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Three of a Kind

Posted on Friday, 2nd of August, 2013 @ 9:51pm by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning


The second challenge was over and the students had the rest of the day free to relax.

Jennifer was content to lay on Reg's leg and examine a clover leaf. "How do you think you did on the exam?" she asked.

Reg let out a sigh and ran his hand through his hair. "Pretty good, I hope." He said softly and looked down at her. He ran his hand through her hair and looked around. "I can't help but think I missed something or got one wrong. The exam is over and I am still feeling uneasy."

"I'm sure you did fine," Jen assured him. "And even though we took the test individually, it's still a team competition."

Barny wandered over, Still covered in purple with green polka-dot scales, slowly molting away in patches to normal skin. "Mind if I join you?"

Reg looked over to Barny and couldn't help but laugh again. Everytime he saw him ever since the end of the last challenge, he could help it. It had to be the way he looked now with all his patches. "I'm sorry... I can't help it, Barny Boy. Its just... there is so much color in your face now." He laughed again.

"Yeah, yeah, just cuz I look like your usual cuddle-buddy..." Barny's grin took some of the bite from the comment, "Where is Razzy, anyway? I haven't seen him for a while."

"Please, sit down," Jen said, trying to cover for Reg. "How are you feeling?"

"Rasputin? Oh, he is probably slithering through the pipes with his partner in crime, Tribble. So there is no telling where they could be." Reg answered Barny as he looked up slightly from his position with Jen.

"My stomach feels like someone's been using it like a timpani. Not to mention the stares... And there's so many folks watching us. The new headmaster picked out some prize students and told them to keep an eye on us, you know. Not that I mind Fiona watching me..."

"I don't think she minds, either," Jen said, grinning. "She's been helping me with research, but I know she's been worried about you."

Barney blushed, "Yeah, well, our last actual date was kind of a disaster, thanks to advice from Ben Bradley. How was I to know that the tea shop was a make-out place. Maybe this summer I can take her out to a movie and dinner or something." Barney moved to scratch his face, but stopped himself, he'd been told that scratching might make it last longer.

"Yeah, Ben's advice wasn't very good at times," Jen said. "Just hang out with Fiona, study with her. Or maybe the four of us could hang out together?" she asked, looking down at Reg for approval.

"I don't know if your girl will be completely comfortable with me. Most of these guys haven't gotten used to the new and improved Reginal Price. Everyone still see's me as the old Price." He said as he looked over to Barny, then to Jennifer.

"I don't know, I've seen some changes. I think with a little time, we'll have you in your proper house... Hufflepuff!" Barney laughed.

"Hufflepuff?" Reginald looked at him with a raised brow. "So.. you want me to hurt you now. Is that right, Barnabus?" He laughed shortly after, not being able to keep a straight face.

Rasputin slithered out of a pipe and through the grass leading to the garden. "I can't believe we lossst track of time, Fuzzy." He said slightly muffled as he held Tribble in his mouth, as they slithered their way to the meeting area. He was eager to find out how they all did, more so Reg then any of the others. Reg spent a long time studying, just to keep up and prepare for these tests. He didn't expect to ever see him study this hard for anything, but since his human companion and Jennifer got together, he had turned into a different person. "For the record.. Thisss isss all your fault. I blame you and will alwaysss blame you."

Tribble responded with a growl sounding purr. A sound that only made Rasputin giggle to himself.

As they got between the three students, Rasputin coiled up and put Tribble down. He lowered his nose and slide the Pigmy Puff to the back of his head as he rose up with a smile and light hiss. "How did you do? How did you do?". Tribble began to squeek happily. "I am sssure Jen did fine, Fuzzy Ball. I am more interesssted in knowing how my man Reg did?"

Rasputin turned around, looking at each of the group and stopped as he saw Barny. He saw the purple, and scaley, skin covered in green spots. He was completely confused and then closed his eyes letting out a scream in horror. "Run, Fuzzy! Every creature for themssselvesss! Call an exorcist! He isss posssesssed!" The snake slithered away and bumped into the tree, stopping in his tracks. "Ow! Take the fuzzy one, he isss sssmall and weak." The Pygmy Puff let out an angry squeak. "Ssshut up, Fuzzy. The needsss of the many outweigh the needsss of the fuzzy. Or whatever the pointed eared guy on televisssion sssaid!"

Jen couldn't help laughing at Rasputin. "Don't worry, he looks that way because someone tried to poison him. That's the side effect of the antidote."

"I'm thinking it was more than one person. I got told later that it was 3 different poisons. I could see each of us getting one, but 3 different ones on just me? I can't see it all being the same person." Barney grumbled.

"Neither can I," Jen said.

Fiona walked into view and smiled at the group. "Hi! Is this a private party or can anyone join?"

Reg sat there by Jen, quietly. He didn't say anything to Fiona, he just smiled.

Barney smiled, "You're always welcome, don't worry, I didn't sprout wings and become a flying purple people eater."

"As long as you've had your shots, I'll take a chance," Fiona teased. She took a seat next to Barney and examined his new skin. "So, how's life as a Purple People Eater?"

"It's useful only for scaring small children and it itches like a couple of hundred mosquito bites." Barney chuckled. "I'm afraid to try anything on it in case that interacts worse, or it just prolongs this."

"What did the nurse say?" Jennifer asked.

"It will go away in a day or two, and not to scratch it. I think they told the first years more about what poisons they used than they told me. I know one was polishweed, and something that sapped my magic. It's only just coming back. Luckily, even though I am a pureblood, I was raised among the muggles, so I'm not totally helpless. Darned lucky the second challenge was theory and not practice." Barney sighed.

Fiona gently rubbed his arm, careful not to get any itchy patches. "You'll be fine. At least you got to the infirmary quickly. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Barney smiled at Fiona, "Just being here is good for me, I'm easy."

Fiona gave him a mock-shocked look. "I certainly hope not."

Jennifer got up and turned to the others. "Sorry to run, but I've got to study. Talk to you later!"

"but Loyal." Barney smiled at Fiona, "It's getting on dinner time now anyway, and I was not up to having lunch, so maybe you'd care to accompany me to dinner, Madam?" Barney offered his arm and led the way towards the great hall.


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