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Posted on Wednesday, 11th of April, 2012 @ 3:11pm by Seventh Year Prefect (R) Reece O'Neil (R) & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod

Mission: New Semester
Location: Hogwarts - Study Area
Timeline: Current

Reece shifted in his seat slightly as the book almost began to read him. It was rainy and dark out this night at Hogwarts and the silence of the halls made everything seem that much more dimmer. Though untouched by this fact, Reece felt it as a prime opportunity to both catch up on his reading, and communicate with members of school as a whole. The book on casting wasn't boring, but he was tired. A split second after his eyes fell asleep for the second time, the book slammed shut waking in him instantly.

Reece looked around and down at the book on his lap. He picked it up to try and open it but it refused. Confused, he used all his strength to try and re open to his page but the book refused to open. Frustrated, he sat it on the table next to him and looked over at the fire place now just a little mad at himself. Seconds later, Reece head what he was sure was the book talking to him.

"Are you going to stay awake this time?" It inquired in a slightly squeaky and annoyed voice. "Yes, I'll stay awake, just let me finish reading please?" He commented back now looking over at said book. The book then opened up itself to the last page he was on before fell asleep. Reece picked it up now a little annoyed himself as he continued reading about casting.

Fiona looked over at him and grinned. "It did that to me once, too. That particular book is a little selective as to whom it will allow access. Be nice to it and you'll have no trouble."

Reece looked over at her, he winced at the comment, not to be a prude, but because he was a little snippy. He been studying for the better half of the week and things were beginning to run together. "I should be use to it by now." He said opening the book back up as he looked up once more at Fiona, one of the Perfects of Ravenclaw. He cleared his thoughts as he went back to reading when he spoke at her without looking. "Thought you would have went home for break, you get back early or something?"

"I came back early to study," she replied. "I wanted to get a head start on the semester's homework."

Reece nodded as he scratched his head spoke. "What are you going to do, after you graduate?" He inquired simply as he closed the book once more.

Fiona paused for a moment before turning to Reece. "I don't know. Something involving research, I think."

Reece nodded at the comment. He knew he wanted to be great at wizardry, but just how great and in what fashion was escaping him. The grandfather clock in the study sounded signaling his time to return to his room. Standing, he tucked the book under his arm as he spoke to Fiona. "Talk to you tomorrow Fiona."

"Bye, Reece," she said, turning back to her book.


Sixth Year (R) Reece O'Neil
Fifth Year Prefect (R) Fiona MacLeod


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