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ESC 1 (1st-2nd Years)

Posted on Sunday, 30th of June, 2013 @ 9:20am by Professor Johnathan Heartseed & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & First Year (G) Grace Kelly & First Year (G) Shadow Stowly SLS & Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Second Year (R) Emily Williams & Third Year (H) Caleb McCullin & Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Garden
Timeline: Just after breakfast

Johnathan waited for the children to arrive. He knew he'd never hear the end of it if he didn't include MacAuley, but he knew she wasn't going to like this.

Grace arrived and wondered why she was here instead of in their classes. The look on the Hogwart's champion this morning didn't look too hot. It probably had something to do with that.

Keesha showed up a few minutes later and smiled at Grace, then plopped onto the ground.

Maggie wondered what the new Headmaster wanted with the youngest students. She stood on the outside of the group to find out what was going on.

Caleb walked into the garden area and looked around. With a smile, he walked further in and took a seat by the large tree. He opened his book on King Arthur and his Knights and began to read.

"Alright, children, gather round and have a seat on the grass, I have something very important to talk to you all about." Said Johnathan. As the children settled, so did he, using his cloak as as ground cloth and taking care as he settled down, using his cane as a support on the way down.

"I know that you're all excited about the Tri-Wizard challenge, but that some of you are wishing that you could have a more active role in the proceedings, or at least something that can be challenging for you." He smiled at the children conspiratorially.

"I've been talking to your teachers for months now, having them nominate the best and the brightest among you to join this little group." Johnathan paused for the compliment to sink in. "Unfortunately, I have need of some of your talents already. It seems that someone poisoned one of this school's champions this morning."

Keesha gasped. "No way!" Was that the commotion she'd seen at breakfast?

"Now don't worry, he's seen the nurse and he's going to be fine... Green with purple blotches and scaly for a while, but fine." Johnathan smiled at that, trying to put a humorous spin on things to make them a little less serious. "Now I'm not sure if you can do much, but it's time for you to try to step up. I've arranged for passes for the next 3 days that will excluse you from classes, and yes, even that herbology pop quiz tomorrow, though I still want you to keep up with your studies where you can."

Maggie folded her arms, displeased that he was excusing them from a quiz and basically giving them an excuse to skip classes. These children were far too young to be involved in any of this.

Johnathan continued, "But the reason is that I want you to try to figure out who was behind the poisoning. One of you actually identified the poison as Polishweed, from Professor Longbottom's lectures and independent study, so that's your first clue. I want you to find out where they got the poison, WHO got the poison, and how it was administered to the champion."

"I know your houses tend to frown on cooperating with certain other houses, but we need to put that aside. This is for all of Hogwarts, because if someone is trying to put Hogwarts out of the running in the Tri-Wizard Challenge, then it affects the whole school and not just one house. So in this, I want you all to work together to find the answers. I do NOT want you to confront the person who did it, I want you to tell either myself or Professor MacAuley, any teacher will do in an emergency. I just want the information, and not to put you into any danger."

Maggie was livid. How DARE he endanger the children this way. It was far too dangerous. She would have a word with him as soon as the children were gone.

Johnathan could feel the heat coming off MacAuley, he was in for an earful afterwards. He considered making a run for it for a moment, but no, that would just make it worse.

"Remember, you aren't to confront or accuse anyone, just poke around and use those inquisitive minds, then tell myself or Professor MacAuley. Run along then."

"And do not forget, if you break any of the house rules you WILL get detention," Maggie interjected.

Emily sat there, she had no idea what was going on. She kept to herself most of the time, she just liked to be alone and didn't want to work with others. She was just hoping that this tournament would get out of the way soon so she could get back to classes as normal.

Kelly smiled, Barney was ok, and a maybe a chance to snoop on the Griffyndork common room... She saw Heartseed slipping away and noticed MacAuley getting ready to run off after him. "Professor MacAuley, Oh Professor! I need to talk to you about maybe checking out the Griffyndor common room, there might be a clue there, but I need permission!"

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