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Open Potion

Posted on Friday, 8th of February, 2013 @ 3:19pm by Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Professor Jean-Paul Sangfroid & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Potion Class


Maxwell had gotten this Wand Control better; it lead to more of his completing assignments as they were meant, also that he had more fun with it as well.

He had resigned himself to teh back of teh class so his little 'blow ups' were not at the forefront of the class. It was doing his confidence good to be more on par with the class; of course he always did like potions, he had practiced with non magical items at home and not using the incantations. He started to think of something so simple as making hot chocolate in a way of mixing elements of a spell.

It might have seemed funny to most; even the students, but it helped him with his concentration and how to filter out what is not needed.

Today was like most other days; he sat in the back with his attention on the class around him, mostly upon those coming in the door; there was a girl he had to admit he had hopes might notice him and come over but thus far he was part of the wall. He started looking up spells to become part of a wall and only found a transfiguration to a fly that could ne on the wall thus far. He was afraid of getting swat before he would use that spell

Satele walked into class a little later than she should have, her nose stuck in her potions book. She was never realy good at potions or alchemy but what she lacked there, she more than made up for in spell casting.

Looking up from her book, she saw that the only seat left open was right up the back beside a young Gryffindor. Giving a sigh, she walked over and sat down

"You are a brave one." Maxwell said with a chuckle. Usually I have to be here by myself." He offered a hand. "Robin Maxwell, at your service."

"Satele Dragomir, it's nice to meet you" She said, shaking the offered hand, "i usually don't get to class so late. Your loss i guess, i'm terrable at potions" she explained, folding down the corner of the page she was reading before closing the book

"Maybe not so bad as potions aare among the few things I can get the hang of." Maxwell nod with a smile. "Just get a little better at Wand control and the 'poofs might end..."

Satele smiled, "well than, I guess we could help each other out. You can help me with my potions and I can help you with your wand control. How dose that sound to you?"

Maxwell smiled brightly. "You have just made a deal." He admitted. "Any help is always good I say so long as from a friendly type?" He nod. "Good thing we are both from same house or they might think we are cheating..." He laughed.

Satele shrugged, "I would have offered to help even if you weren't in Gryffindor" she said, pulling out a note book for class. As she opened it to look for an open page, Maxwell could see that the book was filled with notes on potion making. Most of the writing was lain out in a normal fashion, but in every clear space she could find, Satele had written side notes, observations she'd made from watching other students work.

Finally arriving at an empty page, Satele pulled out and ink pot and an eagle feather quill, "I hope we don't have anything too complicated to start with this year"

"Nothing WE cannot handle I think." Maxwell was impressed as when he opened his own book and flipped through the pages there were more of a 'scientific notation' format of his potion formulas with the classic cryptic style hand in the writing. "I have found if you listen to exactly how the instructor phrases and the emphasis o fletters it goes easier." He brought out his own pen and ink. "You have pleasnt pronuciation, that is a major part of potions in activating them." He smiled. "And taking good notes."

Satele shrugged, "Force of habit. I try to take notes on every detail of potion making i can. that way i can try to find out where i'm going wrong"

"That is a good thing to do, I tend to analyze the spell itself and figure what does not quite add up in how I wrote it?" He joked as he motioned the fact the teacher had arrived. "Time to listen and learn?"

Jean-Paul appeared behind them. No sound, no apparation, just quiet, smooth motion as he made his way to the front of the class. He faced the students with a disapproving scowl.

"Well," he said quietly, but his voice carried to every ear in the room, "I see that tardiness is one of the new habits you picked up since last I had you in my class, Miss Dragomir."His French accent was noticeable, but he could be understood quite easily nonetheless.

Satele blushed with embarrassment, "sorry professor, it won't happen again"

"I'm sure it won't." he looked at her. "Five points from Gryffindor. Now, class, take out your potion books and turn to page six. We will be studying to major components in the Confusing Concoction." He began lecturing without waiting for them to catch up.

Maxwell liked this course; it was one that he could understand well and he had his book quickly.

Satele on the other hand was dreading learning another potion. If it was a spell, she'd have it down pat in a few days.

"You know we will hear about this?" Maxwell joked. "We can make it up; if you listen well he is not so strict." He warned.

His ink well and quill were already waiting the use as the teacher spoke.

"You will notice in the revised edition of your textbooks," the professor began, "that there is one less ingredient than in previous editions. You will note this only of you read the footnotes." Jean-Paul's french accent was becoming more noticeable as he spoke. "I assume, students, that your list of ingredients includes St. John's Wort?"

Satele raised her hand, "sorry sir, but what's the St. John's Wort?"

Maxwell tried to give his new 'partner' a hint that the new ingrediant was a type of flower named after the British version not unlike the flower that the school's namesake is based upon.

"It is a flower; not unlike the Hogswart." Maxwell whispered.

"Oh, that's right. St. John's Wort is a herb known in the muggle world to help treat Depression"

Jean-Paul quirked an eyebrow. "A very wise man once said, 'Know thine enemy'. While muggles are not technically our enemies, even they have their uses. St. John's Wort is is the plant species Hypericum perforatum, and is also known as Tipton's weed, rosin rose, goatweed, chase-devil, or Klamath weed. It is a yellow-flowering, stoloniferous or sarmentose, perennial herb indigenous to Europe, which has been introduced to many temperate areas of the world and grows wild in many meadows. The common name comes from its traditional flowering and harvesting on the muggles' St John's day, 24 June. St John's wort is widely known as an herbal medicine for treating mild forms of depression." He glanced at Satele. "You may wish to write all that down."

Turning to the class, Jean-Paul spoke again. "Students, take out your cauldrons, and begin. Fifty points to the House who first brews the postion correctly, and exactly as described in the revised edition of the textbook."

"Prepare to gain forty five past the five we lost." Maxwell smiled. "I am a really good cook..."

Satele smiled, "well, that's good, because I'm not" she said, as she started writing notes in her book.

Maxwell was glad he could be something of a help to someone, that and he knew they could earn that 50 points.


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