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Instructions (part 2)

Posted on Thursday, 20th of December, 2012 @ 9:19pm by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Professor Fenris Corrigan & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year (DS) Jacen Targaryen & Seventh Year (DS) Lindsay Penny
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Mission: September 1 A new Beginning



When all the champions arrived, Maggie stepped to the head of the room. "As you now realize, this time we have three teams of three. This means that each challenge will be more complex, that you will need to work together as a team to succeed. There will be no showcasing. One champion cannot try to win by his or her self. Each team will be judged on how they completed the task and how they worked as a team. The first team to compete each task will win points. The team that works best together will also receive a point or points, depending on the task. As always, you must work within your team. You cannot get help from others. Now, get together with your team and talk. Your first challenge will come at the beginning of the month, after Halloween."


Jacen wasn't to happy hearing he had to work in a team. He'd always trained alone, even in class. Giving a sigh, he looked over at the other two Salem Champions great, I have to work with a show pony and a jock he thought to himself, rubbing his temple

Lindsay looked to Jacen and her other team mate, quietly and out of earshot of the other teams she said: "We gotta win this thing, I say we stick together, but two of us focus on the challenge and one of us focus on how to take down some of the competition, give us an edge, my Daddy always said to playing fair is for losers" She said. It didn't matter to her that she was letting a slip of her real character out, she wanted to do what it took to win, and since they were a team, she was forced to rely on them as well, not just herself.

"Well, let's see here, we've got a drama queen, a jock and a social outcast. I wonder who gets the job of taking down the other teams?" Jacen said, sarcastically.

Corbin looked at the other two and let out a sigh, "I'm declaring myself Team Captain right now." he replied, "Listen to me and we'll get through this."

"And what makes you think either of us are going to follow your lead?" Jacen asked, folding his arms across his chest.

"Look, the only way that we are going to win this is if we work together, I stand by what I said as far as working to take some of them out, but we can't all go half cocked and start fighting before the first challenge. I'm not as sorry as you might think lil' ol' me is, but we each have strengths, else we wouldn't have been chosen. Let me be the face of the team, I will have everyone either loving us and or thinking that we are going to have no chance. Corbin, when we have a physical challenge, I think you definitely should lead. You can point out and guide us in what we need to do to maximize our chances. Jacen, something tells me that on thinking challenges you should lead. The bottom line is, we can use this competition to show that Hogwarts is not the best school, we are" She said. She didn't have any desire to lead outright, but if she could use diplomacy to point them in the direction of using all their strengths, then that is what she would do.

Jacen mulled it over for a moment, it did kind of make sense. After a moment, he turned to look at Corbin for his reaction.

"By taking out you mean cheating, there is no honor in that." he stated. "So leave me out, but as far as making Salem the better school I am all for that." he stated looking at his team members.

"Since when did honor have anything to do with winning you prat" She said, then softened her words. "I understand, and I will leave you out of it" She said glancing at Jacen to gauge his reaction.

Looking between the others, Jacen considered both sides before answering. "Maybe there's a middle ground here. I'm sure as a, debutant, you've got people skills. How about you try to gather information about the other teams while Captain America here and I work on our strategy for the first task"

"Sounds good to me" She said, hoping that they would be able to come together and win this thing.

Corbin nodded, "Then it's agreed."

Jacen nodded his approval. Perhaps working together would be the easy part. "Let's just hope we find out what the first task is before we come to it"

Barny looked to Jen and Reg, it was if MacAuley were repeating what he'd just said in a way.

"At least we're friends," Jen said, looked from Reg to Barny. "I'd hate to be in Salem's position. Can anyone work with the Diva?"

"I want to make it clear." Reg looked over to Barny, while he still held Jen's hand. "My main goal is to keep Jennifer safe. I don't care what happens to me, or you, as long as she is safe. So if comes down to you or her, she wins hands down. Nothing personal."

Barny smiled, "I dunno if they can work with her, but she knows how to stroke egos, among other things. Working with a diva isn't too hard, after all I work with Reg." He tagged Reg on the arm lightly. "Seriously though, Jen getting selected made us stronger. She's book smarter than either of us." Barny looked over at Reg. "I'm more worried about you. Protecting her is great, just don't do it haphazardly, She's not an invalid. I've seen her lay you out a time or three."

"He's right," Jen said. "I don't need you to protect me. I didn't sign up for this, and I don't want it, but I'm not going to quit or hide behind you and Barny. We're a team and we have to work as a team or we're going to fail." She looked over at Lindsay. "And I really don't want to lose to the pretty pretty princess over there."

"Hello?! I didn't sign up for this either, Jen." Reg replied as he looked at her a bit shocked at what she was saying. "I wasn't telling you to quit or stay behind me, all I said was that I was going to watch out for you. Your book smarts and Barny's.." He pause for a moment as he struggled a bit to find the words. "His... his... umm... running, jumping, skipping, hopping thing isn't going to cut it here and if your gonna jump on me for wanting to keep you our of harms way, then you might as well hand that Salem Diva over there that cup." He paused for a moment and then thought.

This thing was a way for him to prove to everyone what kind of person he was. Not the bully and jerk they all came to know, but the person he really was. The one Jen fell for. This might actually be a good thing and he was determine to pull this team together. "And I don't plan on doing that!" He yelled out at the two, now trying to pump them up and motivate them. "This is Hogwarts! This is our turf! No second rate beauty queen and Frog Legs eating Frenchies are gonna stomp on us on our home field! Not at this school and not with this team!" Reg smiled as he put his hands on their shoulders. "This is the Triwizard. This is eternal glory. This.... is..... HOGWARTS!"

"This is overdoing it," Jen chuckled, but she was happy to see Reg getting into the spirit of the competition. Maybe a little too much, but he'd settle into it, she was sure of that.

Barny chuckled, "I think he ate too much ham at the feast, he's turning into one... But we've been friends for a while now, and we've looked out for one another. I think we already have the right dynamic."

She slipped an arm around Reg and Barny. "To sportsmanship and showing them that Hogwarts students can work together as a team."

"Yeah." Reg paused for a moment as he gestured to Jen with a smile. "What she said." He let out a slight chuckle as he tapped Barny on the chest and smirked. "but I still plan on kicking some major butt. What do you say, Barny?"

"I got a size 10 blue boot that will do the job right nicely." Barny grinned. "You just make sure you don't lose one of yours on Miss Texas Charm."

When Professor MacAulay felt the teams had enough time to talk, she again addressed them. "All right. Classes tomorrow. Get to sleep. The first challenge will be announced in a week. Until them, do not let your studies suffer. Any champion who fails to keep up runs the risk of being replaced."


Professor Margaret MacAulay
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Barnabus Collins
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Reginald Price
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