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Bad news breakfast part 2

Posted on Thursday, 12th of December, 2013 @ 12:34am by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Third Year (H) James Lowell III & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Lotus Blossom & First Year (G) Natalya Semyonarov

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: Morning of the 3rd challenge

With a slight look back over her shoulder and a flick of her hair she took a seat at the Hufflepuff table for breakfast amongst her friends. "What's with the Gryffindor guy?" one of her friends enquired. "I saw the cookie bundle, what the deal?"


Kairi had a gentle smile as she started on her pancakes. "He was the one who saved me in the food fight. A little Red Robin that helped me out. That was my way of thanking him for getting my Herbology book back" Kairi replied. "Maybe I might see him in one of our classes, that would be quite nice." She went back to her breakfast with some gusto, keeping an eye on her surroundings; maybe in the hopes of spotting the 'Red Robin' but also in case of anything else out of the ordinary or another dreaded food fight.

James looked around, keeping an eye on the champions and on his Slytherin partner, Kelly as he ate his bangers and mash. She had come up with the idea, that the two of them should work together on this at least until the challenge was over. He'd been hesitant at first, but she treated her cat at least, and other cats, quite nicely, which he appreciated.

Kelly kept her eye on Barney the whole while, eating mostly some sausages and beans along with some fruit punch. "It's looking like no one is messing with them this time at least."

"After last time, I'd think they'd pick another target out of them, Jen or Reggie." said James. "Everyone is watching Barney, so he'd be a hard target."

"Probably you're right, or a different tact entirely. Or maybe with the Boo-Boos gone we won't have to worry at all. Remember, they found the one poison near their carriage." said Kelly.

"But only the one. If it was just one group then why would they try three different poisons?" Asked James

It was sweet smelling in the place, Lotus Blossom was wanting that big cinnamon smelling thing with the white topping, it looked to be good. She just wondered how she would get it away unnoticed? Not so easy for someone her size, but it smelled so good she wanted some. Why did there always have to be so many of the 'people' there when food was out? It would be really hard to get there and some, she paced on the rafter trying to formulate a way to get it?

Next thing a blur of a diving Lotus Blossom went straight down towards the target of her frustration, flairing her little body and angling to have her feet touch down ; landing on a perfect three point her right fist on the table and her left arm behind her in perfect form.

Standing up quickly she moved to the cinnamon bun with the warm icing on it, taking it in both hands shoveled as much as her mouth could hold and munched it down. She looked upon those lucky enough to spot her and smiled with icing on her face still; dug two handfuls of the treat and with a deep knee jump to launch her form up to the rafters and along it out of the main hall.

Fiona watched the fairy with a mixture of laughter and surprise. Someone needed to teach their pet how to behave in public -- or keep it in the dorms.

Jennifer giggled and pretended not to notice.

Barney laughed happily a little at the fairy running off with a bun like that. It hadn't tried to bite anyone, or even cursed, so it was amusing. Though he worried over what that much sugar would do to the poor thing.

There was some laughter in the hall; Kairi turned herself away from the Hufflepuff table just in time to see a pixie helping herself to a Cinnamon bun. She seemed quite content before she headed off. "I might need to start carrying extra sweets on me." she muttered with a smile. "Looks like Maya isn't the only one with interesting tastes. Rather nice, for a Pixie...odd...." she said quietly as she started to turn back towards her food.

"So, is it true?" Jennifer asked Barny. "That the Beauxbatons carriage is gone? What about the curse?"

"It's more a geas, a sort of magical promise, like a secret keeper. If you go against it, then it's like a curse on the one who went against it. They must think they have a way around it. Maybe they think that because they didn't verbally promise that they can circumvent it. But they put their names in the cup, and then they participated, so there's their acceptance. Hey, if you two really didn't put your names in, you could have refused to participate and it couldn't have acted on you both..." mused Barney.

"Yes, but our names were pulled out of the goblet, so there was a moral obligation to compete," Jen countered. "I wonder if the Ministry of Magic has anything to do with allowing the Beauxbatons to leave?"

"I don't know, but that Ministry lady is a snide..." Barney cut himself off. "She seemed to have it in for Hogwarts, I think she was mad that we were beating the Beauxbatons so badly. I mean she was shifting the blame all to Hogwarts, even when what happened isn't obviously related."

Jen thought about that for a moment. She wondered if the woman had anything to do with the other problems that had occurred around Hogwarts of late. "Keep an eye on her. Especially if she gets around your food or your stuff," she cautioned.

Natalya entered the dining hall clutching her bag tightly as she looked around at the students in the dining hall. They were all acting like a bunch of immature primates stuffing food in their faces and making a great amount of noise. This made Natalya uncomfortable and wince in a mild agony. She was hesitant to approach any of the students even though Mistress demanded she socialize....but she never said when.

[To be continued...]


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