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ECS1 (3rd & 4th Years)

Posted on Sunday, 30th of June, 2013 @ 9:36am by Mister Jason Wolfe & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Third Year (G) Zack Tepes & Third Year (G) Luther Cross & Fourth Year (G) Gabrielle "Bre" Belikov & Madam Margarita Lopez & Third Year (S) Virgil Constantine

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Caretaker's Shack, Edge of the Forbidden Forest
Timeline: After Breakfast

Jason stood outside his cabin, with Margarita beside him, and watched the confused students walking down from the school.

Satele and Bre walked down together, talking over a book from the library on transfiguration, a subject they were both struggling in. As soon as they were about twenty meters from Jason, the two stopped their discussion and turned their attention to him

Virgil stood in the back with the others. His hood over his head and face as he peered through with his lightly colored eyes. He listened to everyone else, a blood flavored lolipop in his mouth to relax his nerves and keep his hunger at bay.

Zack stood on the left of every one else drinking a bottle of orange juice.

"Alright everyone, gather round!" Jason waited for the children to gather and quiet. "Apparently, the Headmaster has decided to enlist your help, says you've been selected out of all the students of your grades as showing special promise."

"Earlier today, one of the Hogwart's champions came in to the Infirmary. He'd been poisoned with Polishweed and Mugglewort. You've all seen them in Professor Longbottom's class, but they look like this." Jason held up a drawing of each that had been copied straight out of their textbooks.

Zack looked at the drawing. ummm correct me if I'm wrong but how did these plant's get here. herb is not my strong suit but i thought these two plant's did go in this area. Zack said handing the drawing back

"Plenty of reasons. The woods has a bit of natural magic of it's own for supporting plants and creatures not normally at home in these parts, the seeds could have been dropped by a bird or other animal, or been planted by someone unscrupulous." replied Jason.

"In any case, these are both dangerous plants, the one can make you very sick, and the other can render you temporarily without magic. We know that that particular champion jogs out here near the edge of the forest every day, so he may have come in contact with the plants out here on his morning jogs. If you find any of these plants, you need to use these gloves and bags to pick it so we can dispose of them. We're going to stay in sight of each other, and if you see any of these actually in the woods, you need to tell myself or the nurse and we'll fetch them. Any Questions?"

Satele rose her hand, "why can't we just destroy these plants when we see them? A spell like Incendeo or Reducto should do the trick"

Jason smiled and looked at her, "Incendio might destroy them, but it might also light up the woods, or destroy another plant that is useful. Reducto would just make it smaller and harder to see, making it more dangerous for someone else coming along. Besides, Professor Longbottow is going to keep some of these for his personal stores, as they do have other uses besides the qualities we mentioned."

Satele nodded, "alright, i understand"

Bre than put her hand up, "are we aloud to take a few samples ourselves?"

Jason did a double take, "Not suggested, what if someone's pet got into your supply? Or if someone else got sick from the same stuff, the fingers might point your way."

"Alright then, lets get picking." Said Jason.

"And be very, very careful," Margarita added.

Moving off together, Satele looked to Bre, "what was that all about?"

Bre looked confused, "what do you mean?"

Satele changed her facial expression to one of sarcasm, "so you think asking to keep some dangerous plants for yourself doesn't look suspicious?" She asked

Bre shrugged and continued looking for the plants

"Keep some for ourself?" Jason whispered to Margarita.

"For the hospital wing, yes. They're very useful in potions," she said.

"I more meant a student asking that. This poisoning business, it's just not good. If it had been one or the other, I'd think it an accident. He's no herbology genius, but you'd think he'd had turned up before if it was really out here." Muttered Jason.

Zack headed toward the lake with a strained look on his face things did not add up and it made him uneasy.

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