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Fatality in the Forest Part 1

Posted on Monday, 30th of September, 2013 @ 8:29pm by Professor Johnathan Heartseed & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Mister Jason Wolfe & Ministry Employee Maurelle Valentina & Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Forbidden Forest
Timeline: Day before 3rd Challenge

[Continued from Dinner Hijinks]]

Jason was out walking along the course, it was going to be a long night. They couldn't take the chance that someone would do something to the course to make it more dangerous, or leave marks to guide one side or another along the way.

Jason got to the first major spot on the path and stopped dead. "No..." he said, disbelieving what his eyes showed him. He quickly turned a circle, drawing his wand, looking for an enemy that wasn't there anymore. Shaking with anger and shock, he raised his wand. "Expecto Patronum!" he cried, and a glowing form started to take shape, then dissipitated.

Clearing his mind, he sought out a happy thought, pushing aside the anger, "Expecto Patronum!" This time the patronus took shape before him and he whispered in its ear. "To Heartseed!" he cried out loud and the glowing white wolf sprang into action, running impossibly fast for the castle.

He walked over to the body of the unicorn, thin to the point of emaciation. He touched it gently and the skin was dry and brittle, as if all vital fluids had been drained, no... sucked from the corpse. He looked around again. Even though he had been brave enough to walk the forest alone, right now every shadow seemed filled with menace. He kept his wand out, guarding the body, and himself.

Heartseed wiped his forehead. This wasn't fun, and it was interfering with his own plans. He looked out at the 3 schools filling the dining hall. If things went bad this could wind up being the last Tri-Wizard Tournament. That couldn't be allowed. Even at the cost of current progress in his plan, he had to keep this going.

Suddenly a huge glowing white wolf bounded through the doors of the great hall, running over the central table and scaring many of the students, straight to Heartseed, and sat. In Jason's voice it said in a voice that only the professors near Heatseed could hear. "The Forest, first obstacle, another unicorn." Then the patronus shimmered and vanished.

Heartseed rose, "Goldric, McCauley, Coorigan, come with me. Miss Maurelle, you'd better come too." He looked for Morgan, but the DADA professor was not in her usual seat. "Asquared, see to it the student go straight to their rooms after dinner, Prefects in their common rooms to make sure no one is wandering the halls."

"Yes, headmaster." said Edward. "I'll see to it."

Maggie nodded and stood to follow the headmaster.

Maurelle obliged Heartseed and followed along. Something about the man intrigued her, he was not whom he appeared to be.

Heartseed and Maggie led the way, well, more Maggie than Heartseed, as he was less familiar with the path and the forest. Before long the scene came into view.

The sight in front of him drew a tear to Heartseed's eye before it was clamped down on and he was pushed to the background once again. He looked at the corpse, but no, even in this corrupted state, it still had too much goodness to suit his purposes, though it was useless now for the purpose that the other Heartseed would have wanted it for. The irony of the situation struck a pleasant chord. Too good for one Heartseed's use, but not good enough for the other's.

"Oh, the poor beastie!" Maggie cried, stooping to have a better look at the corpse. She turned to the others. "This changes everything."

Maurelle walked to the desecrated corpse and began to examine it. The animal had been bled dry with a powerful spell. She was impressed not only by the gruesome display but by the manner in which the magic performed its task.

"Who could have done such a thing?" asked Jason. "Something so beautiful lost to the world. I don't even know if there are any left in this forest, and this being the stallion, If there are any left, the mares may move on to find a new stallion if there are no stallions among the young ones."

"Then there's no chance of having another one brought in?" asked Heartseed.

Jason replied, "They are protected by the department of magical creatures, but not controlled. If a unicorn wants to go somewhere, it's hard to stop them, and taking a young stallion from the herd? I don't think there is anyone so foolish as to try." Answered Jason. "We can request it, but it's unlikely we'll get more than a swarm of Auror's on our backside."

"He wasn't the only one," Maggie assured them. "I've been here a good sight longer than the two of you. The mares will likely join another group. But we have to stop the blaggard before he or she kills any more of them."

Jason nearly growled out, "I'm not guaranteeing they'd make it to stand trial if I catch them. Nor if the Centaurs find them first. They're already... upset over the first one. Now with this second one. We might want to postpone tomorrow."

Heartseed sighed, "We can't. The champion's geases would kick in. We don't need them getting sick, and that's just the start of it."

"This was done by someone with intricate knowledge of the ancient dark arts. I have not seen this type of magic in many years, such a spell is not taught anymore and only read about.

"None of your 'students' are capable of such mastery, the same would go for a simple teacher unless they are hiding something from you. Headmaster I would suggest taking a deep look into whom you employ here." Maurelle said with a venomous tongue looking around as to insinuate the missing member might shed some light on the mystery.

"Most definitely, but there's been no hiring since I came to Hogwarts. I believe the most recent hire of a professor would be Miss Morgan, but she came recommended by the Ministry and Governors." Heartseed said, "I'll look into the records, though."

[To be continued]


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