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Lost in the Forest (part 3)

Posted on Thursday, 12th of July, 2012 @ 3:14pm by Pet Rasputin & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Edited on on Thursday, 12th of July, 2012 @ 3:25pm

Mission: New Semester
Location: The Forbidden Forest



"Bloody Hell. What did you do that for? Here I wasss getting all sssentimental and you decide your going to ssscreech my brain from out my earsss." He popped his head up and shook it quickly. "I think I would rather take my chances with the eight legged fre-." Rasputin stopped as he looked around, noticing they were alone. "Wait just a tick? Where did they?" Another one jumped out from a tree, startling him.


As he was about to put his head back down, Tribble let out her high pitched screech again. The spider ran off again. "Hey! Did you sssee that? Your high pitched obnoxiousss thing freaked him out. Did you sssee that?" Rasputin looked down, noticing she was still tucked in his coil. "What are you ssstill doing there?" He uncoiled and then looked around, laughing. "Thatsss right you buggersss! You don't messss with the Boa and hisss Fuzzball! Woo!" After another small lap around Tribble, Rasputin stopped. "From now on, thatsss known assss Attack Pattern: Fuzz!" He smiled brightly and quickly cleared his throat. "Oh, Umm... About what I wasss sssaying, Tribble. Ignore it. In intenssse and frightening sssituationsss, I tend to professss my emotionsss to the closssessst thing. Ssso how about we jussst forget it happened, Okay?"

Tribble just bumped him and chirped.

== Jennifer ==

Jennifer was cold and scared. She'd wandered around for what felt like hours and still wasn't sure where she was. Every now and then the wand would tug in one direction or another, and she'd adjust course, but she was still not out of the forest.

Fortunately she hadn't run into anything big and nasty, either. She stopped for a moment to see if she could get her bearings. For the dozenth time she wished she could simply say "Accio Reginald" and have him come to her. "Wait." She put her hand over her face for a moment. "Why didn't I think of that before?" she muttered. She couldn't call Reg, but she could call something that belonged to him. Something he always kept with him. It would help him know what direction she was in if nothing else. "Accio Reginald Price's sketchbook."

Reginald stood there, hoping the Patronus would make it to her fast and help him out quickly. With a sigh, he looked around and noticed it had become darker. He held his wand up. "Lum-Whoa!" Before he could finish the spell, his bag lunged forward. The force of it knocked him down and onto the ground. "Son of a-" He look at his bag as he saw his sketchbook slowly creep out and then fly off. "What the-." Reginald suddenly grew a smile on his face. Only one person knew about his book. He stood up quickly. "Jennifer. Your a genius!." He held his wand up again. "Lumos!" When the bright light at the end of his wand went on, he took off running after his book.


The sketchbook came sailing over a bush and landed at her feet. Jennifer bent over and picked it up, smiling. The spell worked. Now she knew which direction to head in, and, hopefully, she would soon find REginald.

Jen tucked the notebook into her pocket, adjuted the light coming from her wand, and headed the way the sketchbook had come.

Reginald ran through the bushes and finally spot Jennifer. He smiled and started to run to her. As he approached he opened his arms and stopped abruptly. Reg wrapped his arms around her and picked her up off the ground, holding her tight and close. He finally brought her down and, without warning, kissed her passionately. She didn't even have a chance to speak as he just pulled her into it.

Jennifer didn't mind as she was equally glad to see him. For several minutes she returned his kiss. Then she pulled away and hugged him tightly. "I knew you'd find me." She pulled back and looked at him. "How do we get out of here?"

"Not yet." Reg responded, still smiling after finding her. "We need to get Tribble and Rasputin, which is gonna be difficult since I haven't heard nor seen anything that will lead me to them. I send out my Patronus to find them and then come back, but since I haven't seen that either and it was send to find you, I think it might have just run off on me." He laughed a little bit and then hugged her again. "I am so glad your safe."

== Rasputin and Tribble ==

Tribble rolled in a circle around Rasputin, waiting for him to come up with a way out of the forest. Suddenly a light emerged from behind a bush. A weird, glowing snake-like light that came up to Rasputin and stopped.

"Well." Rasputin was silent for a moment and then swallowed abruptly. "Thisss isss the part of our little adventure where I sssay AHHHHHHHHHHH!!" The snake placed his nose underneath Tribble and flicked her up. She flew into the air a little and came down. Ras positioned himself so that she would land on his head before slithering away like a bat out of Azkaban. "Essscape Pattern....uhh... uhh..." He couldn't find the proper words and just eventually gave up. "Just essscape, Fuzzy! It'sss the ghossst of a giant sssnake come to haunt usss in the foressst! Let'sss get out of here!"

Tribble squeaked in surprise at both the snake and being tossed in the air. The ghost snake followed them, stopping in front of Rasputin. "Follow me," it said in Reginald's voice.

"It'sss a deception! It'sss trying to lure usss in by talking like Reg!" Rasputin stopped as he saw the ghost snake appear in front of them. He came to a quick stop, making Tribble roll off his head and the tip of his nose. The snake opened his mouth and quickly wrapped his mouth around the Pygmy, catching her before she hit the floor. His concern was getting them both away from the ghost snake that had appeared in front of them. The ghost snake was, no doubt, Reg's Patronus coming to find them, however Rasputin was in so much of a panic the through never crossed his mind.

The patronus turned and glided ten feet away and stopped. "Follow me," it said again.

(To be continued...)

Fifth Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price
Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
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