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The First Challenge: Hogwarts Part 2

Posted on Wednesday, 1st of May, 2013 @ 6:56pm by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Hogwarts garden, 1st challenge
Timeline: 12:00 Noon

Reg smiled as he hit Barny on his shoulder and put his arm around Jen. "Great job, guys. Lets hope they are all this easy."


"I think they're lulling us into a false sense of security," Jen said. She walked down the corridor to where it opened into a large chamber. As soon as she stepped into the chamber she was bombarded by hundreds of flying keys nipping and biting her. "Ouch!" She jumped back into the corridor and hid behind Reg and Barny. "Okay, now what?

Barny though about it for a minute, protego would help, but only for a short while, "Confundo maybe? Confuse them long enough to pick out the one to the exit door?"

Reg looked over and saw a floating broom. He smirked, clearing his throat and holding up his hands. "Relax, guys. This one is all me." He looked at Jen and then to Barny with a cocky smirk and walked over to the broom, taking a hold of it. "I am the most skilled with a broom. Best Hogwart's Chaser.... Ever." He laughed, getting on the broom and smirked. "No sweat." He winked and flew up quickly, looking sharply at anything that could possibly be the right key. They all looked the same, but that could only mean the right key was different in some way.

Barny watched as the keys made a beeline for Reg, and he was barely aloft before he was aloft. "What in the blazes does he think he's doing? Now he's in the way, I can't cast Confundo because if I do, it'll hit him too."

"If he wants to deal with them, let him," Jen said. "I want to see what the door has to offer. Come on." She grabbed another broom and used it as a fly swatter, swatting keys as they dove at her.

She got to the door and stopped, surprised and pleased. "It's runed!"

Barny followed suit, swinging the broom to try to knock a path through and keep the keys off of Jen as she examined the door. "The broom or the door? I don't see anything wrong with either one of them, Oh! Runed."

A key thumped Jen in the back of her head and she swatted at it. "Keep that up and I'll light you on fire!" she threatened as another one hit her in the back. "I wonder if we could just light them all on fire and pick through the keys when their wings are burned off."

She turned back to the door and began to focus on the runes.

Barny kept swatting at the keys. "We'd like as melt them as just burn off their wings, can't risk turning them into useless lumps of metal, not to mention with our luck, it would just make them into red hot flying keys."

Reg was getting sick of flying around and being bombarded by swarms of keys. He flew down, landing a bit roughly, and made his way to Barny and Jen. "As fun as that wasn't... Those bastards are relenting. Then seem to not want me around there, so they might be important." He looked at the door and tried it, but it wouldn't budge. He only let go of the handle in frustration. "Well it was worth a shot. What do you guys got?" He flipped the broom over and held onto it by the stick and swatted some of the keys away. "Back off! Having a discussion! Doesn't concern you!" He put he broom back down, leaning against it and looked at them, breathing heavily. "Sorry... They are annoying."

"Jen said the door is rune-bound, and", he hissed as a key grazed right below his eye, "maybe I should try confundo now?"

"There are a lot of keys, Barny. You think you can get them all at once?" Reg looked at him with a raised brow and then to Jen. "How about we do it all together? That way we can try and get them all and deal with stragglers. Won't stop them permanently, but it will buy us some time." He shrugged while looking at them.

"Sounds like a plan." Barny raised his wand, "On the count of 3 everyone, 1... 2... 3! Confundo!"

Reg pulled out his wand and held it out, waiting for the sign. Once Barny said '3' he yelled out "Confundo!"

Jen joined in long enough to cast the spell, then went back to reading the runes. "The door is trapped. If we don't break the curses in the right order and in the right time frame, we'll set them off."

"It's a door, right. So obviously it needs a key. Maybe that's why these guys were so attack crazy. It's among them." Reg ran over to the fallen keys and started to look around, shuffling through some. "Dammit! They all look the same!"

In between swings, Barny looked around, trying to spot one that was different, especially in the area where Reg had said he'd had difficulty.

Jennifer pulled out a notebook and began to make notes on the runes. As she did, she began to see the pattern. "There are three traps on the door. If we make a mistake, we set off all three." She had to stop twice to dodge attacking keys.

She raised her wand and put up an invisible shield. She grinned in perverse satisfaction as the keys thunked against the shield.

Barney didn't have a broom like Reg did, "I'll try to distract them while you look for the key." He took off his jacket, which left him a bit vulnerable, then waved it in the air, smacking several of the remaining keys to the ground and getting the rest of the key's attention.

Jen drew several magical runes on the door to connect the other runes and to counter their effect.

The first curse was broken without a problem. "One down," she announced.

"C'mon Reg, we don't have forever, she's broken the first curse!" Yelled Barny as the keys launched a particularly vicious attack that left his face bleeding in several places, and would have taken an eye if he hadn't closed them in the last second.

[To be continued]


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