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Bad News Breakfast Part 1

Posted on Monday, 9th of December, 2013 @ 10:00pm by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: Morning of the 3rd Challenge

"...I saw the Beaubaton Carriage pulling out just as the sun was pulling out this morning..."

"...they were upset that one of the teachers would yell at their students like that..."

"I heard that someone was killed last night, that's why the headmaster and some of the teachers ran out of dinner last night..."

"They're cancelling the rest of the tournament, Salem's just waiting till after breakfast to leave..."

On and on the rumors were flying, fast and furious around the breakfast table. Heartseed wasn't sitting at the head table and Mr. Asquared and the ministry of games representative were missing as well.

Maggie walked into the Great Hall and stopped to listen to the chatter. She shook her head, not surprised at the rumors. However, she was grateful that for now they were just that, rumors.

She walked slowly up the main aisle to the head table and took her seat. The best thing she could do right now was to act like everything was normal. At least until it wasn't.

Barney looked around himself nervously after the happenings at the last breakfast before a challenge. He saw a few of the student in that group that the headmaster had set up around he and the other champions, and Fiona was beside him. He decided a light breakfast- some juice and a bacon and egg muffin would serve him best this morning. He wasn't going to take the chance of a morning run. "Sorry" he murmured to Fiona, "But you can't blame me for being a little paranoid after last time. The green scales left quick, but the purple blotches stayed for a week."

Fiona nodded. "No, I don't blame you at all. But you should still be careful about who gets near your food."

"It's so close to the end, I'll be glad when the champion bit is all said and done and life can be more normal... or at least as normal as it gets around here." Barny said with a nervous smile.

Maxwell had a light breakfast; with all the stuff going around the place he felt it best to be ready to go before another food fight begins." He was just wondering if he should be more attentive to the cute girl that had been with him at the fight, he did save her book after all, maybe she could help him with some of his studies. Being a muggle Born did hinder the number of tutors he had.

Kairi walked into the Great Hall; She was hoping to bump into the young man who had saved her and her Herbology book during the food fight. "All I remember was the Brown messy hair and the Gryffindor Red robes. I never even got his name. Let's face it, my book is lost." Kairi sulked as she walked in perusing the Gryffindor table in hopes of spotting him before sitting down to breakfast at the Hufflepuff table.

Maxwell had the breakfast nearly done; the last night was with his 'incantation' practice. Now he was cramming the last bit of the potions pop quiz; which actually was only a passing grade if it did not go ... pop.

Her luck was good that day, there he was. "Wow, it's looking like a better day after all. Despite all the rumour and long faces." she muttered to herself as she approached the Gryffindor table.

"Uh, excuse me? I believe we may have bumped into each other in the middle of the food fight. I'm Kairi Scorchleigh, I think you might still have my Herbology book?" she asked, rather shyly.

Glancing up he noticed; quite to his surprise, a girl and she was talking to him. He recalled something about her walking along as some pie flew in her direction.

"Herba what you mean?" He said, she was even a pretty girl.

"I think I would remember a boy who was rather knightley and tackled me to the ground, saving both me and my Herbology book. By the time I left the Hall I wasn't so clean and I didn't have my book. Which led me to think you must have picked it up in the middle of that whole mess." Kairi said with a small smile. "You wouldn't happen to know where it is, would you?" She said shyly.

"A-ah actually I have it in my bag." He reached to pick it out. "I was going to put up a posting to see if a pretty girl almost pelted with a pie would want her book back?" he brought out the book. "I-I even managed to keep it clean."

"Well, that's wonderful!" She almost squeaked. "Herbology is one of my favourite subjects, would hate to have lost this. So, what would be the name to call my knight when I thank him?" Kairi said with a smile. "It would be rude not to say thank you and worse still not to know the name of the person I'm thanking. My Auntie did teach me manners after all."

"Robin - Maxwell..." He tried not to squeak his reply. "Robin Maxwell at your service."

*A little Red Robin, will make him easy to remember* "Thank you, Robin Maxwell." She replied rather sweetly. Kairi opened up her satchel; placing the book inside and pulling out a small bundle. "Every knight deserves a reward. Some home made cookies. my Auntie always makes more than enough." She placed the bundle rather innocently in front of him.

"T-thank you Kairi..." He smiled as he took the package. "I-I was not ... but I am not one to turn down a pretty girl's cookies." He nod as he was getting tongue tied.

"Hopefully I....might... see you in class......Bye Robin." She smiled brightly as she went to head off.

He smiled as she walked away, then it struck him. "Which class?" He asked too late.

With a slight look back over her shoulder and a flick of her hair she took a seat at the Hufflepuff table for breakfast amongst her friends. "What's with the Gryffindor guy?" one of her friends enquired. "I saw the cookie bundle, what the deal?"

[To be continued]


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