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One year older (Part One)

Posted on Thursday, 7th of March, 2013 @ 1:51pm by Third Year (G) Zack Tepes & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Timeline: All hallow's day

Laying in his bed Zack was saddened by the thought of what this day was. This day bought nothing but pain and misery he thought as he ran his finger down the scar and stopped at his right eye. This day, his birthday, brought nothing happy for him and just like the last two, he had no one to share it with.

Zack arose from his bed, got dressed and started to head out hoping to clear his head with a brisk walk before breakfast he head for ground's out side some brisk morning air always felt good.

Barny had risen at his usual hour. Today was the day of the challenge, and he had meant to sleep in, maybe skip this little jaunt for the day entirely, but by the time his head had recovered from the throes of sleep, he was already dressed and out of the common room. No sense backing out now. As he slipped out the door, he spotted another person in a Gryffendor robe. "Hello, come to join me on my run?" Asked Barny.

Zack looked behind him "oh Barny, no I was not here to run, but at this point it might be fun. I need to do something to take my mind off things. What kind did you have in mind" he depressed.

Barny talked as he stretched, "Usually the only one who comes along is a little Slytherin Girl, she follows at a distance, just regular running, nothing fancy, but she keeps up alright. At first I thought she meant harm, but she's never done anything." Barny remarked. "Usually I parquor run, but the challenge is later today, so I think I'll stick with a regular one at a regular pace."

Zack's mind gleamed it's not what he had in mind but at least he would not spend all day by himself. Smiling Zack spoke clearly and happy "I would love to, you lead." as he began to stretch

Barny stretched his back one last time and began to jog, keeping the pace light. "We won't have too many more days like this. Already starting to see our breath in the air, I think Old Man Winter's going to hit us hard this year. But then, that's not what's wrong, now is it?"

Zack keeping to the left side of Barny "no there is nothing wrong with that in fact i don't mind the cold at all where I'm from it's always cold, to me this is nice temp". he said picking up the pace.

"Better than the summer heat, of course at that time of year I wear a lot lighter clothes." Barny stepped up the pace a little, their tail was back a bit, but having problems staying back because of the pace being so much less than usual. "Our tail is getting restless."

Zack laughed "then let give them what they came for" he said taking off in a dead run as he did he opened his right eye so to keep his balance and he always liked the trail of light it left behind him.

Barny smiled and kept pace with Zack. They were on the shore of the lake now, about to cross the bridge where a stream went under the castle. It wasn't on the maps, possibly because it had been overlooked when they had updated the maps after the reconstruction after the battle. "Some time I'd like to borrow one of the boats and explore that."

"Well how about after you complete you challenge's win or lose I'll borrow one for you" Zack said a little winded.

"Always nice to have company on little adventures." Barny smiled, but inwardly his mind had just hit on that he just couldn't picture Fiona going with him on that sort of adventure. He'd been caught up in her being pretty, and kind. That she would likely make the perfect traditional good-witch-wife. He shook his head as they reached a low wall and out of habit did a no hands somersault over it, then stopped for Zack to follow.

Not bad Zack thought to him self as he reached the wall. he had to stop he was not use to running at full speed for so long "sorry I need catch my breath not used to running this far and that fast". Zack said in between breaths.

Barny leaned against the wall on the other side, "Yeah, to keep up that kind of pace can wear you out if you aren't used to it. You have to train for it. Like I'm not especially strong, but I've trained my muscles for stamina rather than power." Barny shuffled his feet to keep the blood flowing evenly in his muscles. "We should move on, otherwise you'll get even more tired and get cramps. We'll take it easier so you don't wear out the rest of the way, it's not too far to the next entrance into Hogwarts."

Zack looked at him "well sound's like a plan i should not be worn out on my Birthday so you just set the pace" he said half smiling.

Barny set off at a light jog, enough to keep Zack's muscles from cramping while not really putting any stress on him. "You might want to take this up sort of regular, especially if you want to go for quidditch or something.

Zack smiled "if you have not noticed i have no friend's most people just dont seem to notice me so i have always run every other day just at a nice jog nothing faster it good for my swordsmanship"

"Swordsmanship? Which kind of sword?" Barny really had never had access to any kind of sword, but knew from books that there were many different kinds and that skill in one didn't necessarily translate into skill in another. The different hefts, lengths, breadths, balances. Some were made for stabbing, slashing or even in some cases for pummeling.

Zack looked at Barny "back sword why you ask ?" For him it was strange Question. People normally ask what style he use's not what sword he uses

"Back sword?" Barny thought about that. "Do you mean a bastard sword - a 'hand-and-a-half' or do you use a two-handed one like a claymore?"

"Back sword is a one handed sword that has one edge and a sharp tip to help stab an enemy as well . a good example is the saber." Zack stop what he was saying to see if there was anymore questions

"Why is it called a back sword then, Sabers are usually worn on the hip, aren't they?" Asked Barny, "Then again, those are the kind used by the US Marines."

"Not really sure" Zack thought for a minute then said "it could be because the sword has a back when most at the time were sharp on both end's"

By then they were approaching the side door they had been trying for. "There's still time for a shower before breakfast. If we hurry. I'll see you later, Zack." Barny said with a smile.

"See ya man" Zack screamed as he ran off and now I'm back to being alone he thought to him himself as he started slinking of toward breakfast ................................


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