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A Plan So Perfect....

Posted on Tuesday, 5th of November, 2013 @ 9:16pm by Professor Johnathan Heartseed & Ministry Employee Maurelle Valentina

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Headmaster's Office

Maurelle would have worn a huge smile and had a bounce in her step had she not been trying to portray a very cross and concerned head of the ministry of games concerned for the well-being of the competitors and the good name of the tri-wizard tournament.

Instead Miss Valentina was masking how a plan so wicked transpired without any organization. While the dead unicorn was simply a means to begin the stirring of the pot, events had now transpired sending the pot into an uncontrolled tailspin which would presumably had spilled it's contents all over the floor from which it was contained leaving only chaos and a mess needing to be tended too.

A mess which now belonged to Hogwarts.....

"Headmaster Heartseed!" Maurelle screamed banging loudly upon his door. "I need to speak to you at once!"

Johnathan walked up behind her, having come from a visit with Mr. Asquared to explain to him that taking a day off to take care of his transmuted boyfriend wasn't going to fly, that Miss Lopez was perfectly capable of watching over the bird while he was teaching his classes. Especially since the bird seemed perfectly happy and healthy.

For a moment, he considered just walking past his office and leaving her there to stew, but he knew that if he continued on to breakfast, she would likely air this in front of the whole school, and with her innane vindictiveness, she'd probably try to dress him down in front of the whole school, which would definitely be bad when he returned the favor.

"You really should make sure that someone is home before pounding on their door this early in the morning. I'd normally be at breakfast by now, but I had duties to attend to. So out with it, what's got your knickers in a knot this time?" asked Heartseed.

Maurelle spun around quickly and glared at the headmaster with fire in her eyes, acting lessons were paying off on this day.

"Your inept school is what has my 'knickers in a knot'. First an innocent animal is slain near your school grounds which to this moment I have seen no progress on, now an entire group of competitors have withdrawn from the tournament and shall I recall the events of three years ago headmaster? Obviously Hogwarts has done NOTHING to improve it's state of affairs when it comes to safety. I am here to inform you I will be petitioning to have the tri-wizard tournament suspended for this year and have this school re-evaluated to see if it is truly a viable venue for future tournaments."

Maurelle stopped to catch her breath as she was breathing deeply and could even feel a hint of anger building. She forced herself to withhold a smile.

Heartseed laughed. "Oh, really? An international tournament that involves not just the ministry of magic, but the French, German and American equivalents? You might head the UK version of games, but starting with the next tournament, which is to be held in America, it's not just going to be three schools anymore, Maurelle. The school's Governors are quite pleased with Hogwart's performance this year, as well as our hospitality."

"As for the Durmstrang incident, they had the problems with the Sturmvaad to deal with earlier this year. No one wants a rise of another Reich now, do they, and the talks to include the americans were already in the works before the last tournament. I think there are enough people on the board of Governors with enough influence to make your say so in the matter mean very little, dear." Heartseed glowered at the woman, then caught reign over himself.

"Then perhaps they are just as blind as you are!" Maurelle hissed at the man's arrogance. "Perhaps I cannot control whom enters nor where all future venues are held but I can make damn sure YOU and this joke of a school will not be the representatives of our nation. I will not have our good name tarnished by incompetence. As you said the tournament is expanding and from what I have seen here it is doing quite the opposite. Besides with the Beauxbatons leaving that seems to increase the odds for the Hogwarts team now doesn't it?

"Professor I am sure you can appreciate that my ministry nor this nation want to be sucked into such a conspiracy as a school resorting to such 'tactics' to increase the odds of their success.

Unless of course you haven't heard....there are talks of Salem withdrawing. This tournament's integrity has already been compromised as it is. Another school withdrawing would simply tip the scales FAR beyond a fair tournament. I simply want to ensure the school with the best and brightest truly win."

Johnathan's eyebrows rose, " you mean the panicked talk you had with them in the wee hours of the morning? Or the talk you had with the Beaxbatons' version of the Ministry of games late last night that got them an owl way early this morning ordering them home? The Headmistress was very upset when she woke me up to give me the letter and apologize. Salem on the other hand slipped theirs under the door along with a note saying that told their people they were here till the end, that America doesn't back down."

Maurelle laughed. "I suppose you think accusing the Head of the nation's games ministry will save face for your school? Perhaps a distraction to shift the governor's focus from the true travesty? Even though the Ministry's business is not of your concern i'll have you know that a member of the Beauxbatons approached me to inquire as to happenings in the forest. The results were not of my doing and the insinuation insulting."

Johnathan raised an eyebrow, "Insulting? Oh, I haven't even STARTED insulting you yet. You think I got this job because I would just roll over to pressure? Maybe you think you can teach me to shake hands or beg? I assure you, I'm no dog, Maurelle, and the letters, your letters, are in my office right now, well out of your reach. Copies are ready to be sent to the Ministry. Now, I'm late for breakfast and you are irrelevant. Johnathan turned and walked away, a spell that would rebound anything cast on him silently cast as he turned and began to walk away.

"Then I nor the ministry have NO further business with this school. Enjoy your small victory." Maurelle said scowling as she turned to return to her quarters. With the new headmaster and this argument she could most surely return to Hogsmead without raising suspicion.


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