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At Home with the Muggles (part 1)

Posted on Saturday, 24th of March, 2012 @ 4:36pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Pet Rasputin

Mission: Christmas Break
Location: Jennifer's House
Timeline: Christmas break


Jennifer stopped at the front door to her parents' house and smiled at Reg. "Ready?"

"As ready as I will ever be." Reginald responded as he stood behind Jennifer, holding the bags.

"I'm ready for anything, jussst get me the heck out of thisss ssstupid box!" Rasputin yelled from inside the carrier. He was eager to slither around in the open after being cooped up in the carrier nearly the whole way there.

She chuckled as she opened the door. "Mum, Dad, we're home!"

Both her parents came out of a door off the entryway and gave Jen a big hug. Then they turned to Reg. "Hello, son," her father said. "We met you at Hogwarts, didn't we?"

"Oh, yes," her mother added, "They were the ones with the duct tape over their mouths..." She gave Jen a perplexed look.

"Yeah," Jen said. "But Reg isn't like his parents. In fact, they've disowned him because he's with me. I'm glad you let him come here for the holidays. He really has nowhere else to go."

"Oh, you poor dear," Jen's mother said, putting her arm around Reg. "You're welcome to stay here with us. We have a room prepared for you."

"In the attic," her father added. "The floor squeaks a lot, so I don't recommend you move around much at night."

Jen turned bright red. "Dad, we're not..."

"And I want to keep it that way," he said firmly.

"Of course, Sir." Reginald smiled as he looked at her father and mother.

"Hi, I'm Rasssputin! I'm a big bad Boa Conssstrictor! I'll make sssure your houssse isss rat free in hoursss!" Rasputin yelled from inside the carrier. Reginald tried very hard not to pay attention, but he knew he could never stop listening to his scaly friend or it would just get worse. "Hey Reg! Let me out ssso I can sssee them ssscream. Jen! Tell him to let me out ssso I can make you parentsss ssscream!

Jen tried very hard not to laugh. "Sorry! I almost forgot." She went to the carrier and took the snake out. "This is Rasputin. He loves hunting rats and mice. He's looking forward to running loose in the attic."

Her parents had been warned about the snake, still her mom took a step closer to her husband. "Hi, Rasputin." She looked at her daughter. "Does he understand English?"

"Yes, mum, he understands us. Reg can talk to him and I'm learning a few words."

Rasputin looked at the parents and then put on a big smile. "Hi" He hissed softly and then popped his tongue quickly out of his mouth.

"He is harmless, unless you can understand him. Then he is just annoying." Reginald replied, a bit relieved that they didn't respond too badly to Ras.

"Rasputin said hi. He's not as fierce as he pretends to be." She gave Reg a mock glare. "Nor is he sa annoying as Reg claims. As long as he's given food and attention, he'll be fine."

"Well, we DO have a problem with mice and birds in the attic. He's welcome to have at them," her father said.

"Show him around, dear, while I make dinner," her mother said.

Jen took Reg by the hand and led him up a narrow flight of stairs and then to the second set of stairs leading up to the attic. "Knowing Mum she'd cleaned and dusted the place for you. She likes to do that," Jen said as they entered the attic.

It was a large room that covered the entire top of the house. Boxes and trunks like the walls. Two tiny windows had been cleaned and now let in a small amount of sunlight. Near the far wall was a four-poster bed with a patchwork quilt on it. "That's where you'll sleep," she said. "You can set your stuff on any of the nearby trunks."

"I wanna sssee. I wanna ssseee!" Rasputin yelled from inside the holder. Reginald put the holder down and then opened the small door to get the snake out of the box. Ras slithered out moved about quickly, looking about as he moved. Trying to get a feel for the place. "I like it! It has good feng ssshui." He stopped and then smiled. "I sssmell food." His tongue darted in and out of his mouth as he let out a slight hiss. "If thisss isss another one of thossse magic roomsss. You two will not be sssleeping well tonight." Ras then slithered away in search of his first food.

"Any chance of you sneaking up here from time to time?" Reginald said as he looked at Jen with a slight smile.

"I doubt it!" Rasputin yelled from somewhere in the attic.

"I'm afraid he's right. My parents are light sleepers and the attic floor squeaks. We have a spare room on the main floor for company, but they want to keep us apart and out of trouble." She grinned sheepishly. "They don't trust you."

"Right now, they might as well get in line. It start's behind my own parents and continues to somewhere in Asia." Reginald joked as he put his stuff onto a trunk and then looked back to her. "I guess I'm just gonna have to do things the old fashion way, with magic." He laughed a little and then walked over to her, putting his arms around her waist and bringing her close. He looked into her eyes and smiled. "I've snuck around my own house long enough to know a few tricks that might work."

(To be continued...)

Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Fifth Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price
Pet Rasputin


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