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The Halloween Dance

Posted on Wednesday, 19th of June, 2013 @ 1:01am by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Third Year (G) Zack Tepes & First Year (G) Grace Kelly & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Evan Grant & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Third Year (G) Luther Cross & Fourth Year (G) Gabrielle "Bre" Belikov

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Gryffindor Girls' Dorm

Grace wanted to toss her quill down and do something. Her homework was driving her nuts. Twelve inches on jiggly puffs for DADA. It would have been a lot easier to do it on something other than that. That was due tomorrow. Potions and herbology...that was another story. She was trying to keep up. But they kept loading more and more on top of her and her classmates.

First years were not allowed to participate in the TriWizard Tournament. Since they were not allowed, did that allow all the professors to just pile homework on top of homework on top of homework on them? The stack of books from the library was piled two feet high on the floor next to her bed. She had marked each one of them with an OK spell. It worked about half of the time.

Then there was the dance. Grace loved to dance, but this was not her TYPE of dance. She had been asked by one of the older Gryffindors. She had been thrilled. So far, no one had said anything about her NOT going. Her mum had said that she would have an evening gown made for her.

She hoped that it would be a light pink or light red...not really pnk but between the two colors. Or maybe sky blue. Or maybe a purple close to lavender. Her mum had great taste in clothes; Grace had a hard time matching two socks together from time to time.

The only thing easier than this essay right now would be matching socks. She could at least use magic to match them. She couldn't use magic to write that essay.

She shook her sock problem out of her head and reached for another book. Just three more inches to go, she thought as she measured what she had written. Just three more inches. Maybe someone else would have an idea she hadn't had about jiggly puffs.

Keesha stepped through the portrait with an armload of books of her own and dropped them onto a table. Only then did she look up and notice the other girl. "Oh, hi! I'm Keesha. Who are you?"

"I'm Grace Kelly. I am having trouble with an assignment and I came down here to see if I could get some help," Grace told her. "It's nice to meet you."

Keesha giggled. "I'm not the best person to ask. The others will tell you I have a knack for messing up spells. Not as bad as this girl who was here last year. She'd set things on fire. Me, I just mess them up. But I'm happy to help if I can." She flopped into a chair and started organizing her books into three stacks.

"The first year is tough. The professors like to make sure you're really busy and have no time to do anything like make friends or sleep." Keesha grinned. " Still, it gets easier as you go. Just don't back talk and don't forget your homework."

"You sure are right about not being able to make friends. Forget sleep. What is that?" Grace asked Keesha. She was running on empty and it was just getting worse for the first year. Homework was weighing heavy on her mind as well as her bed. It might be getting close to being another all-nighter. "You got any help when it comes to organization of all this homework?"

"Yeah. Do the long ones first and get them out of the way. Then the shorter ones feel easy. And whatever you do, don't miss an assigment by Sangfroid. He'll eat you alive if you do. He's mean. So's the Astronomy teacher." Keesha pulled a face to show how awful they were, which turned out to be more comical than awful.

Grace looked at Keesha. "Sangfroid drives me nuts. He asks questions of everyone, but calls on the same person to answer them all. He criticizes potions until it's all I can do to walk out of the potions lab instead of slinking out. I like Astronomy. Then again, I do my best to just sit in the back of the room and then say nothing to anyone but listen and take notes. But then again, I'm pretty quiet in all of my classes."

"If Sangfroid doesn't like you, he picks on you. I spilled my potion on the first day and now he watches everything I do. It's too bad as Alena. Every potion she tried caught on fire. It was pretty funny, but the professor got really mad at her." Her eyes grew wide. "He almost turned purple once!"

Grace started laughing. Their Potions professor was not liked unless you were in his class. She tried to imagine him almost purple from rage. The laughter broke the tension inside of her. She started writing down all of the assignments and their due dates so she could maybe organize her work. She had a plan of action, and that made her feel so much better.

"Thank you for your help," she told the older girl, showing her the assignments and the priority listing she had made. Then she picked up her books and headed back to her bed. Things were too chaotic here for her to get anything done.


Grace Kelly
First Year Gryffindor

Keesha Thomas
First Year Hufflepuff


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