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Posted on Monday, 22nd of July, 2013 @ 6:53pm by Professor Johnathan Heartseed & Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Headmaster's Office


Maggie waited until classes were over to head to the Headmaster's office. She'd been there many times and, fortunately, had been given the new password to get past the gargoyle. She marched up the stairs and knocked at his door.

He'd been dreading this... But he put on his best face. "Enter!" then put his head back down to the scrying map he'd made. Looking up he said, "We need better maps, some of the students are going places that aren't on this map."

"Some of the students are going places they shouldn't," Maggie said, her tone stern. She was still unhappy with the new Headmaster over the student involvement.

"It is far too dangerous for the younger students to be involved, Headmaster."

Johnathan looked up at Maggie, "Which is why they will be monitored constantly. I gave them a task that should be impossible for their current level of ability, with the hope that they will prove me wrong. I understand that you are worried about their safety, and I presumed that you would be willing to take a shift on watch. I need to find a third person soon to watch them over the night." Johnathan waved his wand and a tea service flew over and he poured for them both, If they are to excel, they need the confidence, to show them they are important enough to trust with this, and all the more so if they succeed. If you think I'm not worried about them, or that I hold them as expendable, you're dead wrong. I'm worried sick about this, just as much as I'm worried sick about the champions. This poisoning business is unforgivable, there weren't just two poisons, there were three. It's lucky that the second challenge didn't require the use of magic, because right now Mr. Collins can't use magic, not for another hour or two at least." Heartseed covered his face with his hands, then thought better of it and watched the map, tears of worry and frustration at the corners of his eyes.

"Then why not give them something they CAN do, something safe. Then you won't be setting them up to fail."

"Because, I want them to succeed. I can't remember who said it, "Try to do two impossible things before breakfast."" Johnathan looked at Maggie, "These children, they are our future, and they need to be nurtured and raised and challenged. I know there is the need for safety, but they also need that challenge. I'll do my best to protect them, but if they are never challenge, those seeds of greatness within them will wither and never grow to their full potential."

"They need a challenge they can safely accomplish. They don't need to be told to go do dangerous, impossible things. All you're doing is encouraging them to get into trouble. You have a far greater chance of scaring them away from trying than you do of helping them attain their potential. What you're really trying to do is throw them all in at the deep end to see who can swim. You'll be ecstatic if one or two of them manage it, but what about the rest who drown? Have you considered that?" This man was impossible. He was so determined he was right he refused to look at it any other way.

"Mayhap. Tell me something, if you, in your younger days as a student, were given such a task, what would YOU have done?" Johnathan looked at her.

"Just because a student thinks they can do something doesn't mean they should be allowed to do so," she insisted. "We've been entrusted with their welfare. What would their parents say if they found out?"

Johnathan sighed, "Some would approve, some wouldn't. I admit I may have acted in haste this time. Would it make you happier if from now on I ran any of these projects past you first? It's too late this time, if we told them to stop, some of them would become all the more determined."

"Yes, it would make me happier," she said haughtily. Then she relaxed. "Unfortunately, it IS too late to do anything about it this time. So we'll just have to make sure the children are safe."

"I think the third shift might well end up being Fenris. He's been assigned to investigate as well, I wish he was a teacher here, but as an auror, he'll fit the bill nicely.


Maggie MacAuley, Deputy Headmistress

Johnathan Heartseed, Headmaster



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