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Final Challenge Saturday (part 1)

Posted on Wednesday, 23rd of July, 2014 @ 3:11pm by Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas & First Year (H) Alantra MacDonald & Professor Edward Asquared & Third Year (H) James Lowell III & Third Year (S) Virgil Constantine & Evil Minion Tiger Lily

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning


As Breakfast ended a large globe was rolled into the room, the purely breakfast items were replaced by snack items, chips, pretzels, nachos, dips and assorted (non-alcoholic) drinks. Professor Asquared cleared his throat and went through an incantation much longer than usual and the globe sparkled and in the center of the area between the students and teacher's tables a 30 foot diameter eyeball appeared, then the visage of the eyeball disappeared to be replaced by a view of the champions as if seen by a bird.


An official looking man wandered the campus, with a blonde girl, hiding under an umbrella, from the sun. "What do you think of this place?" He asked her, quietly.

She looked at the lake, and the giant castle. There was a sun-burnt look of amazement. "Oui, It's fairly magnifique." She said, with a smile.

"Good. Let's find the headmaster, so we can get you transferred, before they register you in classes." Her father said. "Come on, they're hosting the last challenge of the tri-wizard tournament."

"The what?" The girl asked.

"Tournoi des Trois Sorciers." Her father noted.

"Magnifique!" She exclaimed giddily. She followed him quickly, as he went in search of the headmaster.

{continued in the breakfast of champions}

[Great Hall]
Keesha got herself a plate full of pastries and sat where she could watch the last challenge, very happy she had no part what-so-ever in the tournament.

James nodded, "Though in a couple of years, it might be interesting. It's funny that two of the competitors said they hadn't entered. You'd have thought after someone else put Potter's name in the goblet way back then, they'd have had the goblet made so a person could only put their own name in."

Keesha shrugged. "Yeah, but why would they lie about something like that? I tend to believe them. I mean, it's a great honor to be a Champion. And they were honestly surprised when their names were called. Question is, who could have done such a athing?" She looked around the hall, half expecting someone to look guilty.

James nodded, "I believe them too, well, maybe I don't completely trust Price, but he looked panicked when his and Jen's names were called. He's not that good of an actor, I don't think."

"Probably not," Keesha responded, shrugging. "Can I study while we watch this, or do we have to pay attention to the race?" It wasn't that she minded watching, but she COULD use the time to study for the upcoming exams.

"Sorry, I should probably be studying too... But I'm going to watch the race." James said with a grin.

At this point the front-runners of the race were reaching 3 parallel sets of monkey bars from their vantage the could see brown furry creatures in the trees above the bars...

"Why do I have the feeling this won't end well?" Fiona asked no one in particular.

Virgil wandered into the Great Hall, a blood flavored mini lolipop in his mouth. He took a moment to look around. His color in his eyes had an almost shine to it which slowly faded as he walked further in. He didn't bother making his way politely, as he nudged several students and even managed to shove a few. Virgil showed no care for anyone else but himself as he found a spot at the Slytherin table and sat down, shoving one boy off his seat which gave several of the first years a cue to get up and give him room.


Why these tall ... things would just sit around staring at a globe with images was unthinkable to even Tiger Lily where there is so much sunlight for them to enjoy? To be observing others frolicking in the sunlight as they remain in these dank halls is why the 'Humans' are such laughable creatures.

She went up to the rafters, there is no one on the walkway, she was over all their heads. She had to admit that her simple plan to make no fun for them, it would be funny if she can make it work?

She had managed to get a very large vat of the spicy green sludge type food that the Humans were putting funny 'chips' into before they consumed them.

Being only so tall was making things harder, the vat is heavy for someone of Tiger Lily's stature. She had the ghost peeves lift it here for her and several other small vials of things to be the prelude.

She took the vials and started flying about , the holes in the caps allowed her to 'dump the sprinkles into the air above the silly things so intently watching the globe thing. She heard Peeves say was something called 'pepper' and would give a good effect as she seeded the room by flying circles above and allowing the spice to float down and into the noses of the children as they breathe.

Peeves cackled in glee and went through a wall, returning moments later with a stack of cream pies. He began throwing the pies at people as they tried to watch the challenge.

At the first 'sneeze' Tiger Lily flew up to the large vat, she had to use her full strength and leverage to even move the thing. The smell was fruity and spicy at the same time, it was in a lighter bowl so she tipped one side of it to allow the contents to spill over onto the globe. This guacamole Dip would be a nice sludge over the globe and ooze around it.

The obscuring ooze was funny as it made seeing the events really hard. Tiger Lily knew someone might get to cleaning it eventually. Now with the sneezing and slight Chaos it was becoming a more fun kind of a day.

"Oops..." Tiger Lily did a mock 'surprise and embarrassment' before she took flight, not caring what the bowl hitting the globe and onto a table shattering the wooden thing. "Too bad I could not get Peeves to bring a bag of chips..." She jumped up and took flight as even a dense child would realize to look up. "Go outside and play or something!" She made a straight line flight out of the Great Hall.

(To be continued...)

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