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Howling Sharks (part 1)

Posted on Thursday, 5th of April, 2012 @ 12:32pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Pet Rasputin
Edited on on Thursday, 5th of April, 2012 @ 12:56pm

Mission: Christmas Break
Location: Collins' House


Jennifer sat on the couch, curled up next to Reginald. Rasputin lounged across the back like an indolent cat.

Mr. and Mrs. Collins sat together on the love seat, keeping one eye on the video and one eye on the young couple. They still weren't quite sure how far to trust Reginald - or his snake, but so far everything seemed to be going well, but they were still cautious.

Reginald had his arm around Jen's shoulder. His eyes were focused on the screen. This was the first time he was ever seeing this classic movie about a killer shark. Although the concept of it wasn't all that far off.

Rasputin was laying there, staring at the movie. Every time the shark would pop out, Jen and Rasputin would jump a little bit. The snake was so focused on the television, he couldn't hear the sound of Tribble rolling slowly behind him. The snake couldn't hear the soft chirp of laughter coming from the Pygmy as it crept closer and closer to the snake, waiting for the perfect time. Tribble synced his movements perfectly with the legendary theme music from the move. Once the shark burst out of the water, it let out a loud squeal as it bumped into Rasputin's tail.

"SSSSSHARK!" Rasputin screamed as he lurched forward and right into Reg and Jennifers lap. "What the hell, Fuzzy Face! You trying to give thisss sssnake a heart attack?" The snake turned to the Pygmy who was laughing hysterically.

Mrs. Collins looked over to her daughter. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, sorry," Jen said. "Tribble snuck up on Rasputin. When Jaws popped up, she chirped and bumped into Ras and scared him."

"Are you saying they're actually intelligent enough to play PRANKS on each other?" Mr. Collins asked.

"These two are, yes. Rasputin normally has a great sense of humor -- as long as he isn't the brunt of it."

She picked up Tribble and hugged her. "That was naughty -- but incredibly funny."

"Aren't you gonna pick me up and comfort me?" Rasputin said as he looked up at Reginald.

"Your joking, Right?" Reginald replied as he looked down to the snake and then looked over to Jennifer with a wink.

"Well. I'm feeling the love." The snake looked away and then to Jennifer. "Jen?" Rasputin spoke on a slightly whinny voice similar to a child speaking to its mother. "Your boyfriend isss being mean to me again. Will you back me up?"

Reginald looked over to Jennifer. "He is my snake and he goes to you, like a child, when he wants something." He looked back down to Rasputin with a smirk. "Why don't you ask Mrs. Collins for some comfort?"

"I would, but I keep thinking ssshe is gonna turn me into her next handbag if I bother her too much." Rasputin hissed back slightly and then looked back to Jen.

"You need to learn how to take a joke, Rasputin," Jen said, rubbing the snake on his head. "It's only fair." She gently rubbed his back. "And I won't turn you into a handbag. I have no use for them. I much prefer shoulder bags."

Both her parents watched the interplay with mixed amusement and discomfit. Accepting that their daughter was learning magic was hard enough. But seeing her carry on a conversation with a snake was ... more than a little odd. So they chose to watch the movie and pretend that everything was okay in the hopes that, by the end of the holiday break, they'd adjust to this new type of "normal" for their daughter.

Reginald laughed a little and then nuzzled his nose to Jen's neck a bit and then snuck a kiss. He looked back over to her parents to see if they caught it. Her father gave him a bit of a look, but then went back to watching the screen. Reg just shrugged it off and then went back to watching the movie.

"That wasssn't funny, Fuzz. Nearly ssshed my ssskin when you did that." Rasputin said as he turned to Tribble, who responded with some slight cooing and chirping. "Yeah, I would have done it to you firssst." The pygmy spoke back with more chirping. "Well.. Touche to you for catching me firssst, but I still would have done it better." Rasputin said as he slithered away from the Pygmy.

Tribble rolled behind Rasputin and followed him to the empty spot on the couch and leaned against him as the snake stopped. She purred against Rasputin, who quickly turned his head to the Pygmy Puff.

"No.. No... I am not doing it." Rasputin replied, hissing at Tribble. She responded with slightly chirping back. "I don't care if your cold.. I want-" He was cut off by her purring, which grew louder as she nuzzled against the snake. Rasputin let out a frustrated hiss and then a sigh. "Fine, Fine." Tribble chirped loudly with excitement. "Alright, jussst... Don't tell anyone, okay? It's bad enough everyone elssse is gonna sssee."

Rasputin began to coil himself around the Pygmy Puff. He squeezed gently around her and slowly pushed her up, until just the top of her head was popping out. She was incased in his scales, which seemed to comfort and warm her up. That would also lead to her purring with happiness, vibrating against the snakes scaly skin.

"Hey... Hey... Hey!" Rasputin yelled and hissed as he positioned his head to look at Tribble. "Let'sss keep the purring down to a minimum, alright? Try to contain yourssself ssso assss not to embarassss me that much there, Puffer."

Jen pretended not to notice the two pets and cuddled up to Reg to watch the rest of the movie.

::An Hour Later::

The movie was finally finished. Reginald smiled and then stretched his arms out, since he wasn't used to sitting on the couch for that long. As comfortable as it was, he didn't want to spend the rest of his Christmas break on it. He nudged Jen slightly and then laughed softly, giving her a playful smile. He looked over to her parents, but suddenly caught an interesting sight. He saw Rasputin and Tribble, curled up with each other. They had both managed to fall asleep.

"Hey Jennifer." Reg whispered as he looked back over to her and then back to their friendly pets. "Take a look at these two."

"I know," she whispered back. "I'm pretending not to notice so Rasputin doesn't run off. They're cute, aren't they?"

(To be continued...)

Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Fifth Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price
Pet Rasputin


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