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Experimental Peruvian Magic

Posted on Wednesday, 8th of May, 2013 @ 8:52pm by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Professor Nicholi Nostradamus & Professor Johnathan Heartseed

Mission: New Semester
Location: The Amazon Rain Forest - Somewhere Out there beneath the pale moon light.
Timeline: Current

My Dear Professor MacAulay,

I hope this finds you well as you are reading this the Hogwarts governors are already meeting to decide on my replacement. My trip to Peru has been quite productive. So productive in fact that I have decided to stay on here for the time being to continue my research into Peruvian Experimental Magic. The governors have been informed of my desire for a extended sabbatical. Please be advised the Goblins of Gringotts have been sent to remove my personal effect to my vaults. You should also expect an owl momentarily from the governors Electing a new Head Master.

It has been my highest honor working with you these past years.

Hoping you are well,

Professor Emeritus Nicholi Nostradamus
Honorable Mudwump
The International Confederation of Wizards British Seats

Maggie read over the note twice. He was leaving? Yes, she was used to Professor Nostradamus taking extended trips of a week or so to look up this or that it of magical lore, but he'd never stepped down as headmaster to do so.

For a brief moment she was offended that she hadn't been considered for the position. She was next in line, after all, and it was custom for the deputy headmaster to take over when the headmaster retired. But on second thought, she was glad they hadn't asked her. She would have said yes and that would mean she would have to step down as Transfiguration teacher and she quite enjoyed teaching. Besides, she had plenty of time to become headmaster. She was still young and wanted to spend more time teaching and doing her own research before moving on to something else, whether it be headmaster or something outside of Hogwarts.

Her next thought was of the new headmaster. The board of governors had said nothing to her about any changes at the school. Nor had they visited recently. But with the TriWizard Tournament they were more concerned with public image and making sure no one got hurt than anything else. She would probably have to keep things in check until she heard from either the board or the new headmaster. She carefully filed the letter away and went back to her paperwork.

"Excuse me, miss? Might you tell me where I might find the Deputy Headmistress? I was led to believe that this was her office, obviously the students were playing a prank on me, you're much too young to be in such a position." Said Johnathan.

One side of Maggie's mouth quirked up at the humor. "I'm far too old to be a student, but thank you." She stood to address the newcomer. "I"m Maggie MacAulay. How may I help you?"

Johnathan smiled, "I didn't think you a student, more a young teacher here. My name is Johnathan Heartseed, formerly an auror, more recently, I was made Headmaster here." He held out a scroll for Maggie to take. "Though after looking over your credentials, I daresay they might have been better promoting you. You've been doing old Nick's job for quite some time now while he's off galavanting about. I was on a very short list of people to take over, so I was a wee bit prepared for when the call came. After that it was easy enough to ride the floo to Hogsmeade, and..."

"Here you are." She looked the man over, then took the scroll and read it. "The governors probably thought I was too young for the job. And, to be honest, I have plenty of time to become headmaster." She smiled at the man and handed back his scroll. "Besides, I don't want to have to deal with the Ministry right now. They're far too concerned with every facet of the TriWizard competition right now."

She waived to her desk. "Can I offer you some tea?"

"That would be lovely, Miss MacAulay, or can I call you Maggie in private?" He said with a waggle of his eyebrows. "So how is the Tri-Wizard Tournament doing? Is Durmstrang still refusing to come to Hogwarts?"

"You may call me Maggie," she said, ignoring his implications. "The ministry chose two schools. This year, it was Beauxbatons and Salem. I do not know wheter or not Durmstrang was invited."

"Ah, Outside the school, one hears different rumors than you hear inside the school. The truth usually lays somewhere in between." He sipped at the tea that she had handed him. "I suppose the next few weeks, between learning the job from you, I should audit some of the classes to get to know the teachers, the courses, some of the students. Maybe a staff meeting at some point? Informal of course, light snacks, coffee, tea and such?"

"I would think you'd know something of the job, otherwise why be chosen for the position?" Maggie asked. "But I do agree that it would be a good idea to get to know the professors and how the school operates. Too many people think they need to change everything when they take over. I believe that if it's not broken, it does not need to be fixed." She would not say that having a headmaster that didn't run off all the time following stories of ancient magic would be a good thing.

"Well, I think that each Headmaster will have some policies that are different than the previous ones. I think that you'll find I'm rather hands on... I want to know the faculty and plan to take an active part in some of the most promising student's lives. I think that the best of us only really shine when pressure is applied." He looked at Maggie and smiled before taking another step of tea.

"A little pressure is fine, but I would rather have the best students graduate and do well than have them fail because they can't handle the pressure. These are children, after all."

"Oh, I agree, the goal isn't to break them, it's to make them." Johnathan said with a smile.

She raised an eyebrow. She had doubts that his idea would work. She knew most of the children as they'd come through her class. She knew the ones who stood out and tried hard. Many would love the extra burden. More would not. "I would like to know exactly what you have in mind. As I've been here for several years, I have insights that may help you finess your ideas."

Johnathan smiled, "Nothing firm quite yet, most likely allowing them access to extra materials and a little homework. Nothing dangerous. There are differences between the curriculum in the different schools, for example. Salem for example gives an option between Herbology and Minerology. Durmstrang not only teaches DADA, but DA itself" Johnathan looked at her, "We won't go quite that far!" He said in a sarcastic tone. "There are magics that they would never have the opportunity to learn that could give them the edge in their futures. To those with the ability and the drive to learn them, this is an opportunity for them to better themselves as wizards and witches." His eyes gleamed happily. "We have been entrusted with their futures, and I don't believe what happened with the muggle education system in the Americas around the turn of the century. They started a program called "No child left behind" that made the American educational system nearly useless. They passed children along that they never should. So many that could have been better served being held back a year weren't. These picked students would be the equivalent of advance placement. I can't say that it would be easy for them, but they would be free to opt out as well."

"I heard of that. It's a very sad state of affairs for Muggles." Maggie shook her head sadly. "That aside, I think allowing some of the students to learn things they would not otherwise be exposed to in school would be an excellent opportunity."

Johnathan set down his empty teacup and arose, "Well, this has been pleasant, but in the meantime, I should be visiting my office and setting my room to rights. Thank you for your time, I think I'll enjoy working with you."


Johnathan Heartseed

Deputy Headmistress,
Maggie MacAuley


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