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The Breakfast of Champions

Posted on Wednesday, 16th of April, 2014 @ 1:54am by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins
Edited on on Thursday, 27th of November, 2014 @ 3:25am

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning


At breakfast each of the champions was given a note.

The final challenge is upon you. Meet at the castle gate at 7:00 today. Bring your wand and your wits.

Jennifer read the note twice, then carefully tucked it into her robe. The final challenge. At last, the competition was almost over and she could focus all her attention on her studies. She looked over at Barny and Reg and grinned.

Barney surveyed the note, then the breakfast before them. He selected some of the fruit and sausages, then poked holes in the sausages and squeezed them in a napkin to get most of the grease out before eating them. "If it's going to be a physical challenge, whomever decided on this breakfast must be laughing their bum off. All greasy meats, fatty cheeses and little else." He made a sandwich of the sausage and wolfed on it, then ate the strawberry-banana mix. "I pity anyone who goes for a bowl of cereal before and has the milk curdle in their stomach."

Reg read his note and then looked over to Jen. He peered over her shoulder to make sure her note said the same and then shrugged as he looked to Barney. "I would think you weren't used to being fed, Collins"

"Just sayin', I don't want to be curled up with cramps." Barney mused.

Jen mixed her yogurt, fruit and granola and continued eating. She didn't care what Barny said, she was quite fond of milk for breakfast. Just to prove a point, she took a healthy swallow of her milk before eating her yogurt mix. When she was done, she grabbed a banana and pulled a book out of her bag and began to read. "I have half an hour, I want to make good use of the time."


As they headed for the castle gate, they could hear a low rumble from outside.

"Oh that sounds like fun." Reg said as he looked over to Jen with a light smirk.

"Yeah, right, fun," she muttered. In reality she was curious to see what the noise was and to get the challenge started. She tried to ignore the butterflies in her stomach and took Reg's hand.

The dark clouds to the west were rolling in slowly but surely, though a few wizards to the side were pointing their wands at it and shaking their fists.

Just before 7:00, they arrived at the castle gate. Why here Jennifer had no idea. It was an odd sort of place to meet for the final challenge.

The Salem team was arriving as well, Lindsay and Jacen were walking side by side in silence with their third teammate behind them.

The air was still a little crisp, so she pulled her robe more tightly around herself and waited for the others.

Lindsay flounced up to the group and slipped an arm through Reg's. "I missed you at breakfast, sugar. I hope i didn't tire you out too much last night." She gave him a peck on the cheek and smiled at Jennifer. "Sorry, but you just aren't woman enough for a man like Reg."

Jennifer's hand clenched around her wand. She so wnated to turn that creature into a guinea pig. Or a real pig. All pink and pudgy. The thought made her smile. Maybe, after the competition, if Lindsay didn't hightail it back to Salem.

Reginald closed his eyes and restrained himself from wanting to hit Lindsay in the face. A soft sigh came out as he finally opened his eyes and looked over to her with a smile. In Parcelmouth he said "If you were any uglier, you would be a troll." but what Lindsay would understand was more or less soft and almost seductive sounding hisses and sighs. With a smile still on his face he looked over to Jen and gave her a wink, clearing his throat and speaking normally. "If you can understand that, Lindsay, you will win my heart and respect."

Lindsay hugged Reg's arm. "Oh, honey, I knew you cared." She glard at Jen behind Reg's back. "After the challenge, we should find a nice, quiet place"

Jen rolled her eyes. The other girl was beyond exasperating. "I think you should figure out what he said first."

Lindsay laughed. It was a melodic sound with just a hint of malice. "Honey, I don't need to. He said I'd win his heart foreer. That's all I need to hear."

Jen was about to respond when the professors arrived.

Heartseed and the others were waiting for them on the edge of the Forbidden Forest, where a path started that hadn't been there yesterday was open, leading off into the forest.

Heartseed cleared his throat, "Some... one in america decided they didn't want Hurricane Wesley ruining some fancy wedding and decided it was more fun to animate the storm and give it a taste for tea and crumpets rather than just making it skip northward a bit. Crossing the Atlantic took most of its strength, but it's really wanting those tea and crumpets and is resisting us sending it away..."

"You can't just serve it high tea?" Jen asked.

"Unfortunately, today is the day of the challenge, and because of the storm, and the reduced number of contestants, we've decided to have all 6 of you run the obstacle course at the same time."

"Run?" Jen asked. She wasn't a runner. Barny was the best one for that. "What sort of obstacle course?"

Heartseed smiled, "The kind that would befit a challenge of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Dear. The first was a challenge of intelligence. The second was a challenge of wits, the third is a challenge of endurance, so yes, you will be running. At least if you intend to win. A path has been set out through parts of the Forbidden Forest, obviously not the most dangerous parts, and also, the rule about not entering the forest has been suspended for you three for the length of the challenge. We've done our best to run the path on the right side of existing wards that prevent some of the creatures from moving too freely around the forest, but don't be surprised if you see some of the denizens during the course, consider them part of the challenge. Now you have a few moments to warm up and prepare."


Jennifer Collins
Gryffindor Champion

Barny Collins
Gryffindor Champion

Reginald Price
Slytherin Champion

Lindsay Penny
Salem Champion

Professor Heartseed


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