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The many poisonings of Barney Pt I

Posted on Tuesday, 17th of September, 2013 @ 7:08pm by Professor Johnathan Heartseed & Third Year (H) James Lowell III & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Professor Jean-Paul Sangfroid & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Craig Hamilton & Second Year (R) Emily Williams & Evil Minion Tiger Lily

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: Shortly after 2nd Challenge


A week had passed and Johnathan had called all the ESC people into the Great Hall to find out what they had all learned. "Welcome, all of you, We're here to share what all you've found and see what we can come up with together. Please raise your hands if you have anything."

Lucien sat at the head table in his customary place. As potions master, he already knew the poisons which were used quite well. He watched the faces of both students and faculty alike to see who knew what, and to get the lay of the land, so to speak.

Neville sat and watched, not happy that his reserves had been robbed. Several of the ingredients that had been stolen had been paid for out of his own pocket, and not for the purpose of poisoning someone or for some silly love potion or other.

Maxwell had maintained his mouth being shut and listening to the things being said and the questions that are asked. When the question came up on Mugglewarts, Maxwell had something to say.

"I was on the edge of the forest looking with Mr Wolfe and Miss Lopez and I-I came across a small patch of a plant..." Maxwell explained. "I was surprise to see it on the shady side of an oak and it was a small patch of Mugglewort...." He nos. "Being my background I remembered the name and plant description."


Tiger Lily was bored; she never knew why she felt the urge to listen to these ... beings; the MAGE Gifted, that took something so natural and made it not seem so? But then her 'Master' had her on a mission; there is always something for Tiger Lily to do, being small did allow her to get in and out of places not really accessible to most.

She lay on her belly; head resting on her hands with propped up elbows, her legs bent at the knee and ankles crossed in a lady like manner.

One of those teacher people had some pretty things in her dwelling, Tiger Lily had taken care of that , of course her hands and face were still a little singed by the resulting flash of light and thunderclap when she broke the things that were so pretty. That ; what do they all them, medallion had made quite a noise when it detonated unexpectedly. Who would have thought magic in an item would do that when yo.u break them? The chain did not break like that; the Ring she took was pretty in an evil kind of way, the couple of bottles with the pretty liquid just oozed out. TigerLiily would use a bigger rock; the heaviest she could carry next time and drop it from higher.

Well, she had to listen if she wanted her Boss not to scold her... or worse?"

Kairi went next and told her story:

Kairi had been out wandering the grounds. Out of her subjects so far, her understanding of Herbology was the most advanced. As she rounded a corner coming past the Beaubatons' carriage; she noticed her Kingfisher, Maya underneath the carriage playing with what looked like a very peculiar worm.

"Maya, what have you got there?" Kairi said with a slight raise in her voice, Feather stone in hand.

Maya looked up, turning his head to show the pouch string in hi mouth.

Kairi reached in and took the pouch, much to the protest of maya. She looked at the contents and pulled the pouch shut rather quickly.

"Mugglewort?! What's Mugglewort doing out here and under that carriage??" Kairi pondered. Maya warbled a reply, seeming rather grumpy at his 'worm' being taken away.

"This is not something that you would want to chew on, Maya. I think it's time we go and see the Herbology Professor."

Kairi turned and headed back towards the castle; heading for a stop off at the Aviary before heading for the Herbology room.

James sat there with his badger in his lap, when it came his turn, "One of the elves said that a chalice on the day of the poisoning reacted with the water and dish soap and turned it blood red." He hesitated a bit, then added, "The dish soap they use here has a bit of borax in it, which would react to the alkaline in the mugglewort by turning red.

Kelly looked at the hufflepoofta sitting near her, she nodded. "The cats aren't happy right now... One student's cat, a Mr. Bigglesworth died from the third poison that Barney was given- Aconite, Monkshood, Wolvesbane. It was put in a muffin and well, that cat would eat anything. Friendly, but always hungry."

Next Emily told her story:
Emily was worried about Millie after the Quidditch Match. She had gotten to know her and Craig quite well since Millie helped her with the bullies. She was wandering down by the tree's by the edge of the forest not far from the Hogwart's Quidditch Pitch. Warren her owl was flapping around her as usual and then he swooped down and picked something up on his beak. He dropped it into Emily's hands and she looked at it.
"Whats this?" she asked outloud. "It looks like some sort of seaweed".

"Emily!" a voice called out. Craig and Millie came running up behind her. "Be careful with that" Craig said. Millie was finally on her feet, but she was still holding onto Craig arm to support her.

Emily was pleased to see her leg getting better after the fall. "What is it?" Emily asked.

"Thats Polishweed" Craig said. "We've been studying it in Herbology. Where did you find this?"

"Just there, Warren picked it up"

"Can you show us?" Millie asked.

"Warren" Emily said. Warren flew down and landed on Emily's shoulder. "Show me where you found this"

Warren led the three of them to the edge of the forst near some large boulders. Polishweed, uprooted was thrown behind them as if to hide it. Near where it had been thrown they found a signet ring with the initials ML on it.

[To be continued...]


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