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Lost in the Forest (part 2)

Posted on Wednesday, 20th of June, 2012 @ 10:43am by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Pet Rasputin

Mission: New Semester
Location: The Forbidden Forest


== another part of the forest ==

Jennifer woke up with a cramp in her side. Somehow she'd fallen asleep on something hard. She put her hands down to push herself off it and felt -- dirt. Dirt? She sat up quickly and felt for her wand, suddenly aware of the noises around her. She was in the woods and it was dark. "Lumos." Her wand gave a soft glow that illuminated the area around her. She was definitely in the forest. How did she get here? The last thing she remembered she was sitting on a bench studying for an upcoming exam. She stood slowly and stretched. She had to get moving. Staying in one place in the Forbiddeen Forest was a sure way to get into trouble. Walking around in the forest was another, but at least that way she'd have a chance of getting back.

She turned a slow circle, hoping to see light and orient herself. Although, she wasn't sure which PART of the forest she was in, so that wouldn't be much help. But at least she'd be able to go in one direction and not in circles.

Reg. She was supposed to meet him at dinner so they could find some place to study. He'd be frantic when she didn't show up. "Oh, Reg, I wish you were here." Wait. If she didn't show up, he'd come looking for her. "Point me," she said to her wand, hoping it would lead her to Reginald.

-=Another Part Of The Forest=-

Reginald trekked deeper into the forest, both scared and concerned about Jennifer, Rasputin, and Tribble. He stopped and looked around after hearing a noise from the inside the brush. He put his hands on his knees and bent down slightly to catch his breath. "Dammit!" He threw his head back and screams. "What the hell do you expect from me! Why do you keep throwing these problems into my life?! Evan! Peter! My Parents! What!!" He ran his hands through his hand and looked down. "Jen is the only good thing in it. Why do this stuff keep happening to us?" He breathed softly and closed his eyes.

He heard a noise from behind him. A light hissing as he turned to face it. Reginald saw a snake coiled up. It opened its mouth and bared its fangs, letting out a louder hiss. Reg instinctively removed his wand and pointed it at the snake, who in response hissed again. "Back away! I happen to like sssnakesss, ssso hurting you isssn't sssomething I would enjoy." He spoke in Parcelmouth and added a hiss of his own.

The snake hissed again. "Too much noissse in this foressst. Too many people ssstomping around. Ssstir up trouble, they will. Ssstir up trouble." The snake replied in a slightly creepy sounding voice.

"People? Have you ssseen my girlfriend? Her name is Jennifer Collinsss. Brown Hair? Green Eyesss? Wonderful Sssmile?" Reginald asked, lowering his wand a bit.

"I know not of hair, eyesss, or namesss human. Too much noissse in this foressst. Too much noissse. Return to your king and leave usss alone. Too much noissse in this foressst. Too many people." The snake replied and then slithered away quickly.

Reginald stood there for a second and watched him. King? He looked away and was about to walk, but then stopped. "King! Price, your so stupid! Why didn't you think of it before?" He held his want out and yelled. "Expecto Patronum!" He held out, thinking of the most loving memory he had of Jennifer. The glow at the end of his want got brighter and then the King Cobra took form and slithered around him. Reginald lowered his wand as the Patronum stopped and look up at him, looking very ghostlike. "Find Jennifer, Rasputin, and Tribble. Lead them back to me." The Patronum nodded and slithered off. Reg tried to run after it, but it was too fast.

== Rasputin and Tribble ==

Tribble rolled a little in one direction, and then a little in another. Then she rolled back to Rasputin and chirped morosely.

A rustling in the bush startled her and she chirped loudly. The chirp turned into a high-pitched squeal when two giant spiders stepped into the small clearing.

"What? Whatsss your problem?" Rasputin hissed and then turned around. He saw the giant spiders and gulped. The snake slithered around Tribble. "Don't worry, Fuzzy Wuzzy. I'll handle thisss." He brought back his head and in a menacing way lunged forward hissing at the enemies, however that didn't seem to effect them. They continued to creep forward towards the two. "Hmm... New Plan, Tribble." Rasputin reached down and grabbed the Pygmy Puff with his mouth and started to slither away in the other direction. "RUN!" He cried out, muffled by the fact that Tribble was in his mouth.

Tribble continued to squeal, her tone rising in both pitch and volume. After a few moments the spiders ran away.

Rasputin slithered and slithered with Tribble in his mouth until finally they were stopped by another Spider. "Evasssive Maneuversss! Essscape Pattern: Delta!" The snake yelled as he stopped. He still thought the spiders behind them were still there. In a last ditch effort, Rasputin coiled up around Tribble a little and tucked his head in. "Thisss isss it, Fuzz Face. Itsss time our little adventuresss came to a clossse. It looksss like were going to that big pet ssshop in the sssky. Well, Tribble. You ssshould know that. Even though your Fuzzy and possibly diseasssed. I want you to know that-"

The snakes was cut off by Tribble squealing at the high pitch she used earlier. The spider in front of them ran off, leaving the two of them alone in the woods. Rasputin was effective differently by the squeal. His eyes slightly crossed as he felt his ears were about to pop and begin bleeding.

"Bloody Hell. What did you do that for? Here I wasss getting all sssentimental and you decide your going to ssscreech my brain from out my earsss." He popped his head up and shook it quickly. "I think I would rather take my chances with the eight legged fre-." Rasputin stopped as he looked around, noticing they were alone. "Wait just a tick? Where did they?" Another one jumped out from a tree, startling him.

(To be continued...)

Fifth Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price
Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Pet Rasputin


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