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The meaning of Head to Head?

Posted on Thursday, 12th of April, 2012 @ 11:47am by Second Year (R) Emily Williams & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell

Mission: New Semester
Location: Corridors

Robin was running late for class; he almost forgot to feed Tripod and make sure that he was secured in the room. Why he had been up so late trying to catch up on what he had never learned. It was a complex calculation, not to mention his lot in life. He had not messed up with his attendance thus far and had determined not to do so yet.

Cauldron and wand with his books in the opposite hand while he made his way along the corridor and trying to be respectful to the other students he managed to weave his way around with some degree of success. He was rounding the corridor that was a bit dark; his head filled with what he had to recall from the last class; he was looking forward to trying that spell he had enacted over break. He did not notice the sounds of footfalls so he could quicken his pace.

Maybe he should have looked ahead rather than at the short bit of the ground ahead of him as he felt some sort of an impediment in his path...

Emily hadn't been watching where she was going. She was trying to stay out of the crowd as usual. Warren had been sitting on her shoulder, she found it comforting to keep him close during times she was alone. However she walked right into something. With a deafening clang she was thrown to the ground and slid across the floor on her bum until she hit a wall.

Her head hit the wall and Warren did what he always did when he was scared, he flew right up Emily's shirt and rested just over her belly button. Emily sat there holding her head slightly dizzy and confused, she didn't know what had just happened. It was dark, she was dizzy and she was on the floor. Again...

"Sorry!" Robin exclaimed as he suddenly realized that he might have just done a futbul tackle without really thinking of is.

On the gound was; of all things, a girl. His eyes widened as he went to her and sat his cauldron down without dropping it but not without all due care.

"Should have watched where I was going..." He tried to cover and offer her a hand up with a nervous smile. "Really sorry I did not see you..."

Emily was still a little dazzled. "Ermm..." Emily said her head hurting a little.
"Who? What? Why? Where? When? Hi..." she stuttered a little confused at what had just happened. "Warren, get out from there!" she said seeing the lump in her shirt down on her belly where he had shot up to hide.

"I am really sorry..." Robin said. "I am Robin and I just acidently used you as a... an accident." He looked around to see if she had dropped something that he could help pick up and maybe get out of trouble while trying not to look at her shirt.

"Its okay" Emily said as she pulled up her shirt and grabbed Warren. She grabbed her wand which had fallen down by her side and she placed Warren back on her shoulder. "Sorry" she said as she still sat on the floor with her shirt up, she didn't seem to care what she looked like. She just sat there with a headache.
"So, who are you?"

"I am Robin..." He stood up a bit and offered a hand to her. "This is my first year here and I-I really should watch where I am going?" He looked at her face for the first time. "ANd your name is?"

"Emily... Emily Williams..." she replied as she looked at his hand. She wasn't sure what to do. Did he really want to help her up? Or was he just playing tricks on her like all the others. She decided to trust him and took his hand.

"Robin Maxwell is my name, let me help you up." He told her and readied himself for the weight of her as he would pull her up. "Wish I could have not had to knock you over to meet you."

"Sorry about Warren" she said. "Whenever anything happens he darts up under my shirt and hides" Emily explained blushing slightly as she pulled her shirt down back over her stomach. "Sometimes I think he prefers my belly button that out here" she added with a cute nervous smile.

"That is okay Tripod; my cat, is rather close to me as well." He took her hand enough to pull her to her feet. "Again I am sorry I knocked you down I was..." His eyes widened. "I am going to be late for school."

"Don't worry about it" Emily said. "Where you heading. I've seen you in charms before, but never spoken to you" she asked. "I like to be in the background..."

"I have probibly been in the opposite corner." Robin picked up his cauldron. "I was on my way to class; you heading that way?" He asked. "I am guessing if we had class last session this might be the same..." He turned red and let go of her hand quickly. "Sorry... I-I am just in a hurry and did not think."

"Come on. I have potions. Thats where you're going right?" Emily asked as she looked at the cauldron that had knocked her across the corridor.

"I really am new as everyone knows where I am going but me it seems?" Robin shrugged. "I have Poitions; that is my favorate class." He admitted. "I had some fun trying to experiment over the holiday." He smiled.

Emily gave him a small smile. "We can go together" she suggested.

"Sure, " He said wiht a grin. "Just be careful around me ..." HE went a little more red. "I-I am not the most ... skilled at this and tend to, Poof a lot rather than conjour..."

Emily smiled she liked this boy. "I'm okay at potions, just not good at spells. Transfiguration tests last semester, I ended up setting fire to most things..." she explained.

"Cool, I thought I was the only one that did things like that." Robin added as they walked towards class. "I know what you mean, I had a bit of difficulty with that?"

Emily giggled. "Come on, lets go" she said nodding down the corridor.

"Might be dangerous in that class." Robin smiled. "Maybe we better sit close to keep the ..."Poofing' to a centralized area?"

"Perhaps" Emily said. "Watch out for that..."

Robin should have been looking at the ground this time rather than the girl as staircases in Hogswart are NOT the most obvious things and as the Potions was in a dungeon it had rather slick steps.

Robin tumbled down a few of them and wished he had not brought the cauldron as he had to keep it from damage as ht 'bounced' down the steps ending abruptly at the bottom.

"O-U-C-H..." he exclaimed at the bottom as his cauldron was far less brusing then himself.

Emily hopped down the stairs.
"Are you alright?" she asked as she slipped her wand out. "Windgardium leviosa" she said. The cauldron rose into the air. "Maybe I should keep this like this? I only seem to be good at charms"

"Simply charming." HE said as he rubbed his head then stood. "I think my pride is more hurt than I but then it is still early." He put his wand away and waited for the caudron to be lowered to his hands. "My Da always said do not run with a loaded gun; a wand is many times worst." He joked. "Thank you for getting my Cauldron, could I have it back please." He smiled. "Good spell control there Emily."

Emily lowered the claudrom down gently and placed it infront of him.
"Thanks" she said. "We better hurry up, we don't want people thinking we've been... upto things..."

"Mum taught me Ladies first." He offered as he got his cauldron under control.

It also seemed safer if she were ahead of him for both their sakes.

Emily smiled as she walked first into the classroom, only to get strange looks from the students and teacher.


Emily Williams
1st year


Robin Maxwell
1st Year


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