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Lost in the Forest (part 4)

Posted on Tuesday, 28th of August, 2012 @ 8:06pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Mission: New Semester


Tribble had a good feeling about this silvery snake. She tried to follow it, then turned to look at Rasputin, who was still going on about a ghost.

She chirped a few times, but Rasputin was in full rant. So she rolled onto his back and began to bounce like she was trying to get him to move, chirping loudly as she did so.

"What the bloody-" Rasputin yelled as he felt the bouncing ball of fuzz on his back and heard her chirping. It took all he had to restrain from biting her out of reflex alone. "Have you lossst your bloody mind, Fuzzy? Do you look like the Lone Ranger? Are you Zorro?" He narrowed his eyes and didn't bother waiting for an answer. "I am not Sssilver, Tornado, and don't even bother making any cracksss about Missster Ed. Give me one good reassson why I ssshould let you ride me like Ssseabiscuit and not bite you on your fuzzy covered butt?"

Tribble chirped louder and bounced again. Then she rolled off and headed after the ghost snake. She turned to chirp again, then followed the Patronus, hoping Rasputin would take the hint.

"Are you bloody crazy? Your going to get turned to ghossst droppingsss." Rasputin yelled as he watched Tribble roll away. "That'sss it. Your on your own, Fuzzface. No Big Bad Boa to sssave you! You hear me!" He turned around slightly and went back to facing the direction she disappeared to. "I'm telling you, Fuzz. Your on your own! I won't sssave you!" Rasputin was quiet for a moment and then sighed. "No joke. You can come back now. Ssseriousssly." The snake waited, expecting Tribble to roll back into view but he was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. "Tribble? Fuzzface?" Rasputin let out another sigh, this time out of sadness and fear, knowing what he had to do. "Fuzzy?" He looked around one last time before slithering as fast as he could in hopes to catch up with her. "I hate you for giving me a conssscience. If we die, I'm going to chassse you all over the underworld."

Tribble heard Rasputin and smiled to herself. She knew that, deep inside, Rasputin was a decent snake. But she'd never let him know that. She chirped to let him know where she was as she continued to follow the Patronus.

After a while it floated into a small clearing and stopped in front of Reginald.

Tribble chirped happily and rolled over to him, rubbing against his leg.

Reginald looked down quickly and noticed Tribble at his leg. "Hey Jen. Look who it is." He leaned down and picked her up, cradling her in his arms.

Jennifer was behind a bush, looking for something they might use to find their way out. When she came back into view, grinning happily at the sight of her pet. "Tribble! I'm so happy to see you!" She gently pet the pygmy puff. "Is Rasputin nearby?"

Tribble chirped happily and began to purr. When Jen asked about Rasputin, Tribble chirped uncertainly. She hoped he was still coming.

"Thisss isss crazy! Your going to make me chassse you the entire-" Rasputin yelled as he slithered into view from the brush and ran into Reginalds leg. "Ow! Ssstupid tree! If I had my way I would cut own all." The snake looked up, letting out a slight hiss and noticed what he was staring at. "Oh. It'sss you. I'm afraid to sssay that, in the midssst of battle, we lossst the Fuzzy-" Rasputin was cut off by Tribble chirping. "Oh. Your ssstill here, too." He didn't sound at all happy, but inside he was relived to see his fuzzy friend was okay and unharmed.

"Rasputin! I was afraid you were lost!" Jennifer said, picking up the snake nad hugging him. "Good. Now that we're all together, we need to find out way out of here." She looked expectantly at Reg, hoping he had an idea or two. She was fresh out of them.

"Easssy, Jennifer. Easssy." Rasputin hissed as she picked him up, but the feeling he got from her hugging him was relaxing and protective. He could see why Reg loved to hold her so much. "Hmmm... That feelsss pretty good. No need to put me down anytime sssoon. I'm good where I am." He smiled as he looked at her, then turning his gaze to Reg.

"Don't get too comfortable, Ras. She is still my girl." Reginald smiled back, winking at Jennifer before looking around. "I don't know how deep we got, but I think we should get out of here quickly. Any ideas? I don't think I can summon another Patronus."

"What about a location spell? To find the Quidditch pitch? Or the lake?" Jen asked.

Reginald smiled as he looked over to Jennifer. "See. I told you you were smarter then me." He gave a slight laugh as he cleared his throat and softly spoke the spell to locate the Quidditch Pitch.
A red ball flew out of his wand and quickly flew off in another direction.

Jennifer draped Rasputin around her neck, put Tribble back in her pocked, took Reg's hand and smiled. "See, I knew you could get us out of here."

With that, the two of them headed in the direction of the quidditch pitch.


Prefect (S) Reginald Price
Fifth Year

Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Fifth Year


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