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Triwizard Choosing Ceremony, Pt 3

Posted on Friday, 14th of December, 2012 @ 2:44pm by Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Professor Jean-Paul Sangfroid & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (DS) Jacen Targaryen & Seventh Year (DS) Lindsay Penny & Sixth Year Fantine Belliveau

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Timeline: October 11th, 2020



Everyone began to stir, talking about the three champions and what the tournament would be like this time round. But they all stilled when the Goblet of Fire flared again, indicating another name would be pit out.


"The ministries of magic decided that having three champions was far too dangerous. Therefore, this year there will be teams of champions. Three champions per team, thus a tri-tri-wizard tournament," Nostradamus smiled beatifically. "So, now, I present to you, the second champions."

Another paper flew out of the Goblet. "Barny Collins."

Reg watched Barny leave the table. "Collins!" He yelled out to him as he saw him make his way toward the door. When Barny would turn to look, he continued. "You watch out for her. Do you got me?" He gave him as close to a serious look as he could make without flying off the handle.

Barny smiled around, gave Reg a look and a nod that was meant to reassure him that Jen would be safe at least. The smile faded when he saw the look on Fiona's face of concern. He said, "I'll be ok, I'm doing this for us." before moving through the crowd up towards the door to the waiting room."

Fiona was shocked. Barny? A champion? Not that he couldn't be, but that he was.

The next name the goblet spit out was called. "Genvieve Lagarde." At the same time, a flaming spitball flew out of the goblet to hit Genvieve, leaving a soot mark on the tip of her nose, but no real damage.

The girl practically bounced out of the room.

"Jacen Targaryen, come on down."

Jacen looked up from the book he was reading at the sound of his name. He'd put his name forward for the Tournament not expecting to be chosen, but now that he had been, he felt a shiver of fear run down his spine. Taking a deep breath, Jacen stood up from his place at the end of the Ravenclaw table and walked down to where the Hogwarts headmaster stood holding the piece of parchment he'd thrown in the night before.

Taking the smoldering paper from the headmaster, Jacen gave him a slight bow than turned and followed the others out of the hall.

Satele watched Jacen with a cautious eye. She'd been told by her mother about the connection between her family and another Pureblood family, the Targaryens. Before Voldemort's return, the two families crossed paths, dramatically. As he walked past where she sat, Satele's hand was hovering over her wand ready for anything.

Reginald stayed seated in his chair. He watched the champions each get up and walked towards the Hall. He looked around slowly for a good means of escape. As he slowly eased his chair back he wondered how long it would take if he just took off in a run towards the door to catch up with Jen.

There was a short break. "And now for the final round of champions."

The goblet's fire flared again and a paper was spit out. "Reginald Price."

As soon as he heard the beginning of his name, he ran from his chair to the door. It was possibly the fastest he had ever moved. Running from the table to the doors, practically knocking down a student that was standing up. He opened the door and ran out. By the time they reached his last name, Reg was gone and all that was heard was the slamming of the heavy doors leading to the hallway.

Artimus watched his son. As it seemed to get quiet, he let out a scoff and shook his head in disappointment. Pathetic he thought as he reached for his goblet and took a drink.

Fiona smothered a grin. Reg and Jen, together again. It seemed epically fitting. Now, if the two could manage to not fail miserably, it would be great. Much as she liked the two, she wasn't so sure they could win. But, at least they would fail together.

"Fantine Belliveau"

Fantine stood up in her blue robes. She flicked back her dark brown hair as she walked over towards the goblet of fire. She took her name and then walked off gracefully towards the door of the waiting room.

"Lindsay Penny."

"Hey yaw, I'm Lindsay, and oh my, it is such an honor to be in your little contest yaw. I hope we all have real fun time" Lindsay said with her southern draw, smiling her perfect smile and using her best pageant wave before walking back to the rest of her team. She recognized Barney's name, and though he might have cleaned himself up, she was sure he was still the little weirdo he was at Salem, so she ignored him.

Kelly fought a gag reaction at the facade the girl was putting up. Then smiled as she though of that floofy hair going up at the slightest spark. Salem must be filled with strange people, even the technicolor dreamer that Barny used to be was preferable to this saccharine sweetness.

Jean-Paul, watching unobtrusively in the background, barely contained his nausea. This Lindsay had to be eliminated from the competition and fast. She was just too "artificial". He was sure she had an ulterior motive relating to her own selfish ends, but he would need a little time to determine it. Time was something he didn't have. He had to ensure That a Beaubaton took the trophy. Not that he held any great love for Beaubaton, it was just that he couldn't stand the thought of another school getting it. He would have to find this Salem witch's weakness quickly.

Lindsay walked up to Jean-Paul. "Hi! Isn't it just great we got to come over here to play in these games!? Have you ever been out of your country before? I have been to Canada and Mexico, but never the here, well, once when I was a baby but I don't remember it, so I just say my first time. Not that I didn't have a good time when I was here mind you. My Mom tells me what a blast I had. It was for a pageant. Did I tell you I am a beauty queen? Well, Jr. Beauty Queen, but next year I will be a real Beauty Queen, So long as I beat Jenny. Jenny was in my age bracket for several years, but her birthday is before mine, so she got to do the real contest this year." She said to Jean-Paul, then pretended like she had just realized she should focus on everyone else around her, though the whole time she was talking she was watching everyone.

Fiona rolled her eyes. This was going to prove an interesting competition.

The Salem Headmaster spoke up, "Lindsay, that's enough prattle, you need to head to the room with the others." He glared at the girl, obviously unhappy with the goblet's choice. That girl ran her mouth and flirted more than paying attention in class. He just hoped she didn't do anything else to embarrass the school.

"Why of course Headmaster" She said, dipping slightly in a curtsey. When her back was to the Headmaster, she let a smirk show on her face. She loved that it was so easy to ruffle peoples feathers simply by being nice. It was a ploy she might have to develop further for these games.

The Goblet of Fire was now dark, indicating that the ceremony was over. "Now, students, it's time to retire for the evening. Classes will still be held tomorrow and none of you will be allowed to shirk your duties, not even the Champions. So, everyone, scoot," Nostradamus said, waving the students out.

Kelly sat there for a moment, wrapping a roast beef sandwich with horseradish for later in a napkin. She took that, along with a peach, a slab of pumpkin bread and some cheese which she put into a pocket. The morning workouts were strenuous and she was only putting on a small bit of weight, mostly muscle. Her mother would be horrified that her arms, shoulders and thighs were growing that way, even if it was lean muscle, and she dreaded the Yule break. Hopefully, they would have her stay at the school again. "Looks like we're going to have to lay off Reg for the time being..." As a champion, there would be too many people watching, not to mention, the school's success rested on them. As stupid as it seemed, the TWiT did serve a purpose.


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