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Howling Sharks (part 2)

Posted on Thursday, 5th of April, 2012 @ 12:41pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Pet Rasputin
Edited on on Thursday, 5th of April, 2012 @ 12:50pm

Mission: Christmas Break
Location: Collins' House



"Hey Jennifer." Reg whispered as he looked back over to her and then back to their friendly pets. "Take a look at these two."

"I know," she whispered back. "I'm pretending not to notice so Rasputin doesn't run off. They're cute, aren't they?"


Reginald smiled and then whispered back to Jennifer. "Do you have one of those cameras? We can take a picture of them and haunt Rasputin with it."

Did she? She looked over at the bookshelf and saw her dad's digital camera. She slipped quietly off the couch, got the camera and took several pictures of Rasputin and Tribble. Then she took one of Reg. It wasn't a magical camera and the pictures wouldn't move, but it was good enough for Jen.

And suddenly there came a tapping. As if someone gently rapping. Rapping at the Collins closed window. It was a white Raven tapping at the glass with its beak. It looked like a menacing looking thing, with one glazed eye and a chip in its beak. Reginald hadn't noticed it yet, but when he did he would certainly recognize it.

Then there came a gentle tapping,
as the bird continued rapping,
rapping as in days of yore.
Only this, and nothing more.

"Uh oh," she said softly. She took a picture of the raven and slipped the camera into her pocket. "Reg, you have company."

Reginald looked over to the window and saw the white Raven. It gave a loud caw and then tapped again on the window, practically trying to break it opened. He recognized it right away. It was Athos, one of his fathers Ravens. He only sent Athos with messages when he meant business. If his father sent Athos then he knew he was in major trouble.

He walked up to the window and opened it. The Raven flew in, a letter in its talon, and began to caw madly throughout the living room. The bird flew around for a while and then would dive bomb at random. The noise was enough to wake the pets and her parents.

"I didn't know sssharksss could caw like that." Rasputin yawned and opened his eyes, popping his head up for a little bit and then notices the bird. "Athosss!" The snake took a hold of Tribble in his mouth and then made a break for some kind of cover. Athos would start dive bombing Rasputin, squawking loudly. "Duck and cover! Sssuicidal bird! Evasssive Maneuversss!"

"Athos! Athos! Enough!" Reginald yelled as he pulled out his wand and aimed it at the bird. Athos cawed one last time and then landed on the table. It was breathing heavy with its head down, not looking at anyone just yet. The bird slowly raised its head and then began to look around. He turned his head slightly to look out of his good eye and then slowly turned, making sure to look at everyone before coming back and looking at Reginald.

Athos reached his head down and then grabbed the letter with his beak. The bird then settled his talons down on the table and held up the letter to Reginald. As Reg reached for it, the bird dropped the letter in an almost evil manor and then let out a soft but sinister caw. The boy stopped and then eyeballed the white raven before reached down for the letter. Athos snapped at Reg's hand, scratching it and then lifting off the ground, cawing again several more times before flying out the window.

"Isss it sssafe?" Rasputin yelled from under the couch. It was a bit muffled since he was still holding the shaking Pygmy in his mouth. He poked his head out and then let go of Tribble, who would roll to Jen's feet. "I hate the bloody bird."

"It's safe, but I'd stay where you are. It looks like Reg got a Howler from his parents." She turned to her parents. "If this is what I think it is, it's going to get really loud. Sorry."

Reginald picked up the letter and then opened it. The note itself flew out of the envelope and lingered there, folding itself to a face. Its paper was black and its eyes were red, almost evil like. As it spoke it spoke just like his father.

"Reginald Alexander Price! To think you were raised better then this!" The Howler flew closer to him and continued. "Your have placed yourself into a position that will throw our family name into the fire! We are not Crump's! We are Prices! We are better then this! You have done this all for a Filthy! Disgust! Dirty! Tainted! Mudblood!" The letter floated back and then stopped, almost huffing a puffing. "You will drop everything you are doing, grab that arrogant reptile, and come home this instant! It's the least you can do in order to salvage the remainder of your family name. Your ancestors are rolling in their graves! Your grandfather refuses to leave the study, he is so ashamed. You will remove yourself from that vial place and stop seeing the Mudblood! The time of sewing your royal oats has passed." The Howler then eased itself back in front of Reg's face. "You know what I am capable of, boy. We are in no mood for your games. Do as I say or suffer the consequences." The letter then turned to Jen and then flew at her yelling loudly. Just before it made it to her it burst into flames, falling to ashes on the ground.

Reginald stood there for a moment being quiet. He was expecting a tongue lashing, but not like that. He closed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair, combing it back with his fingers.

"I am not an arrogant reptile." Rasputin mutter loudly from under the couch and then slithered out next to Reginald. "I'm not arrogant. He isss jussst jealousss he isssn't a Parcelmouth." The snake looked up at Reginald with a concerned look. "Your not doing anything wrong, Reg. You know your not. Ssso don't let him guilt you into turning your back on Jennifer."

Jennifer wrapped her arms around Reg and hugged him tightly.

"Your father, I presume?" Mr. Collins asked, his voice low. "I take it Jennifer is this ... mudblood?" He cleared his throat. "What is a mudblood??"

Reginald looked to her father and then back to Jennifer. He held her tightly and closed his eyes. "I'm sorry you have to hear that, Jen. None of that, in any way, is how I feel. Okay?"

"It'sss an expresssssion Pureblooded wizardsss ussse to dessscribe Muggle born children. They-" Rasputin stopped talking. He looked away from Mr. Collins and then to Tribble. "Why am I telling him? He can't even underssstand a word I jussst sssaid."

"It's okay, Reg. I know you're nothing like your father. I'm worried about what he might do, through." Addressing her parents, "Purebloods are wizards who come from families of wizards. Some of them, like hte Prices, can trace their family trees back for generations, all wizards. A mudblood is someone, like me, who comes from a muggle family. A muggle is someone who doesn't come from a magical family. Does that explain it?"

(To be continued...)

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Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
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