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Totally Not Millie

Posted on Tuesday, 29th of May, 2012 @ 10:05pm by Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod

Mission: New Semester

Millie Anderson skipped down the lawns of Hogwarts in her Ravenclaw robes. A smile on her face, her hair trailing behind her in the breeze and she was singing to herself as she skipped. She was heading towards Care for Magical Creatures down in the grounds. She was happy and she didn't care who saw her. She got a strange look from a group of Hufflepuffs as she skipped past.
"Its a wonderful day hey hey" she sang to herself as she skipped along down the hill.
"Hey Fiona!" she said with a smile and a wave as she skipped past her.

Fiona waved, wondering at what put Millie in such a good mood. Millie reminded her that she was going to be late for class if she didn't hurry.

She picked up her books and hurried after the other girl.

[ Later that afternoon ]

Millie laid on her belly in the grass a book propped open against a small log. For once it wasn't Quidditch through the Ages but it was a book called "Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice". She was humming a tune as she picked daisies and intertwined them into her hair. She turned the pages with a smile neatly with her finger.

Small pink, blue and yellow paper butterflies were fluttering around her doing loop the loops and dancing together. Lucky for her it was the last period of her afternoon timetable and she had some alone time. She had taken off her cloak and her Ravenclaw jumper and sat there in just her shirt, tie and a........ skirt.

Fiona was enjoying the spring weather. Class was over for the day and wanted to enjoy the fresh air. She heard someone humming and went to investigate. What she saw shocked her. "Millie?"

"Oh hello Fiona!" Millie said cheerfully. "What'cha doin'?" she asked in a girly voice.

"Walking," Fiona said hesitantly. "You're in a ... good mood. What's up?"

"Nothing..." Millie said with a cheeky grin. "I'm just a happy happy person" she said with a smile.

"Why are you happy happy?" Fiona asked, wondering if Millie had been hexed or not.

"Well.... you remember when I was in the hospital wing?" Millie asked.


"Well..." Millie said as she rolled over onto her back. Her white shirt had been unbuttoned at the bottom and she had tied it up so her belly could be seen. "Craig and I got back together" she said. "So I've been down here this afternoon making use of the sunshine, after I took those bludgers I thought a little sun might help the last of the bruises go away" she explained. "Plus, I like being a girl. It feels different, but good"

"Yea, but there's being a girl and being ... fruffy. You're not the fruffy type -- are you?"

"I guess not" Millie said as she gazed up at the clouds. "Doesn't mean I can't try to be" Millie said. She picked a bunch of daisies from the grass and gently placed them in her belly button like it was a vase. "I guess this is what it feels like to be in love" she grinned.

If this was love, Fiona wasn't sure she wanted any part of it. "As long as you're happy, MIllie," she said. "And as long as you're still playing Quidditch."

"Yeah... I guess so. Afterall Quidditch isn't everything" she said with a smile closing her eyes and enjoying the sunshine.

"True. Good grades are pretty important."

"Huh?" Millie said.

"You can't play Quidditch for the rest of your life. Good grades will help you get a good job. Then, if you get on a pro team, great. If not, you still have something to do with your life beside make daisy chains and gather wool."

"Why do I need Quidditch. I have Craig now. I can stay at home, have babies, look after the children, cook and clean. He can work and bring home money and I can have a quiet easy life" she said with a happy sigh as she laid back down to look at the clouds.

Fiona looked at her strangely. "You said clean house and have children in the same breath as quiet, easy life. Are you sure you're okay?" She looked at her again. "Have you been drinking?"

"Not that I know of" Millie said. "And I can't wait to have children. Plus I can't play Quidditch whilst I'm pregnant can I?"

Fiona's eyes widened in shock. "Are you saying that you're..."

"Pregnant? Me? No!" Millie said with slight alarm. "I mean, does my belly look as if its poofed out, big and around and my belly button popped out?" Millie asked with a curious face.

"No, but from what I've been told it doesn't start out that way," she replied wryly.

"Well obviously not. But I assure you... we've.... not done anything like that" Millie said. "...Yet..."

"Actually get pregnant or what leads up to it?"

"All of it I guess" Millie said. "I can just see it now. Mrs Millie Hamilton. I sit at home with a toddler playing on the rug infront a fire, Craig comes home, kisses me and gives my pregnant belly a rub and then we all settle down for the evening. Perfect..." Millie said her eyes going all glazed over as if in a daydream. "I'm not being too over the top am I?" she asked.

"Actually ... yes, you are, actually. Over the top, that is," Fiona replied.

"Well" Millie said. She looked at her watch and jumped up. "Sorry Fi, got to dash" she explained as she pulled her shirt down, arranged her tie and grabbed her cloak. "Charms class. Gotta run" she said. With a swish of her wand the book and other things jumped back into her bag and her bag jumped off the grass onto her shoulder.
"See you around" she said with a smile before trotting off.

Fiona watched her go, flabbergasted at the turnaround. After a moment she, too, headed to class.


Fifth Year (R) Millie Anderson
Fifth Year Prefect (R) Fiona MacLeod


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