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Quidditch Strategies

Posted on Thursday, 12th of July, 2012 @ 2:47pm by Seventh Year Prefect (R) Reece O'Neil (R) & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod
Edited on on Thursday, 12th of July, 2012 @ 2:58pm

Mission: New Semester

Millie was sitting in the Ravenclaw Changing rooms down at the Quidditch pitch. Since her meeting with Professor Morgan about her future she had decided that she needed to get the Ravenclaw team back up to spec. They had lost their previous game due to losing their seeker. Herself. Sitting at the desk in the corner where the Quidditch Captains would come up with strategies she scribbled down different ideas on parchment, only to throw it away and tell herself it was no good.

After an hour of trying to come up with strategies to win the Quidditch cup she gave up, put her head down on the desk and started to feel sorry for herself.
"I'm clearly not a good captain" she said outloud to herself. The floor of the chaning room was littered with screwed up parchment where she had screwed it up and thrown it over her shoulder. "Looks like yet another win for Slytherin..."

Reece looked at her from afar as he watched the last two pieces of parchment fly onto the floor. Pressing his lips together as he entered, he heard her comment about not being a good captain as he bent down silently picking up a compressed ball of paper. Upright, he looked at it, then at her before tossing it at her head with a smile. Watching her respond, he implied simply while leaning against the wall now.

"You're being too hard on yourself. You're a good at thinking up plans apparently."

Millie sighed. "Well none of these will ever work. I come up with something and then realise I've left a major weakspot open" she explained. She turned back to the desk and hit her head hard down on the top. She was on the verge of giving up. Maybe it was something to do with the Slytherin team being better and faster than they were.

"Then you match it up weak spot for weak spot." Reece said pushing off the wall as he made his way over to her. "They aren't the best you know...I've watched them over the years do the same thing and it never changes. The fact that there were more girls on the Ravenclaw team this year had a advantage all its own. Hawkshed Attacking formations seem to work well against them, they think girl are fragile for some reason and won't go out of their way to hit'em." O'Neil leaned over the desk as the turned the current paper around she was working on before looking at the back of her head.

"Show them how you earned your spot at Captain, you'll be fine."

Millie swung around in the chair to look at O'Neil. She lifted one eyebrow for a minute as if thinking.
"I think I've got it. We need to get the team on the pitch. We need to do some intense flying" she said as she swung back around and started scribbling on one of the pieces of parchment a new plan. Something she took from history, the pincher movement.
"We have to back each other up. When they come for us, chasers and beaters work together to drive them away, swooping from each side. Two chasers attack each with their own beater in order for the other team to drop the quaffle and the third chaser catch from underneath. Then the third chasers goes low and fast close to the ground while the beaters and other chasers protect from above and then pull up quickly under their defense and take a shot" Millie said as she drew the plans and then showed them to O'Neil. "Thoughts?"

"We need to practice. Slytherin beat us because they're better than we are this year. But we have a chance to beat Hufflepuff," Fiona said.

"Right then" Millie said. "Starting Saturday I'm booking the pitch three time a week. We need more practice" Millie explained.

"Agreed. And we need to start working as a team and not individuals," Fiona added.


Fifth Year (R) Millie Anderson
Sixth Year (R) Reece O'Neil
Fifth Year Prefect (R) Fiona MacLeod


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