? I hope your feeling better."

Millie added two sugars into the cup and a drop of cream. "Yeah, didn't go as planned. Week in the hospital wing and I've still got bruises all over my stomach and arms" Millie explained.

"Thats terrible, Darling. I am sorry to hear your still injured. Maybe, if your willing, I may know a few spells to help you." Lola smiled and then poured herself some more tea. "I am sure you know why your here, Miss Anderson. Some career advice for your future. Would you like to tell me what you see yourself doing after Hogwarts?"

"Well mainly something to do with Quidditch. Thats all I really enjoy doing. One day I would like to play for the English Quidditch team, but thats a long way off I suppose. I mean, I can't even get Ravenclaw to eat Slytherin" Millie explained as she thought about how she could win against Slytherin the next time they played.

"You can't rely on Quidditch all your life, Darling. Like you said, its a long ways off. Besides, it would always be good to have something to fall back on, Millie. Tell me. What are your best subjects?" Lola asked as she took a sip of her tea, smiling pleasantly.

"Well I'm quite good at Defense against the Dark Arts and charms. But ask me to brew a potion and I'll brew you a cup of tea" Millie explained. "Like I said, the only thing I'm really good at is flying. I've been doing that since I was seven"

"I see... Perhaps a position in the Ministry Of Magic, in the Magical Law Enforcement Department, as an Auror maybe. You might need to brush up on potions. At least enough to get you by." Lola leaned in a little bit. "Telll you a little secret, Darling. Not many Auror's in the Magical Law Enforcement know a lot of potions anyway." She giggled a bit and then took another sip of her tea.

Millie giggled. "Well if I can make a cup of tea, any position in the Ministry of Magic is achievable right?" she asked with a grin. She had heard from her parents that all wizards do in the Ministrey is sit organising papers and drinking tea. However the aspect of an Aurora did appeal to her.

Lola seemed to laugh at her thought, having picking up on it by slight accident. She tried to hide her humor by sipping her tea. As she brought her cup away from her lips she smiled. "You are aware, Darling, that all of us here will help you with whatever problems you have regarding choosing a career and any problems you have in your classes. We are all here to help you, Dear."

"Thanks" Millie said. "I just hope that I can do something I like. I don't want to be working in the leaky cauldron or being a bed maker on the Knight Bus" Millie told her.

"Now I am sure a girl of your talents will not need to go that far." Lola gave a slight laugh and then a smile. "Should you need anything else, help and the sort, I am at your disposal. Is there anything else, Darling?"

"Not that I can think of. Unless you know how to motivate the Ravenclaw team and beat the other houses for the cup?" Millie asked hoping for any advice she could spare.

"I'm afraid, Darling, that Quidditch was never my strong suite. Although I love to watch I never played, but the best way to motivate your team is for their Captain to not give up hope. The more you pick yourself up, the more they will do the same. You have to be their fire, Sweetie. Give them their hope to keep fighting, to give it their all." Lola said softly and then took a sip of her tea and then smiled. "Yes?"

"I suppose so" Millie replied simply as she drank the rest of her tea. She knew this meeting would probably come to an end soon.

"Well, Darling. If there is anything else, please let me know. Otherwise.." Lola took a sip of her tea and then smiled as she lowered the cup back down to the dish. "I will be needing to continue with the next student."

Millie smiled. "Thanks" she said. "Let me know professor if theres anything I can do for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. You know... with you being head of house and all..." Millie said before trotting out of the door and closing it behind her.


Professor Lola Morgan a/k/a Morgana
Defense Against The Dark Arts/Ravenclaw Head Of House

Fifth Year (R) Millie Anderson
Fifth Year Prefect (R) Fiona MacLeod


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