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A separate choosing

Posted on Saturday, 9th of February, 2013 @ 3:32pm by Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Craig Hamilton & Seventh Year (DS) Jacen Targaryen & Seventh Year (DS) Lindsay Penny & Seventh Year (BX) Pierre Audinot
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Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Library
Timeline: October 14th (Tuesday)

Barny was nervous as anything. He hadn't had a chance to really talk to Fiona alone since the choosing. Classes were over for the day and all he had left for the day was what he'd been looking forward to... and dreaded at the same time. He went into the library and headed to where she usually sat.

Fiona was engrossed in a book on early uses of herbs in wizardry and didn't notice Barny sit down.

Barny sat down, then stammered, "Will you go to the Halloween Ball with me, Fiona?"

"Umm, can I check with Jennifer first? I promised to help her prepare for the first challenge and it starts on Halloween. But if she doesn't need me, I'd love to go with you."

"Yeah, but the Ball is on that night, after the first challenge... With you being so beautiful, I didn't want someone else to ask you first." Barny said sheepishly.

"No one's likely to ask me," Fiona insisted. "But I promise, I won't go with anyone but you."

Jacen had been told by the Salem Headmaster about the Halloween Ball that was being held during the Tournerment and he'd desided to ask his teammate Lindsey out to the dance. He still wasn't sure about her, but he figured what better way to learn about someone's tendencies than in a formal event.

Walking up to the door leading to her room, Jacen took a deep breath and knocked three times

Lindsay wasn't in her room at the moment. She had slipped out roughly thirty minutes ago with the intention of finding Reg. There was a plan in place and she wanted to work on it. She had stayed back in the shadows of the great hall waiting for people to come in, and the moment she saw Reginald Price come in she put on a huge smile and ran up to him, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him. "Hi Sugar, you still gonna take me to this big ball yaw got goin on?" She asked, her face in a perfect smile, her eyes wide and bright. It was the face no mother could say no too, and that was what she was counting on others seeing. She doubted he would actually say yes, but she only wanted the others to see.

Reg looked over to Lindsay with complete confusion. He had no idea what was going on and thought for a minute this was some weird joke. "I'm sorry." He looked around and then back to her. "What are you talking about?"

"Somebody was kind enough to tell me you wanted to take me to the ball, ain't that true sugar?" she

Kelly had overheard, and much as she didn't like Reg, she also didn't want the other schools to be playing this sort of stupid game with one of the Hogwart's champions. She'd heard the rumor that it had actually been Lindsay who had messed up their pitch, something that made Kelly's blood boil as well. She walked up. "Oh, don't pay attention to her, she's been coming on to a lot of the Hogswart's boys, why just a little while ago, I saw her coming on to whats-his-name, Craig? You know, Millie's boyfriend?" Kelly said loudly enough for Millie to overhear.

Millie who was sitting not far away looked up over her book. Someone had said Craig and her name. She looked at them curiously wondering if they said anymore.

By now, Jacen had made his way down to the Great hall, looking for Corbin. Finding Lindsey wrapped around one of the Hogwarts champions, he gave a sigh and walked over to sit in the corner of the hall, out of sight of most of the people in the hall, but still in a position to observe the goings on. What the hell is she doing? he thought to himself. He couldn't see how this was going to improve their social image in any way.

"Somebody was kind enough to tell me you wanted to take me to the ball, ain't that true sugar?" she said to Reg, rubbing his arm and completely ignoring Kelly. She had no idea who this Craig person was, nor did she care.

"Alright, Look." Reg said as he eased his arm out of her grip and cleared his throat. "If I am gonna take anyone to the ball, its gonna be my girlfriend, Jennifer Collins. Got it?" He looked around and then back to her. "Besides, I don't think your schoolmates would approve of you going with the competition. At least you and I can agree with that, right?"

Pierre stood near a wall, knowing that one of the multitudinous female clingers-on would ask him to the ball. Naturally, he would only choose the most attractive. This was not pride or hubris on his part, he just knew from past experience that they wouldn't leave him alone. Perhaps if his mother had not been under the influence of a love potion when he was conceived...

Jennifer spotted Lindsay accosting Reg and walked over, slipping her arm through his. "Hello, Miss Penny. Lost?"

"No Miss Goodytwoshoes, I was just seeing if Reg wanted to take a real woman to the dance" She said, not even looking at Jennifer. She smiled at Reg, then leaned in whispering loud enough for Jennifer to hear. "It's ok, we can talk later" she said, then with a slight chuckle, she walked off.

Reg shook his head and smiled as he looked over to Jennifer. "That girl has issues." He put his arm around her, resting it on her waist and pulled her closer. "I was planning on going with my girlfriend to the dance, but I am not sure if she wants to go." He raised a brow and smirked again as he continued. "If she says no you want to go with me in her place?" He teased and then laughed as he brought her into a kiss, hoping Lindsay would catch it, and to stop Jen from answering too quickly. It was also because he hadn't kissed her in a while and was just dying for one.

Jen let him kiss her for several moments before she pulled back. She looked at the retreating Lindsay. "Does she honestly think I'd believe her?" She slipped her arm around Reg's waist and leaned against him. "It's probably because she can't get a date any other way. No sane person would want to be with her." She shook her head in bafflement. The girl was completely balmy. Then she turned bak to Reg. "You'll have to check with your girlfriend first. I don't poach -- unlike some girls."

Waiting for everyone's attention to move away from what had just happened, Jacen slipped out of the hall and hurried after Lindsey. Catching up with her, he tapped her on the shoulder, "hay, what the hell was that?"

Lindsay looked at him. "Planting seeds, planting seeds, I knew he wouldn't go with me, nor would I actually have gone with him were he to some how accept, just... working on something" Lindsay answered with a smile. She couldn't stand Reg or his little perfect girlfriend, and she intended to bring them down one way or another.

Jacen swallowed nervously, "so, you don't have a date for the ball?" He asked, hoping he had got in first

Lindsay smiled a little bit. She could be a pain in the neck and she could be mean to a lot of people, but to someone that was obviously nervous and was interested in her she had a soft spot, one of the few soft spots she had. She took his hand in hers and said "If you're askin, sure as day I would love to go with you" She said leaning in and hugging him briefly before scampering off. She didn't want to lay it on too thick, but she would definitely go with him and see how it went.

Jacen stopped dead for a moment, letting it sink in, before smiling and walking off towards the library

Kelly listened from behind the wall hanging, one of the advantages to wandering the halls late at night sometimes was that you knew the best hiding places. It wasn't as easy to hear what they were saying, but she was getting the gist of it. She hoped that she never was that lame. Then her face flushed as she remembered how she had been about Wellington and added "again" to that last statement. She needed to keep an eye on herself and Sam, or she could wind up that way again. She liked him, but... Once bitten, twice shy.

Reg smiled and then kissed Jennifer softly and passionately on the lips.

Jen broke the kiss and looked around. "Come on, you can help me with my homework." She slipped an arm through Reg's as the two walked towards the library. At least there no one would care if they cuddled.


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