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A Quidditch Pitch Mishap

Posted on Monday, 31st of December, 2012 @ 4:05pm by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Professor Victor Goldric & Seventh Year (DS) Lindsay Penny

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Main Hall

Lindsay had spent the evening listening and talking to various people around the school to find out all that she could on the others. She used her charm, the same charm that turned some off to her made some practically love her. She learned that Jennifer and Reginald were together, and if she new young couples in love, they would be vary protective of each other. She started to formulate a plan, one which after curfew she began setting into place.

That evening once the others were sleeping, she snuck out of the dorm they were using and out to the Quidditch pitch. Using several spells that didn't a lighting effect to them, she began to quickly vandalize the field. Turning the quiditch hoops upside down, bringing down some of the stands and tearing up the ground. Last she painted banners saying:

==Hogwarts Rules, All Others Will Loose HaHa== While on one hand it made little since for Hogwarts students to mess up their own field, on the other hand it wasn't being used for the time being so it didn't hurt them, she hoped her ploy would work.

Wearing her sash that kept her completely clean, she gathered some soil from the field and carted it in with her.

The next morning, with her wand under the table, she whispered a spell that simply took the mud in her small bag and put it on the bottom of Jen's shoes, then sent the bag under Gryfindor's table as well. Everyone was buzzing about the vandalized Quidditch field, and when the professors filed in Lindsay made her way to professor Goldrick. "Professor, may I have a word?

Victor raised his brow at the student. He looked her over for a moment, thinking that she might have a problem with the food they were serving. "I know the food isn't to your normal American standards, but I promise, it's actually quite good." He put on a smile and put his arms behind his back, hoping she would just go away and it would solve the problem.

Professor, as I am not a student here, I'm not exactly sure who the best one to talk to would be, but I couldn't help but overhear two of your Gryfindor champions talking about doing something to the Quiditch Pitch. I don't know if what happened had anything to do with them or not, but I didn't feel right about not sharing it with someone professor" She said with a concerned look on her face, she said it without her normal fast talking, she wanted to make sure she came off totally genuine. "They said they would show this school, something like that at least."

"Two Gryfindor Champions?" He paused for a moment. That didn't sound right. Why wold Gryfindor students trash the Quidditch Pitch? Their own Quidditch Pitch? Victor was sure that it had to be someone from another school, or if it was someone from Hogwarts, most likely one of his Slytherin. He pulled Lindsay aside and leaned in closer to her, whispering. "Did you slip and land on your head? Have you gone mental?" He raised a brow slightly and then continued. "Are you sure? To be honest, young lady, that doesn't sound like someone from Gryfindor at all. Let alone, Mister and Misses Collins."

"Professor, I don't have the foggiest why they would do it, I only know what I heard, if you doubt me, then forget I said anything" She said, bowing her head a bit. "I didn't mean to bother you professor" She said, taking a step back.

As she was about to step away, Goldric grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Your not going to open your mouth and walk away that quickly, young lady." He took out his wand with his other hand and waved it. A glowing lasso came out of the end and wrapped around her arms. He quickly pulled her out of the dinning room and into an empty classroom. "You obviously have never dealt with a Slytherin, especially a Head Of House Slytherin. Now shut it and start talking. What do you know, or Hand Heard?"

Lindsay's eyes narrowed. Two could play at this game. "When I heard them talking, they were saying something about doing a prank giving Gryfindor the credit, but at the same time being something that no one would ever believe they actually did. This Reginald even was saying how no one would believe that she was capable of it" Welling up a tear, she added "Please professor, I was only trying to help, please let me go"

"Hey!" Goldric snapped back as he held up a finger. "I know fake tears when I see them." He raised a brow and walked away slightly, keeping his wand pointed at the student as he walked and then suddenly turned back to her. "Your telling me that Reginald Price and that Mud Blood Girlfriend of his are responsible for this outlandish prank on the same school they are competing for?" He walked slowly back to her, keeping in deep through trying to figure this out.

"I don't have a clue if they actually did it, only what I overheard it. Why don't you check them, see if either of them are dirty or something" She said, a bit forcefully. She didn't like being told she was fake crying, even if she was. "Can I [i]please[/i] go now? I didn't mean to cause any trouble"

Victor raised a brow quickly. "See if either of them are dirty?" He let out a laugh as he took a step closer. "You planted something on them, didn't you? You so eager to get them into trouble you let it slip that something is on them that will lead them to the scene." The more the thought about it, it did seem like a genius idea. He had to hand it to the girl, jumped right into the dirty work without knowing that was going one. "You think one of the smartest students at this school wouldn't have thought to check for evidence? You really are new at this aren't you, child?"

"I don't know what you would find, it was a mere suggestion" She said. "How long are we going to do this professor? Either you are accusing me of lying or you will investigate and find out what happened, either way, I have places to be, like class." She said, sounding somewhat defeated. "Sorry I said anything"

Goldric laughed a little. "You played your hand too much, Girlie. Your offered too much information right away. You let your hand go and didn't let it play out on its own. Tell me the truth and you and I can find a way to make sure Price and Collins get in trouble for this." He said softly as he leaned in towards her, speaking softly and adding an evil smile.

"A bag is under the Gryfendor table, there is dirt on Jennifer Collins shoes. I asked for... [i]dirt[/i] on other champions. I had heard that there was a conflict because a Slytherin and a Gryfendor were dating, I know your houses reputation, and I thought the Slytherin House Master would jump at the chance to go after the traitor. What better way to hurt lovers than going after the ones they love?" She asked. She wanted to gauge his reaction before she said more.

"You thought right, but acted wrong." Victor said as he waved his wand slightly and released her. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her with a tilted head. "I liked the idea, but you went about it all wrong. You would make a great Slytherin if you weren't.... American." He looked away slightly and then downward at the floor. "Now, how do we fix this so that it plays out to the end we want?"

"What would happen if you were to search all the champions and their belongings for signs of dirt from the Quiditch Pitch on them? I" She said with an evil grin "know that I won't have any dirt on my hands" She finished with a chuckle. "Beyond that, it is your school, you know the others far better than I do."

Goldric thought for a moment before answering. "You said you put the dirt on Collin's shoes. Chances are she will deny it, they will believe her and nothing will happen. Given the fact that dirt is your only evidence, you'll most likely going to lead this all to someone who spent the morning running or outside. Which will lead you, no where but in circles and the matter will just be dropped because no one will come forward." He took a few steps to her and then stopped. "You should have planted something along the lines of a piece of the stands or a dirty flag that was missing. Too many students spend there times outside to get dirt on their shoes."

Victor paused as he looked her over, tilting his head slightly. He had a plan and it was forming in his head. Something she said that made him think of a way to get what they both wanted. "Jennifer Collins doesn't have a bad bone in her body and Reginald Price would never defile the Quidditch Pitch because he would be thrown off the team as a punishment. As far as Barnabus Collins, I am pretty sure he doesn't have the brains to pull something like this off, so your dead in the wind, However." He tilted his head the other way, looking at her up and down again, as if checking her out. "You have given me an idea."

"What would that be professor?" She asked, leaning against the wall. She was starting to feel slightly comfortable, and wished that Salem had teachers half as smart as this one was proving to be. "I am all ears" She added, hoping that her actions would at least accomplish something positive for her.

"Tell me, what do you think of Mister Price?" Goldric asked as he gave her an evil grin.

"He seems to be one that is in the way, beyond that I am unsure, I don't exactly know many of the people here on a personal level, but then, who needs to" She said a bit coldly. It was a bit refreshing to be able to be herself for a moment, not having to lay on the charm as thick as she normally did. She was naturally a charming girl, she just generally carried it to another level, and, it was generally used for her personal gain.

Goldric smiled evilly as he placed his hand on her shoulder. "I think thats about to change, my dear." He gave her a slightly sinister laugh before he continued. "If you want to drive a wedge between the Champions, you have to drive a wedge between the team themselves. First and Foremost, by going after the two whose weakness is obvious. Each other." He took his hand away and brought his hands together. "If you start to push yourself on Reginald, I'm sure you can fake it pretty well, I am sure it will throw both of them off her game. Hopefully, she will hurt herself badly and it will break the both of them up in the process and what fun it will be to watch Reginald slowly break down as he loses the one reason why he turned his back on his House and Family from the get go." Victor smiled evilly again, crossing his arms back over his chest.

"I like it" She said with a slight chuckle, "Though we still have the matter of the pitch being vandalized."

"That, I have already through of." Goldric threw his wand out towards her and lassoed her again. "Your going to have to take the fall for it, Girlie. After all, confessing now will show you feel guilty and I can asked the others to show some leniency by saying your just a poor American student who isn't used to the way we do things here and should be given a slap on the wrist, but be kept a close eye on." He smiled a bit and couldn't help but laugh shortly after. "Just make sure to tell them you feel sorry and it was a harmless prank, throw some of those fake tears at MacAulay." He leaned in slightly towards her. "She is always a sucker for those." He leaned back again. "And then tell them, in the most innocent voice you can make, that your ready for whatever punishment because you deserve it and American's always own up to their mistakes... Or some sort of nonsense like that."

"Yes professor" She said, not pleased, but willing to do what the elder told her.

"Not to mention, It will make me look good for bring you in." Goldric added a devilish smile as he walked passed her, tugging her behind him as he led her out of the Classroom and back to the Main Hall. "Now Remember. Tears and Innocent voice and all that. Your American for God sakes, acting innocent while still having ulterior motives should be in your blood."

As soon as he spotted Professor MacAulay and beaconed her to follow them into the hallway.

MacAulay was surprised to see Goldric and Penny together. Or, to see the professor leading the student. She followed them, sure she didn't want to know what happened.

"Professor MacAulay? I believe this Salem student has something she would like to say." Goldric said as he moved his wand forward allowing Lindsay to walk to Maggie.

"Professor?" Lindsay asked timedly, her eyes red and puffy, a sniffle in her voice. "Might I have a word?"

"Yes, Miss Penny?" Maggie wasn't sure she wanted to hear what the girl had to say, but she was growing curious.

Lindsay walked up to the teacher with her head bowed. "I have to admit something to you professor. I am the one that vandalized the Quiditch field. I thought it would be fun" She sniffled a bit "but I can't bare it, I just feel so bad, I never do stuff like that" She then paused, collecting herself for a moment.

Goldric cleared his throat and looked at Maggie. "Deputy Head Mistress. Normally, I would be the first one to demand a swift punishment for someone, or in my own students case, demand to reprimand them myself." He pause for a moment before he continued. "However, Since she did come forward, perhaps, in the spirit of the Triwizard, we can show a bit of leniency. After all, we are the hosting school and we can always give the next student who steps out of line a far worse punishment."

MacAulay looked from one to the other. This was not what she expected at all. "Miss Penny, YOU are the one who vandalized the Quidditch pitch? Why? And why blame the Hogwarts students? I cannot possibly believe you thought it would be fun?"

"I don't know what I was thinking professor, I have always heard about how these games go, and I felt like I wouldn't be doing my part if I didn't do something, but... I didn't know it would bother me this way" She said, head bowed. "I'm ready to face what ever punishment you are ready to give me"

Maggie didn't believe the girl. Her confession was too polished, too smooth. She wondered how many times the girl had pulled this on professors. She would need to have a talk with the Salem Headmaster about the girl. She turned to Victor. "As for you, Professor, this is out of character for you." Especially as the headmaster had intervened to keep Reginald Price on the Slytherin Quidditch team. Although now that he was one of the champions it was a moot point.

"Nevermind. I don't want to hear it." She pinched the bridge of her nose. "Miss Penny, you will report to my office tomorrow after luncheon. I will decide your punishment then. Professor Goldric, I would like you there as well. For now, stay out of trouble."


Miss Lindsay Penny
Salem Champion

Professor Victor Goldric
Slytherin Headmaster

Professor Margaret MacAulay
Deputy Headmaster


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