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And Thus It Begins

Posted on Wednesday, 18th of April, 2012 @ 9:34am by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Ministry Employee Peter Percival & Pet Rasputin

Mission: New Semester
Location: Castle Grounds


Jennifer was sitting outside the castle studying for her O.W.L.s. It was an unusually warm day and she'd brought Tribble and Rasputin with her so they could get some fresh air and sunshine.

Rasputin was sunning himself on a rock and Tribble was following a potato bug into a bush.

"Gloating, Collins?" a voice said from behind her.

Jen looked up, surprised. "Peter."

"Peter," he confirmed. He was fingering his wand as he looked her over. "I have a score to settle with you."

"Gee, Peter, I didn't know you were studying music." She slowly reached for her own wand.

"Expeliarmus," he said as soon as her hand touched her wand. "I know your tricks, Mudblood."

Rasputin lifted his head up and saw Peter. "Peter! Fuzzy, Evasssive Maneuversss! Attack pattern Delta!" Tribble let out a confused chirp. "It'sss when... you have to..." He sighed and then just hissed. " Jusst... Follow me, Hair Ball!" The snake slithered his way off the rocks and headed toward Jennifer and Peter.

Peter was oblivious to Rasputin and Tribble. His attention was focused on Jennifer and the opportunity he had to teach her a lesson. "This is what you get for messing with Purebloods." He pointed his wand at her and grinned. "Crucio."

"Oh hell no!" Rasputin screamed and then hissed loudly as he wrapped his body around Peter and then bit his fangs into his ankle. "Feel my wrath!" He said, muffled by his mouth hanging open and against Peter's leg.

The bite broke Peter's concentration. "Why, you little puke. I'm gonna skin you alive and fry you in oil." He shook his leg violently to dislodge Rasputin.

Jennifer was able to breathe again and reached for the first thing she could find. A large rock. She swung it at Peter, hitting him on the side of his head. "Leave my friend alone!" she yelled.

Peter stumbled back, blood trickling down the side of his face. "Bi***! You'll pay for this." He pointed his wand again. But before he could cast another spell, Tribble squealed loudly, causing several birds to fly into the air, squawking loudly.

It was enough to make Peter reconsider. He didn't want witnesses to any of this. "Next time, Moodblood, you won't get off so easy."

He kicked Rasputin before turning and stomping off into the woods.

Jennifer ran over to Rasputin. "Are you okay?" she asked, picking him up and cradling him gently. "That was a very brave thing you did." She looked at Tribble. "Both of you."

"You better run! Your lucky ssshe is holding me or I would ssslither my way after you." Rasputin yelled and then looked quickly to Jen, as for a second he through she was going to put him down. "Don't let me go. Whatsss wrong with you? Did you sssee how big he isss to me? He would ssstomp me into musssh." The snake hissed softly and then innocently began to cuddle up next to her.

"I won't put you down. Not until you're safe." She picked Tribble up next and held her, too. Then she retrieved her wand, which was a bit awkward holding the two pets.

Still she managed to get them all and slip away before anyone came to investigate.

"I think, for now, you should stay with me, Ras. I don't want you going back to the Slytherin rooms until I'm sure you're safe." She cuddled them both to her as she walked back to her room.

"Your are going to tell Reg, right?" Rasputin said and waited for an answer, which was long coming. "Jen? Jennifer? You know you have to tell Reginald. He needsss to know."

"No. He doesn't need to know. He'll want to get back at Peter and that will only lead to trouble," Jen replied after a while.

"You know it'sss gonna caussse more trouble if he findsss out later then sssooner. Not to mention, it might be at leassst a little better coming from you." Rasputin replied as he looked over to Tribble and then back to Jennifer.

Tribble chirped in agreement.

"Yes, but what if Reg goes after Peter and gets hurt?"

"What if he sssucceedsss in hurting you?" Rasputin responded. "That would be much worssse?"

"Perhaps you're right," she sighed. She really didn't want to tell Reg and she wasn't sure how to tell him. "Next time I see him. Okay?"

Rasputin looked at her and then nodded. Yeah right He thought as he let out a soft hiss and then cuddled up next to her. No way I am gonna let anything happen to either of them. I need to tell Reg before something bad really happens. He looked over at Tribble and smiled. "You wanna go explore around the cassstle for a while, Fuzzy?"

Tribble chirped a hesitant yes.

"You watch out, Jen. That Peter isss one evil ssson of a sssnake." Rasputin hissed softly and then looked to Tribble. "You can put usss down now, Tribblet and I wanna go haunt the ssstudentsss for a while." He laughed a little bit.

Jennifer chuckled and put the two down. "Okay, but don't get into trouble." She'd already gotten in enough trouble for all of them.\


Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Seventh Year (S) Peter Percival
Pet Rasputin
Pet Tribble


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