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Dinner Hijinks Part 2

Posted on Monday, 30th of September, 2013 @ 9:34pm by Third Year (H) James Lowell III & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: Day before 3rd Challenge

Satele smiled, "it's not hard to imagine what you're thinking. She just left with that other guy, Barny or something"

"Is it?" Reginald replied, looking at Satele a bit oddly. "You know thats a odd response, isn't it?" He let out a slight sigh and then nodded. "Thank you, regardless." He gave her a quick smile and walked back out, hoping to catch up with Barny and Jen.

Watching Reg leave, Satele shook her head and returned to her spot at the Gryffindor table

The afters are soo boring; Tiger Lily had been here too long and her load wasa lot heavier than she had thought, especially taking the long way around.

She had a good position; she lifted the bit of food and let it go at a table adjacent to Hogwarts and let the food fly as she gained altitude to end on a thick beam and out of sight of these silly beings.

The food hit a boy from an opposing school; she remembered it might be one of those 'Champions things?' Not that she cared she would lay up her until the stuff really started.

Seeing something out of the corner if here eye, Satele looked around for what had moved but she couldn't see anything out of the ordinary until she saw Jacen walk in. Hoping he hadn't seen her, she sank back to her seat

Jacen had been in his room since the last challenge had been completed so he'd missed the whole thing with Barney being poisoned. Looking around for somewhere to sit down, the only spot out of the way was at the end of the Gryffindor table where a red haired girl sat reading. Giving a shrug, he figured if both of them were reading, there wouldn't be any convocation. Walking over to the table, Jacen sat directly opposite the Red haired girl, opened the book he was carrying to a folded page and started reading.

Keesha squealed and dropped under the table. "Food fight!"

Kairi came into the hall, nose buried in her herbology book. The commotion around her seemed quiet in comparison. It sounded like it was off in the distance that someone called the words 'food fight'. She just slowly wandered on her way, turning the page as she went. With her next step a mango missed her from behind and a cupcake whizzed past her front.

Maxwell had managed to get to dinner late, he was coming in the doors as he heard the words 'Food Fight' and hesitated. He was able to watch the food 'projectiles' starting to fly. He did see a brunette in a robe from Hufflepuff glued to her book and not paying attention to the food flying around her.

Another step forward and a cream puff narrowly missed her, still Kairi was totally unaware of all the 'ammo' floating around her. How she had not been hit yet seemed to be a miracle.

Maxwell saw that she was not aware of the fight and either did not hear the commotion or she blocked it all out of her head. The book was her world at the moment and Maxwell saw too many near misses that he could not let a girl be blind-sided, not sporting and as a Gentleman in training his feet moved towards the girl, not even wondering who she is? He just wanted to make sure she did not get it between the eyes.

Kairi made it another step forward and still nothing had hit her. That was until she looked up, searching for a seat. She barely saw the Banana Cream Puff before it got her in the hair. The impact only made her hesitate for a moment before going to take another step; hopefully towards her seat, be it at the Hufflepuff table or the next one over.

Maxwell was almost to her as he noticed she stopped; a stationary target is easier to hit....

Kairi looked around one last time seeing yet another cream puff; chocolate this time, coming straight at her. She froze, like a deer in the headlights of a muggle car. She could reach her wand, but there wasn't enough time!

It might not be proper or anything but Maxwell took the girl to the floor hoping to be ahead the the dreaded flying dessert destined to nail her. He hoped she would not be too mad at him? He landed on his back and he almost nose to nose with her; luckily using his hands to stop his forward momentum.

Quicker than she could blink Kairi had been taken to the floor. There she was on her back, nose to nose with a Griffindor boy. Her book dropping to the floor beside them. "uh....Hi." she said with some hesitation. "Thanks for the save."

"Hi...You missed Sunday.... I mean, you were missed by a dessert." Maxwell saw the Herbology book on a floor rapidly being covered with food, He snatched the book and looked at the girl, never really having been this close he quickly moved back. "Better part of Valor" He said as he was starting to crawl away towards where they had come.

She giggled at the dessert line, at least he had a sense of humour.She could feel something dripping down her neck, cold and sticky. Her right hand ran over it and the reaction was rather typical for an eleven year old girl.. "Ewww! Banana cream! but I just washed my hair!" As soon as she saw him heading for the door, Kairi did her best to keep up. "Wait up!" she called.

Reading through her book, Satele was just about to break the silence between Jacen and herself when she heard someone yell 'Food Fight'. In almost perfect unison, both Satele and Jacen drew their wands and cast a spell to protect themselves, "Protago Maxima!" The both said, waving their wands in a circular motion around themselves. As they were so close, their spells combined to form one large transperant bubble.


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