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The First Challenge: Beauxbatons

Posted on Wednesday, 1st of May, 2013 @ 6:43pm by Mister Jason Wolfe & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Ministry Employee Maurelle Valentina & Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Seventh Year (BX) Pierre Audinot & Sixth Year Fantine Belliveau

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Hogwarts Garden, 1st challenge
Timeline: 3:00 PM


Pierre was the first to arrive. The garden was empty. The only sounds were that of the wind drifting through the rose bushes and shrubberies. He sat down on a bench, and waited for the others to arrive, curious about this first challenge, but unconcerned. He would have time to worry when he knew there was something to worry about.

Professor MacAulay waited for all three to arrive. "Welcome. Your first challenge is to get through the chamber and return here. You will find a portkey in the garden that will take you to the beginning of the first part of this challenge. You must work together to complete the first task. Once completed, you will find your way to the second part of the challenge. If you survive, you will need to find your way to where the portkey awaits. The three of you must touch the portkey simultaneously to return to the garden and end the challenge. Points will be awarded for time, ingenuity, unity and sportsmanship. The time begins when you touch the portkey. Good luck."

Pierre looked at Fantine. "Sommes-nous prets?" he asked, "Are we ready?"

"Ready as ever" Fantine replied with a slight smile.

"I do hope you will not mind my intrusion? Michele Bullete said in french as he entered after hearing the instructions. "No one is more surprised than I that the Alternate is to be a part of all this? I am ready for what awaits just wish I had more time to prepare with you rather than just being thrown into the fray"

Michele was a not unattractive young man who had paid attention to things and excelled at his art. More of one who does as he pleases he was calm but excited with the thought of two people to support him as well as being supportive. He did not want to fail his fellow champions nor his School.

Pierre spoke in French, taking in the arrival of the newcomer smoothly. "Michele, Fantine, each of us will search the garden. When we find the port key, we will notify the others and wait for them so that we may all touch the port key at the same time. Agreed?"

"Oui" Fantine responded simply.

Bullete' was beginning his search in the more obvious places near where he had seen the professor; he had emerged from somewhere and vacated in the same way so it would not be hard to deduce should the portkey was near him?

Pierre began searching. after looking through several rose bushes and a few hedges, he saw a very faint glow emanating from a birdbath near the gazebo. "Voila!" he called out to the others. "I have found it." He waited until all of them were there, then he looked at them and counted. "Un, Deux, Trois!" and grabbed the birdbath with the others. There was a popping sound as the air closed around where they had been.

With a pop the three appeared in a small room. There were four doorways. One had a lion with the head of a man, one a lion with the head of an eagle one a lion with the head of a woman and the last a lion with the head of a dog. All four seemed to stare at the champions.

Pierre looked around himself slowly, making no sudden movements. "Interesting," was his only comment.

"The oddity would be the Eagle." Bullete said. "The man and woman could be seen together as well as the dog but an Eagle does not fit the image as well perhaps?"

"Hmm... An androsphinx, a gynosphinx, a canisphinx, and a Raptosphinx," Pierre said softly. "The only mythological reference I am aware of is the Greek myth of Oedipus and the riddle of the Sphinx. That story involved the gynosphinx, there," he said, pointing to the female-headed door. "I wonder if we aren't supposed to answer a riddle..."

Pierre boldly took the lead, and approached the Gynosphinx. "Are you to be our first challenge?" he asked simply.

The Gynosphinx looked at the three champions. "If you wish to pass by me, you first must answer riddles three."

"Very well," said Pierre, taking on the leadership role. "Ask your riddles."

I'm a strange contradiction; I'm new, and I'm old,
I'm often in tatters, and oft decked with gold.
Though I never could read, yet lettered I'm found;
Though blind, I enlighten; though loose, I am bound,
I'm always in black, and I'm always in white;
I'm grave and I'm gay, I am heavy and light-
In form too I differ - I'm thick and I'm thin,
I've no flesh and bones, yet I'm covered with skin;
I've more points than the compass, more stops than the flute;
I sing without voice, without speaking confute.
I'm English, I'm German, I'm French, and I'm Dutch;
Some love me too fondly, some slight me too much;
I often die soon, though I sometimes live ages,
And no monarch alive has so many pages.

"Is that describing a book?" Fantine asked.

The Gynosphinx nodded slowly. "It is indeed a book. That is one correct. Now for riddle 2:

Round she is, yet flat as a board
Altar of the Lupine Lords.
Jewel on black velvet, pearl in the sea
Unchanged but e'er changing, eternally.

"I believe it is the moon?" Bullete suggested.

"That, too, is correct. One more riddle and you may pass." He sat taller and intoned the final riddle. "A dragons tooth in a mortals hand, I kill, I maim, I divide the land."

"It could be a sword?" Bullete suggested to his companions. "What say you?"

"It would seem to fit," Pierre nodded.

"Correct," the Gynosphinx announced. She stepped out of the door so they could enter.

Pierre again took the lead, and stepped through first. A hallway stretched out before the little group. At the end, he thought he saw many somethings fluttering and flying by. He caught the occasional glint of metal. Snitches? no, he realized as he approached. KEYS! They would have to find and capture flying keys!

A buzzer sounded in the air and the three Champions found themselves back at the garden. One of the judges came up to them, "You have passed the time limit for this challenge, she is over." He made some notes on his clipboard. "Yes, we will contact you later with the final results."


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