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All Hallows Eve; The Bewitching Hour (part 2)

Posted on Friday, 3rd of May, 2013 @ 5:33pm by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Madam Margarita Lopez & Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas & Professor Jean-Paul Sangfroid & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Professor Fenris Corrigan
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Mission: September 1 A new Beginning



Fenris walked in, "I wouldn't be touching the body Professor." he said as he took a knee near the body. Taking his wand out and casting a spell over the body to keep it in its current state.

"That is why I called the two of you," Maggie said to Nicholi. "You get to find out what happened and keep the students from panicking. I will take Miss Thomas back to bed."

She wrapped an arm around Keesha and led her back to the Gryffindor common. There, she was sure, she would find other students awake and waiting for information.


Fenris nodded as he had locked the body in a locking spell. "We should move the body to a secure location." he said looking up at Nicholi.

Tiger Lily tried to mold herself into the place she hid, hoping they did not want more illumination as they would give away her position and if she flew away she would be caught as well. She had to remain calm and wait for the right moment. She crouched poised to make a break for it and int a mouse hold if needed.

"Let's take her to the hospital wing." Nichloi said.

Satele stood off in a dark corner, watching the Professors. She'd heard the scream all the way up in the Gryffindor Girls Dorm and had come running to see what had happened and by the time she'd reached the great hall, the Adults were already there. Keeping her breaths short and shallow, Satele stood as still as she could.

The Prefects were on the ground now in full force, whenever something like this happens, it was their job to ensure that the grounds were for the most part, protected. Reece walked around by himself looking after western part of the grounds. His wand providing the light he needed as he tried to shield himself from the harsh elements. Hopefully this will be handled before long so he could get some rest tonight.

Jennifer was studying in the Gryffindor common room when Professor MacAulay came in with Keesha. "Is anything wrong?"

"No, dear. Miss Thomas had a bit of a scare, that's all. I've given her some cocoa, she should be able to sleep now." Maggie gave Keesha's shoulders a gentle squeeze. "Off to bed with you."

When the girl had climbed the stairs, Maggie walked over to Jen. "She found a body outside the Great Hall. Professor Nostradamus and Mr. Corrigan are looking into the matter. Please check and make sure all your girls are accounted for."

Jen nodded and hurried upstairs. She returned a short time later. "One girl is missing. Satele Dragomir."

"Stay here. I'll go find her. I don't believe there's cause for alarm as yet."

"Yes, ma'am," Jen said. She was more curious than anything as to what was going on and who the body belonged to. "Professor MacAulay, was it a student?"

"No, dear. We're not sure if it's a professor or not. Not yet, anyway. It may still prove to be a All Hallows prank," Maggie assured her, but she herself didn't believe it was a prank.

MacAulay smiled reassuringly and slipped out the door to round up the missing student.

It didn't take long for Maggie to locate the recalcitrant student down by the Great Hall. "Miss Dragomir."

Satele jumped in surprise at the sound of her name. Turning toward where the voice came from, she came face to face with Maggie, "oh, Professor, is there something wrong?" She asked, trying to play innocent

"Yes. You are out of bed," Maggie said. "There's nothing here for you, just a foolish All Hallow's prank. Now, back to the dorm with you."

"If it was just a prank professor, why were Headmaster Nostradamus and Mr. Corrigan down here? Surely the Prefects could have handled it" Satele asked, glancing over to where the body was than back to Maggie.

"Because we they are looking into who did it. If it is a body, they don't know who it belongs to," Maggie told her.

Satele nodded, "Is there anything i can do to help?" she asked, smiling hopefully

"Not at the moment. Not until Professor Nostradamus and Mr. Corrigan find out what's going on. Nothing tonight at least," the professor said. "So I suggest you get a good night's sleep."

Satele nodded in response, "Alright professor, I'll head back to the dorms. If there's anything I can do to help, I'll be more than happy to lend a hand" she said as she turned and headed back up to the Gryffindor Dorms

"Ill come with professor" said Tepes walking from out the shadow's with his left eye closed and right eye open looking though his fake eye and as he walked up to her a small red trail fallowed his eye making it look like he was moving faster then what he really was.

Maggie watched the girl depart, then decided to have a quick look around for any other curious children before heading to bed herself. She would leave the investigations to Nicoli and Fenris. For now.

Reece entered the Great Hall, news of what happen spread pretty quickly when everyone around you starts talking about it. He had checked the grounds and all the houses before heading over to see if he could help with anything.

With all the confussion it was the only chance Tiger Lily had to make her break for it. She took to flight along the cieling, yes she left a trail bit by the time they caught her she would be well and away. Her 'Mistress' would be very cross if Tiger Lily was caught and she had to get to the Hospital Wing to see what the people would come up with and report it to Tiger Lily's master.

Corrigan decided to not wait around and grabbed the body as he was disapparating and reapparating inside the hospital wing. With a flick of his wand towards the doors they slammed shut.

"Nurse, I'll need a spell to keep people out if you wouldn't mind while I work" Fenris stated turning to the body. He set up one of his wands up hovering next to his head as he began to record the autopsy.

Jean-Paul arrived moments later, slipping past the nurse, took in the scene with one or two breaths, and approached. He quietly observed the autopsy, doing his best not to distract Fenris. Just when things were starting to get boring, he thought.

"Does that include the Professor?" Margarita asked.
However, she was too late to keep Professor Sangfroid out. But, as he was a professor and the only one that actually scared her, she left him alone.

Jean-Paul was able to identify the body, but he held his peace. He wanted to see just how good Fenris was at magical forensics. He listened intently to what Fenris was recording, taking mental notes and slowly forming his opinions.


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