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Stealin' Time

Posted on Monday, 19th of November, 2012 @ 2:13am by Seventh Year Prefect (R) Reece O'Neil (R) & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Timeline: October 11th, 2020


Reece stood silently in the Knight's Room as it was the only truly quiet place he could be alone with his thoughts without worrying about someone bothering him or trying to ask him another endless question. Reece sat crossed-legged in the middle of the floor as he closed his eyes and concentrated on communicating with these warriors. They were after all the bravest souls in the castle next to some of his professor. As none of them reached back out to him, Reece stood defiantly and looked around the lot of the iron and steel clad armor statues. None of suits responded before Reece took out his wand and casted a spell towards the nearest statue.

"Piertotum Locomotor!" He exclaimed as the green bolt shot forth from his wand and impacted the stature right in the chest.


Reece looked at his wand and back up at the now glowing green eyes of the statue. Taking a few steps back as the loud and clunky knight stepped off his perch, Reece said the first thing that came to his mind. "Halt!"

The statue complied and stopped in his tracks, its eyes now glowing a low green and it waited for futhure instructions. Impressed with his own skill, he began to activate three other sets as all four of them now stood side-by-side. Giving them a simple command, he order them to fight each other. The loud clanking of their weapons seemd to put him at easy as Reece waitied for someone to come by and see what he seemingly master after years of hard work.

Jennifer was taking a circuitous route back from teh library when she heard metal on metal. She pulled out her wand and moved forward slowly. She stopped in the doorway to a room full of knights and giggled. "That's pretty impressive, Reece."

Reece, a little proud of himself, nodded as he glanced over at her, then back at the knights still battling it out. "Yeah, well I can't mobilize them all...yet, but its fun to watch something you did start to really kick its own but."

Looking back at her he smiled. "Before the spell was so weak, they lift their swords and their arms would fall off." Reece was becoming powerful indeed, and the best part, he really wasn't noticing it just yet.

Jennifer was one of the prettiest redheads Reece had ever seen. When he thought about it, there weren't alot of ugly redheads to begin with, but this 6th year by far took the cake. "What are you up here for?" He quickly inquired as he looked back to the fighting.

"I was studying in the library. I heard the clanking and came in here." She nodded to the fighting armor. "That's working really well. Too bad MacAulay isn't here to see it. Then again, maybe that's a good thing. I'm not sure how much she'd like to see a student -- especially the Head Boy -- animating armor."

Reece smiled as he he shurgged at the notion, he wasn't big on being told he couldn't do something when he did everything he was told. Honestly, it was boring at times being good. He didn't ask to be Head Boy, but Jen was right in her statement and since he did have a image to uphold, he needed to act the part, at all times.

"Very true." He responded as he waved his wand twice before the clanking stopped and the armor slowly began to return to their perch. Opting to wait until everything was in place before leaving, he spoke. "Hows the House treating you, you know, as a prefect and all?"

"Not bad. It keeps me from spending all my time in the library." She grinned, not mentioning that Reg was a better distraction than being a Prefect. "How are you doing this year?"

Tucking his wand away, the two moved through the halls as he thought about it for a second before responding. "Better, not nearly as afraid of everything like I was when I first got here." He smiled a bit as both his confidence and maturity had grown greatly.

"You entering the games?" He saidas the rounded a corner before splitting ways soon to their respective houses.

Jennifer shook her head. "No. I'm a bookworm. I'm not cut out for that sort of thing. Are you?"

Barny was having trouble sleeping, which was unusual for him. He was sitting in the Gryffindor common room, thinking about his future, which again was unusual for him. He had been rolling through life, maybe not on the most common path, but one that had suited him. Now, thinking back on it, he didn't quite regret the things he'd done, but he realized the situation he was in. His mother had always told him that there were many crossroads in life.

Barny knew one of them was having fallen for Fiona. While he knew that they faced obstacles, and that there future was uncertain (especially if he took any more love advice from Ben), that he wanted her to be a part of it. His hair and that he was starting to change the way he dressed was a part of that. He saw a difference in people's eyes... They didn't think of him as a joke.

His Grandfather had wanted him stuffed in a suit to be someone he wasn't. He would never be the kind who would sit behind a desk doing paperwork all day long. He knew that the kind of job that would be right for him involved being out there and doing something. He didn't care about getting famous or anything like that, just making a difference.

He'd finally decided though. his grades barely squeaked by the qualifications, but he thought maybe he could be an Auror. His mother would be horrified, her son becoming one of "The Man" as she tended to put it. But she had her own life, a husband who truly loved her, and was awfully nice to Barny as well. Barny wished sometimes that he was really his dad.

But he needed to make something of a name for himself. He was sure that there were lots of students applying to be an Auror, and not all of them could get the job. He needed something that would set him apart, something he could maybe tell his and Fiona's kids... He shook his head to clear it, he wasn't an old man yet, and still had a few years to go before he could consider...

Jennifer slipped through the portal into the Gryffindor common room. When she saw Barny she smiled. "Hi. You look pensive."

Barny nodded, "Just thinking of the future, what I'm going to do once school is over. And what I've got to do now to start to make it happen. I think I'm entering the tournament."

Jen raised an eyebrow. "I wish you luck. I'm not the adventuring type, so I plan on watching from the sidelines. I hope that it helps you figure out what you want to do with your life."

Barny looked up, "I've been acting the fool for too long, I need to think about how I act more, and how it reflects on me." Barny took off the technicolor dream hat he had almost always worn, revealing the still short hair he had cut down for the winter ball last year. "Things like this to stand out makes me stand out the wrong way. It was a dream to think that I'd be able to travel the world studying magical creatures and phenomena. Gringott's might hire someone for that, but only to commercialize them. The Ministry might hire someone like that, but only in this country. Besides, traveling all around would be fine for just myself, but what kind of life would that be for... Fiona." He scratched his chin where his 5 O'clock shadow was. "I don't want a sedentary life, but I don't want to be a wanderer anymore. I want something where I can have a home and a family."

"Then you do have a lot of thinking to do." Jen gave her cousin a hug. "Good luck!"


Head Boy Reece O'Neil
7th Year Ravenclaw

Prefect Jennifer Collins
6th Year Gryffindor

Barny Collins
6th Year Gryffindor


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