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Applications and Age Lines (part 2)

Posted on Tuesday, 27th of November, 2012 @ 6:43pm by Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Reece O'Neil (R) & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (BX) Genevieve Lagarde & Seventh Year (BX) Pierre Audinot
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Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Timeline: October 11th, 2020



Genevieve Legarde was fortunate to be from Beuxbattons and Hogwarts. As an exchange student, she'd been allowed to enter her name twice for the Tournament. Such things like this were generally too violent or intense for her, but there was something about the glory of it that just drew her in. She wrote her name on two slips of parchment and through them into the goblet.


Once at the goblet, Reece threw his pieces of parchment in and walked away quickly, thinking that maybe someone didn't see him do it.

Jennifer had to keep from rolling her eyes when she saw Genevieve put her name in. She didn't know the exchange student well enough to have an opinion of her personally, but she'd noticed the way the other girl flounced around and batted her eyes at every boy in the school. It set her teeth on edge. "See you later," she whispered to Reg.

She stood and turned to walk out of the room, almost bumping into a third year skulking in the corner. He was a new student. Slytherin, if she recalled. She'd seen him in the halls a few times and wasn't impressed. Brat was a good word to describe him. Self-centered bully worked, too.

Virgil bumped into Jennifer and gave her a quick glance. "Watch where you going, Mud Blood!" He hissed as he pushed her back slightly. He had the sudden urge to bite her and move on like nothing had happened.

"Sorry," she said, moving around him. It really wasn't worth causing a scene over this kids' poor manners. She would just as soon go on her m erry way and pretend nothing happened.

Reginald got up and quickly ran over to Jennifer, seeing the small confrontation that was developing between her and Virgil. "Hey!" He yelled as he pushed Virgil back, taking a position in front of Jen. "You do that again, you'll regret it."

He narrowed his eyes, smiling slightly as he looked at the two of them. Virgil let out a soft laugh as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a blood flavored mini pop. "Well Well. Reginald Price. I heard all about you." He looked over Reg's shoulder toward Jennifer. "And you, Collins." He licked his lips slightly as he popped the lolipop into his mouth.

Jen put her hand on Reg's shoulder. "Come on. He's not worth it," she whispered. "He's a third year. Let him be."

"If you really have heard about me, you know that I am not someone to push. I tend to push back harder." Reginald replied, clenching his fists slightly.

"I have heard that and so far. I am unimpressed." He let out a slight laugh which ended in a smile. "I heard you turned your back on everything you once loved to be with this. This filth." Virgil looked at Jennifer again, giving her a disgusted and distasteful look on his face.

Jennifer smiled sweetly at Virgil. Partly to not cause undue trouble and partly because she knew it would irritate the brat. She tugged on Reg's arm as she tried to pull him out the door with her before he got himself into trouble.

"Watch it!" Reginald took a step toward Virgil, who made no reaction to step back or be intimidated.

"What are you gonna do? Sick your snake at me?" Virgil chuckled and then let out a sigh. "Please. Your about as soft as a kitten. Which means I look forward to is listening to the sound of the crunch you make beneath my shoe."

"You talk tough, but I'm afraid I have more important things to do than worry about what you think or what you'll do," Jen said pleasantly. "Oh, and just so you know, making a public nuisance of yourself just gets you detention."

To add insult to injury, she patted Virgil on the head as she walked past him and out the door.

"You heard the lady, Squirt. Your not worth it." Reginald laughed as he brushed passed Virgil, pushing him slightly as be passed, following Jen out the door.

Reece walked over two the two of them and smiled as he looked over the passing students. He then looked at the both of them and said under his breath. "Would you two mind...I mean...just for five minutes." He hated flexing any type of authority, but these two were about to come to blows in front of everyone.

Kelly looked at the posturing, she wasn't sure if Virgil would be quite that brave if he was in a room alone with Price, much less Price and Collins, and certainly not with a third on their side. She'd come here to watch the hopefuls, those who wanted to be TWiTs, as she called them. It would be interesting to watch, she supposed, she might learn something interesting.

Jason looked on, ready to step in between the altercation. That young Slytherin would bear watching. His bravado was going to be trouble, not just for him, but for many people around him.

Virgil looked away for a moment. He was fuming an let out a slight growl from his throat, which soon faded as he looked around. He wanted nothing more then to tear them apart, but as soon as he laid his eyes on the Goblet Of Fire, he had other ideas in mind. He narrowed his eyes slightly and let out a laugh.

Satele was sitting in the Great Hall, watching in envy as the older students put their names forward for the Tournament. Hearing the argument at the Doors, she looked over to see Reginald sizing up a Slytherin in her year. She didn't recognize him, but she knew that if Reginald was getting involved, the Slytherin student must have made some comment about Jennifer's Blood status. Shaking her head, she returned to the Charms textbook she was reading. "I'll never understand the whole issue with bloodlines some people have" she said to herself as she saw another seventh year student approach to put his name into the goblet's blue flames.

He stood tall and straight. By any female standards, he was the ideal male. Unblemished skin, angular frame, Exquisitely tailored uniform, symmetrical features, Ice-blue eyes, and jet black hair, neatly cut short and slightly feathered to one side created an impression of someone who carried himself like a champion, and had what it took to back it up. A small gaggle of females stood a little ways off, blushing and tittering furiously, vying to get his attention. He rolled his eyes and motioned for them to be still, and they all obeyed, pouting. He wanted this to be dignified, like it had been for Father. He slowly walked up, wrote his name on a slip of parchment, closed his eyes, held his breath, and dropped his name into the flames. Opening his eyes and exhaling, he said in a rich baritone, "Ç'a-y-est. Ç'est fait." He strode calmly back to the gaggle of females and parted them like the Red Sea. They closed up again around him as he exited the room.

Watching this guy 'parade himself' around, as if he'd already won the Tournament, Satele wondered who he was. She'd heard of a few Pureblood Slytherins that walk around the grounds as if they owned them, but this guy was just out there.

Fiona had spent enough time watching the circus around the Goblet of Fire. She picked up her books nad headed for the library to get some work done.


Genevieve Lagarde
Beauxbatons Student

Prefect Jennifer Collins
Sixth Year Gryffindor

Virgil Constantine
Third Year Slytherin

Prefect Reginald Price
Sixth Year Slytherin

Head Boy Reece O'Neil
Seventh Year Ravenclaw

Fiona MacLeod
Sixth Year Ravenclaw

Kelly Smythe
Second Year Slytherin

Satele Dragomir
Third Year Gryffindor

Pierre Audinot
Seventh Year Beauxbatons

Jason Wolfe


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