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Start of Term Feast

Posted on Friday, 2nd of November, 2012 @ 1:40pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Professor Fenris Corrigan & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Professor Nicholi Nostradamus

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: 1st of September Evening

The school was bustling with the return of students after the break. Everyone a year older and wiser, well hopefully. the head master took up the podium.

"To our newcomers welcome, to our old hands welcome back we have an exciteing year ahead of us this year, as we will be once again hosting the Tri-Wizard Tournament." Nicoli said.

Fenris was standing in his place by the right door his wands at the ready. As he waited for the cup to be brought in along with the champion ballot cup.

"Yes yes, calm down, Very exciting yes, Well Tuck in" Nicoli said.

Satele and Bre sat at the Gryffindor table, exchanging stories about their family trips over the break. As neither of them were not yet old enough to put their names forward for the Tournament, they weren't overly interested in it.

"I hope you've been practicing your potions Satele" Bre said, after a mouthful of pumpkin juice, "you bearly scrapped by last time"

Satele shook her head, "I didn't have any time to" she answered, "We spent most of our time out in the country side camping and hiking"

Jennifer Collins sat at the Gryffindor table keeping an eye on the new students. Although she'd enjoyed her summer at home she missed Hogwarts and was eager to get back to studying.

Once again she was a Gryffindor Prefect and had been so busy with the new students she'd had no time to see Reg since their arrival.

Fiona slipped in after the announcement and grinned when she saw Jen. "Hi!" she said, slipping into a seat next to her friend. "Tonight, we need to talk. I wnt to hear all about your summer. I have pumpkin juice and chocolate."

Barney smiled at Fiona, things had cooled between them before the summer and he wasn't entirely happy about that. "Hi Fiona, Jenn, mind if I join you two?"

The two looked up at Barney. "Have a seat.

Keesha's eyes widened. "Triwizard Tournament? What's a Triwizard Tournament?"

"It's a wizard competition. Very dangerous. Very exciting," a girl next to her said, giggling.

"It's more than just a competition" Satele said, over hearing the girl, "it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. As only upper classman are aloud to put their name in, the rest of us have to wait until we're old enough."

Reginald came in slightly late. He walked in quickly, trying not to be noticed, but the large noise the double doors made when opening and closing wasn't all that subtle. He walked over to the table Jen was sitting at and sat down next to her. "What I miss?"

"Triwizard Tournament. Hosted at Hogwarts this year," Jen whispered. She slipped a hand under the table and squeezed his hand. Even though he spent the summer with her family, she felt like she hand't seen him in far too long.

"Your joking? They are allowing it to come back to Hogwarts?" Reginald eased closed to her, looking over to the headmaster and the other professors. He eased in slowly to her and unexpectedly whispered. "Did they mention the age requirements yet?" The question would obviously hint to Jennifer what he was thinking.

"Not yet, but it'll likely be upper classmen. At least sixth and seventh years. Maybe fifth, depending on how hard the tests will be." She eyed him sharply. "Just don't do anything stupid."

Fenris ended up walking out of the Great Hall and began too do the first nights rounds around the school grounds. He tapped one of his wands again his thigh and heard a howl in the distance as he patrolled.

Reginald smirked as he nudged her slightly. He leaned in a bit and laughed a bit. "Trust me. If I do something stupid, you'll be the first one to know." He put his hand in hers and laughed a little.

"Good. Because I don't want you to get hurt," she whispered back.

"Although if I do. You can always nurse me back to health." Reginald replied with a smile, turning his head to face her and looking into her eyes.

Barney smirked at that. It didn't matter if he liked Reg or not, if he made Jen happy, that was what mattered. He looked over at Fiona. He had been thinking about putting his name in for it on a lark. "She might nurse you back, but I think you'd be injured worse once she got her hands on you for doing it in the first place."

Jen chuckled. "No, I'll only come visit you when you're asleep. I'll leave you to Pandora's tender mercies." Pandora had transferred to another school during the summer. She and Cassandra had moved with their father to the continent. Jen hoped the two would be able to start fresh at a new school and not have the baggage they'd accumulated at Hogwarts.

Kelly looked over at Sam, "It's too bad that there's an age restriction, and that there aren't qualifiers. Letting it be chosen by a stupid goblet. I mean, we all know how horrible magical devices can be at choosing, I mean the sorting hat put Price into Slytherin, didn't it? He should have been a Hufflepuff."

"Now your just threatening me, Jen." Reg replied with a slight laugh as he nudged her a bit. "They left, thankfully, but I heard they were forced out. Think my father had something to do with it?"

"No idea," Jen replied. She had to admit, she was glad not to have Pandora either fawning over or threatening Reg.

"I wouldn't put it past him. Exposing his son isn't what he thought he was going to do. It comes with a price. No pun intended." Reg laughed a little and then continued. "If I was still a secret, they could have just shrugged it off and made sure it stayed a secret, but since its out in the open. My parents are more embarrassed and ashamed then anything else."

"I just hope we can get back to normal. Or get TO normal. I don't think we've been there yet," she said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Actually I heard they transferred to Bobo-ton, They moved to live with their father. I know neither of them were the nicest people, but with them out of our hair, I hope things are better for them." Barny said.

Reginald looked over to Barny with a blank look. He heard what he said, but just shrugged it off as just nonsense and continued like he wasn't even there. "Normal? Really Jen? Since when were we ever normal?"

Jennifer nodded in agreement with what Barny said, then turned back to Reg. "One can always hope."

Barny looked over at Fiona again, "I like what you did with your hair, it looks nice." He smiled sheepishly at her. He'd been busy over the summer, but he'd thought about her a lot during that time.

Fiona put a hand to her hair, surprised and pleased that he'd noticed. "Thanks," she said shyly.

Barny smiled happily, "I spent a lot of time thinking about you over the summer. Would have been hard not to. I was stuck helping my mom set up shop properly. She's better than she used to be, but she's still not that great at running a business. Besides keeping an eye on her, I was bored to tears. I would have thought about you either way, but..."

"How is your mom doing?" Fiona asked.

Millie just sat there with her head in her hands. Her father had already told her that the tournament was coming back, since he worked at the ministry he always got news like that. He also said that he expected her to put her name in, saying it was "a once in a lifetime opportunity". She sighed as she looked at the table top. She knew that Quidditch would be suspended until the tournament was over, could she survive a whole year without flying? she really didn't know.

Fenris yawned as he tapped another Auror on the shoulder, "I'll take guard duty your on patrol." he said taking his side across from another guard. "Gonna be a long year." he let out a sigh as the other Auror nodded.


Professor Nicholi Nostradamus

Fenris Corrigan

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Jennifer Collins
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