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Triwizard Choosing Ceremonies. Pt 1

Posted on Tuesday, 20th of November, 2012 @ 3:34am by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: October 12th, 2020


The time for submitting names for the TriWizard Tournament was over and now everyone waited expectantly for the school champion to be drawn from the cup. But, to build expectation, all the students had to get through dinner first.

Ben had gone to the feast, and while most were having fun, he was mentally barely there. The anticipation of getting called was forefront on his mind and the few bites of food that he ate he barely tasted. Someone next to him said something, and without feeling he uttered 'that's nice'. Seldom did something take his focus like this, but it was something he had dreamed about for a long time.

Millie sat across from Emily. She was not particularly eating as she was more nervous than hungry.

"Whats up?" Emily asked.

"Just nervous, I have to put my name in" Millie replied.


"My dad told me to. He wants me to not miss out" Millie sighed.

Emily just stared at her, after the summer she had spending with her dad she was glad to be back at Hogwarts, but she also didn't like that Millie's dad still influenced her at school.
"You'll be fine" she assured.

Keesha practically bounced in her place at the table. She'd never see a Triwizard Tournament. It sounded scary and exciting. She was very glad she was too young to participate in any way. All she hoped was that it didn't take up too much free time. She barely passed last year, she couldn't afford to be too distracted.

Fiona, who was passing the table, put a hand on Keesha's shoulder to stop her bouncing. "I know it's exciting," she said, "but you need to settle down." She glanced over at Barny. He told her he'd put his name in the cup. She wasn't sure if she was pleased about that or not. Hadn't someone been killed the last time the Tournament came to Hogwarts?

Barny looked back at Fiona and smiled. His chances of getting into the cup were one from among 20 or so? Besides, this was something he needed to try if he was chosen. He needed it for himself, for his future, for THEIR future.

Fenris sat up in the rafters watching the cup and everyone enjoy the food. He pulled his wand out and pointed it towards a plate in front of a first year. As the first year turned to talk he started to hover the plate up to him. Another first year watched and looked up at the man, Fenris put a finger to his lips.

Kelly watched the plate fly up and smiled, waiting for the reaction from the young boy. She wasn't much interested in this TWiT business, but it was a feast and the food was good, it had been a month since they had come back to Hogwarts and the nurse had left her to her own devices after the first week. She had taken to jogging in the early morning before breakfast, often seeing that silly Griffyndor fellow jumping around like a fool while out there. She found herself hungry quite a bit, though her stomach still could only handle smaller meals. She did try to eat healthier, the muggles seemed to have some good ideas on that, though she ignored what they said about meat. Her body absolutely craved meat, though she avoided "starches" and sugars when she could. "Sam, could you pass the pork roast?"

Jen looked up to the rafters and noticed the Professor. She had no idea what he was doing up there, but wasn't going to ask. Instead, she turned to her own plate and began to fill it. It was good to be back at Hogwarts.

Fenris enjoyed his dinner, not wanting to join the other governors as he was here first as an Auror then as a servant of the school. He levitated a glass of pumpkin juice up to him as he ate and drank he monitored the room.

Satele sat at the Gryffindor table, bearly nibbling at a piece of food. She'd always wanted to enter the Tournerment, but as she was still too young to put her name in, she'd just watched in envy at the older students putting their names in. Now the choosing was about to happen. this isn't fair she thought to herself, they should allow younger students in

The Ravenclaws table was all the buzz with their Prefect being the only one from their house with a legitimate chance of being selected. everyone liked Reece because namely, he didn't want any of the good fortune that came his way. He was very much down to earth and easy to talk to, a good guy all around. Sitting silently, he keep looking over at the only girl there that ever really made him smile as he received a nudge from his friend.

Shooting a glance over at him, he smiled and said. "Dude, she doesn't bite, go talk to her." Reece looked back over at her and swallowed as he responded. "She's out of my league man." He said pushing some food around on his plate.

"She wouldn't be if you won that triwizard tourney." He reputed as he took a drink. The gears in Reece's head began to turn clock wise for the first time as he reached over and grabbed his drink.

Genevieve sat at the Slytherin table sorounded by the hoards of people who'd flocked to her like insects to a flame. Her blue robes stuck out in the sea of black as usual.

The meal was winding down and the buzz began to get louder. Professor Nostradamus stood and walked to the Goblet of Fire and waited for all eyes to fix on him.

"The time has come for the selection of your schools champion." the Headmaster said. "You will find a few suprizes in this years competition." He Continued, "When I call your name please make your way through the door behind me and wait for the rest of the champions to be called, then you will be breifed by us, If you have entered your name in the cup, Good luck."

Jennifer was curious to see who would be the Hogwarts champion. She looked around the room. There were several would would do a great job representing the school.

[To be continued]


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