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Preping for New Semester (backstory)

Posted on Sunday, 8th of April, 2012 @ 8:54am by Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell

Mission: Christmas Break
Location: Maxwell Household



The Beakers were lined along the converted spice shelf as Robin looked carefully at each one; they were arranged in a specific manner rather than by alphanumeric. Each had a purpose and the colors were almost as varied as the rainbow.

Robin left the shelf on the kitchen table as he had a cast iron pot on the electric stove. Tripod was on the chair of the Kitchen table some ten feet away from Robin, curled up and watching Robin with the curiosity that is so often known in cats, even to the point of cocking his head slightly as Robin tended to be like a toy between the mixture on the stove in the black pot.

"Tripod, this is going to be so cool." Robin said with slight excitements as he opened the parchment that he had rolled so carefully. "I found this in the library while looking for something else." Robin explained. "It is a potion for making a type if obscuring mist; might even be a type of fog that allows movement..."

Tripod cocked his head the other way.

"Okay I could have made a chemical fog but..." Robin recalled an earlier experiment that had not gone so well. "This is Magic Tripod, it has to be more... mystic." The cat put his head down as though deciding this might be a good time for a nap. "Fine you can just wait until I get it right then you will see."

Robin went back to his little experiment; the base liquid was green; kind of shading that spoke 'oozing' to it and had a certain thickness by the look of it like syrup. He poured a bit of this into the cast iron pot and with a wooden spoon slowly turned it into the mixture.

"It would be nice if I really had an idea of the consistency that it should be..." He looked at the spell and shook his head. "They tell you the incantation and the components but very little else. Doing it without the Instructors does make it a little like doing it by brail." He commented as he adjusted the heat on the electric burner. "I know I should be practicing with MY cauldron but I left it at Hogswart." He reached to the counter beside the pot. "I did remember to bring the wand though, can't do a real experiment without it."

Tripod did not seem all that impressed with the whole thing.

There were a couple of spice shakers that Robin converted to fit his purpose; he took the white colored substance and sprinkled a bit of it into the Pot.

"Robin." His mother came around into the Kitchen. "There will not be a mess when you are done correct?" She had a raised an eyebrow.

"None Mum." Robin assured. "I promise not make it harder for you."

"Have Fun Robin." She smiled and lightly shook her head, Robin never really wanted to be in the kitchen before going to that new school. "Maybe it might be better than they thought?

"With the tender mists added and ..." Robin looked up. "That should complete the technical addition to the potion." He smiled as he picked up the wand. "Just a few waves of the Wand and..." He made three circular passes over the pot and moved the wand away.

Tripod actually looked up from his beginnings of a nap.

Robin stared at the near bubbling solution in the pot.

"A little anti-climatic I admit." Robin shut off the burner. "If I had the cauldron and real ingredients rather than colored sugar and cornstarch it would have been a lot better." Taking the pot holders he carefully poured the contents down the drain and sought to rinse the pot. "WE have to try that one after Christmas break." Robin vowed.


Robin Maxwell
1st Year


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