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2 Quidditch Captains, 1 very good plan.

Posted on Monday, 31st of December, 2012 @ 3:49pm by Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr.

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Outside Hallway

Ben walked up to Fiona while they were changing classes. "May I have a word with you" He asked, none of his grins, but neither any malice. She was an opposing player, but that was small fish at the moment.

"Sure, what's up?" she asked, following Ben.

"What are we going to do about the Quiditch Pitch, it had to be one of the visiting schools, and I for one cannot stand to allow them to think they can come in our school and vandalize. I would get Barney involved, but as a Champion he has other things to deal with.

"For now, I want to leave it up to the teachers. But I agree with you. I think it was one of the other schools trying to make us look bad. I bet Millie's ready to eat grubs over this. If she ever finds out who's responsible...I don't want to think about it."

Ben nodded and began walking off. "Figured you didn't care enough to do anything. If you change your mind, you know where to find me" He said over his shoulder. She did have one good idea, he was off to find Millie. He could be hot headed, and this was certainly one of those times. He wasn't one of the champions, Quiditch was all that was left for him to make a name for himself now at this school. Once around the corner he angrily shot a spell at one of the first years, making him cough slugs for the next few hours. He had spent his life training to be a Champion, for nothing.

Fiona glared at him. Self righteous twit. What made him think she didn't care? Just because she wasn't going to act like some vigilante and storm into the other school's dorms to search for the culprit. The teachers were good at finding vandals. She was sure they'd find this one. And when they did, Fiona smiled, they'd be made to pay for it.

Ben made his way into the castle, and after asking a few people found Millie. "Millie, we need to talk" He said, not hiding the frustration in his voice, and for the moment not particularly caring if she thought it was at her, she would learn soon enough what his motive was, and that his anger was not at her at all.

Millie turned around holding her books in her arms.
"Whats up?" she asked. It wasn't often that the captain of an opposing Quidditch team 'needed to talk'.

"What are we going to do about the Quiditch team pitch being vandalized? I tried talking to Fiona about it, but she is to much of a COWARD" he shouted back in the direction she was, hoping by some chance she would hear it. It was obvious Ben was very out of sorts right now.

"Why, because I'm not going to fly off the handle and get expelled?" Fiona yelled back.

Millie grabbed Ben's arm and pulled him away from her keeper.
"Come with me" she said nodding towards an empty classroom.

Ben walked into the classroom with her, jumping up so he could sit on the teachers desk. "Despite someones dumb attempts to blame Hogwarts, it is obvious no one here did it, it had to be one of the other schools"

"I know who did it" Millie said. "Or, I think I'm pretty certain. You see I was there when it happened" Millie explained.

"Sooo... let me get this straight, you were there, and you let them do this? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS SCHOOL!" He shouted, jumping off of the desk and heading for the door, but not quite leaving yet, he would give her one shot to clarify before storming out the rest of the way.

Millie waved her wand and with a bang the door slammed shut and locked. With another wave of her wand she made sure that Ben couldn't talk until she wanted him to.
"Did you just accuse me of doing NOTHING!" Millie said raising her voice slightly. "You don't think I am doing something back to her!" Millie said. "I intend to get that girl back, even if she is at Hogwarts!"

As Millie raised her wand and tried to cast a spell at him, he shouted "Finite Incantatum" Stopping her spell in its tracks. "Listen to me you little minx, if you EVER try to cast another spell on me without my permission, you are OVER" he said coldly. He stood at the ready in case she tried anything else, but he didn't make a move to cast back, yet at least.

"You may be a good Quidditch player Ben, but you're really thick sometimes" Millie said. "And if you EVER accuse me of doing NOTHING EVER AGAIN. I SWEAR THAT I'LL DO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A SILENCING SPELL. YOU'LL BE WAKING UP IN THE HOSIPTAL WING!" Millie shouted back at him. "I know who vandalized the pitch, however I need all the Quidditch teams to pitch in and get our own way back, HOGWARTS STYLE!"

"I believe I am following you now, just like Ravenclaw in general, you need others to do the work. Fine, just tell me who did it and I will take care of it since clearly you are lacking in that ability" Ben almost spat at her.

"I need others to do the work?!" Millie said under her breath. Her hair dropped down over her eyes and her fists clenched. A few sparks of shot out of her wand and she raised it into the air. She muttered a few words under her breath and two bludgers appeared above her head.
"You insult me and then you insult my house. You best be good at dodging without a broom" Millie said looking up, fire in her eyes. She pointed the broom at his face and the bludgers shot towards Ben's face like lightning.

Ben dodged the first, but took the second to the shoulder. "Baby going to have a cry cry, feel the need to attack me now because I told you the truth?" He said wincing as he brought his wand up. He didn't bother casting at her, he shouted "Mobiliarbus" using magic to grab a desk and hurtle it towards Millie's back, then quickly did the same thing to the bludger that missed him, sending it right at her stomach "Stop now and let me deal with the real problem, or this won't end pretty"

Millie dodged behind a desk that the bludger cut right through narrowly missing her. She jumped up and shot an exploding spell at the bludger which burst into pieces.
"Oh for goodness sake" She said. "Stupefy!" she shouted aiming the spell at Ben.

Ben narrowly dodged the spell Millie shot at him. "Ennervate" He said blocking her spell. "Expelliarmus!" He shouted, throwing his arm forward to the point it seemed he was going to launch the wand from his hand, but he kept a solid grip on it. The force he put behind the spell would undoubtedly hurt Millie, not seriously mind you, but it would hurt all the same. Ben was fighting the urge to use more damaging spells.

Millie's wand flew out of her hand and that was the last straw.
"Listen you IDIOT!" She shouted. "In the name of Merlin CALM DOWN!" she shouted. "We need to stop fighting and work together to get who ever did this!"

Ben's eyes narrowed. The fact that the girl without a wand in his hand was calling him an idiot was not lost on him. "Just tell me who did it, and we can go from there" He said flatly.

Millie stood there. "I'm not going to tell someone who is blinded by anger. I'm angry too, but if you want to stay a prefect then you're going to have to calm down. Now I have a plan, but I need you to stop being such a prick!"

"Tell me what your plan is then" He said, growing tired of this quickly.

Millie smiled as she walked over and picked up her wand.
"Ok, I'll tell you exactly what we are going to do..."

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