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Hogwarts VS Beuxbatons

Posted on Thursday, 15th of August, 2013 @ 6:48pm by Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Third Year (G) Zack Tepes & First Year (G) Grace Kelly & Professor Fenris Corrigan & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins

Mission: New Semester
Location: Quidditch Pitch

Millie strode out onto the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch. The pitch had been repaired since its vandalism. She could see that since the incident at the ball most of the two schools had turned out to see the competition.

Fantine walked out carrying her broom. Millie instantly noticed that she was carrying a Firebolt, still known as a very fast broomstick. "You know" Fantine said as she came face to face with Millie in the center of the pitch. "One on one is a bit... fast" she explained. "I think that WE can beat you".

A team of Beuxbaton students flooded onto the pitch and stood around Fantine.

"You scared? We have a full team" Fantine said. "This is going to be quick"

"Not so fast" Millie put her fingers in her mouth and let out a shrill whistle. "You didn't think that I would come without a team just incase this turned into a match?"

Hogwarts Quidditch players walked out onto the pitch. However they weren't all Ravenclaw players.
"I gathered up the best Quidditch players we have. We both have full teams, all we need now is a referee and you can see just how us English can beat you French".

Zac stood up from the side lines then I guess I have no choose to be the ref if no one objects let just began the game since both team's seem to be revved up and ready no point in stalling .

Kelly walked out onto the field, Unsure if there were enough beaters already. She was new to the game, but her savagery was already known in the few practice matches she'd been in. Her parents didn't know about her flying or she was sure they'd be horrified, that made her joining quidditch all the more delicious to her, and finally having an opponent that she could unleash on... She was half-drooling at the prospect.

Grace brought her broom to where everyone else was waiting. She was not the best Quidditch player around, but she could be a mean chaser when she had to be.

"Let's play some Quidditch!!" Grace called out, excitedly.

The box with the balls in was kicked open and Millie shot into the air. She naturally assumed the role of seeker watching out for the snitch.

"Ok then Hogwarts, lets shows these Beuxbatons how to play Quidditch!" she called out to the rest of the Hogwarts players.

Bullete' stood with his broom in hand, he was eady to play; the dance had not gone as well as he would have liked; this game was a match between two girls trying to be head chick. He shrugged and looked around to see what kind of girls were watching; that would help his performance to impress them.

Millie flew close as Fantine swooped across the pitch.
"Hey Frenchy! You think you can beat me at this, well you're wrong".

Fenris sat in the high tower bleachers with the other Governors and higher administration staff. It had been awhile since he had attended a Quidditch match even longer since he had played in one. He admired the players as she zoomed around the field.

Lindsay walked into the stand and looked around to see who was there and who she could make best use of. She saw Craig and smiled. "Hi, handsome," she purred, forcing her way into the seat next to him. "Mind if I watch with you?"

She didn't wait for his answer. She slipped her arm through his and smiled at him.

Belane had her hands full, though she had filled out a bit over the school year, and she had gained mostly muscle, she was still a bit lighter than the other beaters. She hadn't faced the warthogs before, so she didn't know their tactics, while she had seen the capabilities of the other teams at Beauxbaton and at least had an idea. She saw an opening and dropped like a stone, pounding the ball to make it bounce off the ground directly below where the opposing seeker should be flying low through in the next second or two.

Millie saw the bludger coming right at her, however it was too quick for her. It hit her hard in the stomach sending her flying backwards off her broomstick. The broomstick carried on for a few seconds then fell to the ground with her. She landed with a thud on the floor knocking her clean out.

There came a loud "Boo" from the Hogwarts stands. Craig had stood up and was trying to pull himself free of Lindsay.
"Lindsay I need to get to Millie" he said.

Kelly growled and flew into the developing fracas, relying on the speed and maneuverability for what she lacked in strength. She managed to deflect the bludger from it's course to fly straight at the back of Fantine as she moved past. The impact with the bludger was enough to corkscrew Kelly a few times before she was able to level out, only hanging onto the broom by locking her legs around it.

Lindsay let go of Craig so that he could rush to Millie's side, but not before planting a kiss on his cheek -- where MIlling would see the lipstick mark.

Fantine was also hit with the bludger, the impact knocked her also off her broom. The other Beuxbatons stopped in midair as they saw Fantine fall and hit the ground with a thud only a few feet away from the crumpled Millie.

With no seekers the game could go on forever. There was a massive screaming and shouting of insults from the stands. Hogwarts VS Beuxbatons was on, poor Salem just didn't know who to side with. Their students just disappeared into the crowds.

It was shaping up for a battle royale when the school staff stepped in and the match was cancelled- Officially only Beaubaton's had scored, so they were declared the winners.


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